Rockman X4

Credit: Botchok,

Master CodeF6000914 C305
Infinite Energy160545FE 2000
160545FC 2020
Infinite Lives16054580 0200
Infinite Lightning Web16054648 3030
Infinite Frost Tower3605464A 0030
Infinite Soul Body3605464B 0030
Infinite Rising Fire3605464C 0030
Infinite Ground Hunter3605464D 0030
Infinite Aiming Laser3605464E 0030
Infinite Double Cyclone3605464F 0030
Infinite Twin Slasher16054650 3030
Have All Weapons (Bosses Undefeated)36054659 00FF
Have All Weapons (Bosses Defeated)16054594 00FF
Have All Armor, First X-Buster & Full Health16054582 300F
Have All Armor & Second X-Buster16054646 040F
Mega Man X Is Like Zero160545A2 0101
Zero Is Like Mega Man X160545A2 0001
Mega Man X & Zero Have Their Special Armor36054573 0001
Unlimited X-Buster Shots (Must Have X-Buster)1605463A 0003
Character Modifier (00-01)3605457F 00??
Music On/Off Modifier (00-01)3605457E 00??