Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Credit: BYYN,

Master CodeF6000914 C305
B6002800 0000
Infinite Money1604BB60 0098
1604BB62 967F
Get Lots of Money After Battle1604217A FFFF
Get Lots of Experience After Battle16042964 0098
16042966 967F
Can Move FasterD604214E 0001
302D3012 000A
Main Character Codes
Infinite HP1604B618 03E7
Max HP1604B61A 03E7
Infinite MP1604B61C 01F4
Max MP1604B61E 01F4
Max Status1604B620 03E7
1604B622 000A
1604B624 03E7
1604B626 03E7
1604B628 03E7
1604B62A 03E7
1604B62C 03E7
1604B62E 03E7
1604B630 03E7
Fast Level Up1604B612 FFFF
1604B614 0001
Misc. Codes
All Weapons (Set 1)3028BDE4 00FF
3028BE08 00FF
3028BE2C 00FF
3028BE50 00FF
3028BE74 00FF
3028BE98 00FF
3028BEBC 00FF
3028BEE0 00FF
3028C000 00FF
3028C06C 00FF
All Weapons (Set 2)3028C0B4 00FF
3028C0D8 00FF
3028C0FC 00FF
3028C144 00FF
3028C168 00FF
3028C18C 00FF
3028C1B0 00FF
3028C1D4 00FF
3028C1F8 00FF
3028C21C 00FF
All Weapons (Set 3)3028C240 00FF
3028C264 00FF
3028C288 00FF
3028C2AC 00FF
3028C2F4 00FF
3028C318 00FF
3028C33C 00FF
3028C360 00FF
3028C384 00FF
3028C3CC 00FF
All Weapons (Set 4)3028C3F0 00FF
3028C414 00FF
3028C438 00FF
3028C45C 00FF
3028C480 00FF
3028C4C8 00FF
3028C4EC 00FF
3028C510 00FF
3028C534 00FF
3028C558 00FF
All Weapons (Set 5)3028C57C 00FF
3028C5A0 00FF
3028C5C4 00FF
3028C5E8 00FF
3028C60C 00FF
3028C630 00FF
3028C654 00FF
3028C678 00FF
3028C69C 00FF
3028C6C0 00FF
All Weapons (Set 6)3028C6E4 00FF
3028C708 00FF
3028C72C 00FF
3028C750 00FF
3028C774 00FF
3028C798 00FF
3028C7BC 00FF
3028C7E0 00FF
3028C804 00FF
All Weapons (Set 7)3028C84C 00FF
3028C894 00FF
3028C8B8 00FF
3028C8DC 00FF
3028C900 00FF
3028C924 00FF
3028C948 00FF
3028C96C 00FF
3028C990 00FF
All Weapons (Set 8)3028C9B4 00FF
3028C9FC 00FF
3028CA20 00FF
3028CA44 00FF
3028CA68 00FF
3028CA8C 00FF
3028CAB0 00FF
3028CAD4 00FF
3028CAF8 00FF
All Weapons (Set 9)3028CB40 00FF
3028CB64 00FF
3028CB88 00FF
3028CBAC 00FF
3028CBF4 00FF
3028CC18 00FF
3028CC3C 00FF
3028CC60 00FF
3028CC84 00FF
All Weapons (Set 10)3028CCA8 00FF
3028CCF0 00FF
3028CD14 00FF
3028CD5C 00FF
3028CD80 00FF
3028CDC8 00FF
3028CDEC 00FF
3028CE10 00FF
3028CE34 00FF
All Weapons (Set 11)3028CE58 00FF
3028CE7C 00FF
3028CEC4 00FF
3028CF0C 00FF
3028CF54 00FF
3028CF78 00FF
3028CF9C 00FF
3028CDC0 00FF
3028CFE4 00FF
All Weapons (Set 12)3028D008 00FF
3028D02C 00FF
3028D050 00FF
3028D098 00FF
3028D0BC 00FF
3028D0E0 00FF
3028D104 00FF
3028D128 00FF
3028D170 00FF
All Weapons (Set 13)3028D194 00FF
3028D1B8 00FF
3028D1DC 00FF
3028D224 00FF
3028D248 00FF
3028D26C 00FF
3028D290 00FF
3028D2B4 00FF
3028D2D8 00FF
3028D2FC 00FF
All Weapons (Set 14)3028D320 00FF
3028D344 00FF
3028D368 00FF
3028D36C 00FF
3028D3B0 00FF
3028D3D4 00FF
3028D3F8 00FF
3028D41C 00FF
3028D440 00FF
All Weapons (Set 15)3028D464 00FF
3028D4AC 00FF
3028D4F4 00FF
3028D53C 00FF
3028D584 00FF
3028D5A8 00FF
3028D5CC 00FF
3028D5F 0 00FF
3028D614 00FF
All Weapons (Set 16)3028D65C 00FF
3028D680 00FF
3028D6A4 00FF
3028D6C8 00FF
3028D6EC 00FF
3028D710 00FF
3028D734 00FF
All Weapons (Set 17)3028D758 00FF
3028D77C 00FF
3028D7A0 00FF
3028D7C4 00FF
3028D7E8 00FF
3028D80C 00FF
3028D8E4 00FF
All Items (Set 1)3028B40C 00FF
3028B430 00FF
3028B454 00FF
3028B49C 00FF
3028B4E4 00FF
3028B52C 00FF
3028B574 00FF
3028B598 00FF
3028B5BC 00FF
All Items (Set 2)3028B604 00FF
3028B628 00FF
3028B64C 00FF
3028B670 00FF
3028B694 00FF
3028B6B8 00FF
3028B700 00FF
3028B724 00FF
All Items (Set 3)3028B748 00FF
3028B76C 00FF
3028B790 00FF
3028B7B4 00FF
3028B7D8 00FF
3028B7FC 00FF
3028B820 00FF
3028B844 00FF
3028B9AC 00FF
3028B9D0 00FF
All Items (Set 4)3028B9F4 00FF
3028BA18 00FF
3028BA3C 00FF
3028BB14 00FF
3028BB38 00FF
3028BB5C 00FF
3028BB80 00FF
3028BB88 00FF
3028BBA4 00FF
3028BBC8 00FF
All Items (Set 5)3028BBEC 00FF
3028BC10 00FF
3028BC34 00FF
3028BC58 00FF
3028BC7C 00FF
3028BCA0 00FF
3028BCC4 00FF
3028BCF8 00FF
3028BD0C 00FF
All Rings (Set 1)3028DA04 00FF
3028DA28 00FF
3028DA4C 00FF
3028DA70 00FF
3028DA94 00FF
3028DAB8 00FF
3028DADC 00FF
3028DB00 00FF
3028DB24 00FF
All Rings (Set 2)3028DB48 00FF
3028DB6C 00FF
3028DB90 00FF
3028DBB4 00FF
3028DBD8 00FF
3028DBFC 00FF
3028DC20 00FF
3028DC44 00FF
3028DC68 00FF
All Rings (Set 3)3028DC8C 00FF
3028DCB0 00FF
3028DCD4 00FF
3028DCF8 00FF
3028DD1C 00FF
3028DD40 00FF
3028DD64 00FF
3028DD88 00FF
3028DDAC 00FF
All Rings (Set 4)3028DDD0 00FF
3028DDF4 00FF
3028DE18 00FF
3028DE3C 00FF
3028DE60 00FF
3028DE84 00FF
3028DEA8 00FF
3028DFA4 00FF
3028DFC8 00FF
All Rings (Set 5)3028DFEC 00FF
3028E010 00FF
3028E034 00FF
3028E058 00FF
3028E07C 00FF
3028E0A0 00FF
3028E0C4 00FF
3028E0E8 00FF
All Rings (Set 6)3028E10C 00FF
3028E130 00FF
3028E154 00FF
3028E178 00FF
3028E19C 00FF
3028E1C0 00FF
3028E1E4 00FF
3028E208 00FF
All Rings (Set 7)3028E22C 00FF
3028E250 00FF
3028E274 00FF
3028E298 00FF
3028E2BC 00FF
3028E2E0 00FF
3028E304 00FF
3028E328 00FF