X-Men-Children Of The Atom

Credit: Code Master

Reverse Joker CommandD00CAA08 ????
P1 Cant Move or Be Hit8003B596 0004
Infinite Energy P18003B6E8 008F
25% Energy P1D003B6E8 008F
8003B6E8 0023
50% Energy P1D003B6E8 008F
8003B6E8 0047
75% Energy P1D003B6E8 008F
8003B6E8 006B
No Energy P18003B6E8 0000
1-Hit Death P1D003B6E8 008F
8003B6E8 0001
Super Bar Always Full P18003B6EC 008E
No Super Bar P18003B6EC 0000
P2 Cant MoveD00CAA08 0100
8003B996 0004
Infinite Energy P28003BAE8 008F
25% Energy P2D003BAE8 008F
8003BAE8 0023
50% Energy P2D003BAE8 008F
8003BAE8 0047
75% Energy P2D003BAE8 008F
8003BAE8 006B
No Energy P28003BAE8 0000
1-Hit Death P2D003BAE8 008F
8003BAE8 0001
Super Bar Always Full P28003BAEC 008E
No Super Bar P28003BAEC 0000
Start With One Win P1D003BD58 0000
3003BD58 0001
Start With One Win P2D003BD58 0000
3003BD58 0002
P1 Never Wins3003BD58 0000
P2 Never Wins3003BD59 0000
Character Modifier P18003BE58 01??
Character Modifier P28003BE5A 01??