World Is Not Enough, The

Credit: Jackel

Unlock All Missions & Movies (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001A01 0000
3001F2D2 0001
Unlock All Missions & Movies (Caetla Only)B01A0001 00000000
3001F2D2 0001
Unlock Secret Win Game Movie8001F28E 0002
Unlock All Cheats8001F16A FFFF
Invulnerable80073A04 0001
30073D3A 0001
All Weapons30073D38 0001
Stealthy Bond30073D39 0001
Power Goons30073D3B 0001
Power Guns30073D3C 0001
Infinite Ammo30073D3D 0001
Courier Codes
Have VLF Disruptor300B6229 00BA
Have Cell Phone Stunner300B62DD 00BA
Infinite Ammo Cell Phone Stunner800B62EC 03E7
Have Wolfram P2K300B6399 00BA
Infinite Ammo Wolfram P2K800B63A8 03E7
Max Ammo Wolfram P2K800B63AA 03E7
Have Flash Bang300B644D 00BA
Infinite Ammo Flash Bang800B645C 03E7
Have Fingerprint Scanner300B6509 00BA
Have Briefcase300B65C1 00BA
Have Koffler KSS300B6679 00BA
Infinite Ammo Koffler KSS800B6688 03E7
Max Ammo Koffler KSS800B668A 03E7
Have Fainesi Shotgun300B6731 00BA
Infinite Ammo Fainesi Shotgun800B6740 03E7
Max Ammo Fainesi Shotgun800B6742 03E7
Have Satchel Charge300B67E9 00BA
Infinite Ammo Satchel Charge800B67FA 03E7
King's Ransom Codes
Have Wolfram P2K300B334D 00BA
Infinite Ammo Wolfram P2K800B335C 03E7
Max Ammo Wolfram P2K800B335E 03E7
Have Ingalls Type 20300B3405 00BA
Infinite Ammo Ingalls Type 20800B3414 03E7
Max Ammo Ingalls Type 20800B3416 03E7
Have Fainesi Auto300B34BD 00BA
Infinite Ammo Fainesi Auto800B34CC 03E7
Max Ammo Fainesi Auto800B34CE 03E7
Have AR36 Sniper300B3575 00BA
Infinite Ammo AR36 Sniper800B3584 03E7
Max Ammo AR36 Sniper800B3586 03E7
Have Frag Grenade300B362D 00BA
Infinite Frag Grenade800B3638 03E7
Have Satchel Charge300B36E5 00BA
Infinite Ammo Satchel Charge800B36F6 03E7
Infinite Ammo Cell Phone Stunner800B39D0 03E7
Cold Reception Codes
Have Wolfram P2K300B00DD 00BA
Infinite Ammo Wolfram P2K800B00EC 03E7
Max Ammo Wolfram P2K800B00EE 03E7
Have Meyer TMP300B0195 00BA
Infinite Ammo Meyer TMP800B01A4 03E7
Max Ammo Meyer TMP800B01A6 03E7
Have Grenade Launcher300B024D 00BA
Infinite Ammo Grenade Launcher800B025C 03E7
Max Ammo Grenade Launcher800B025E 03E7
Have AR36 Sniper300B0305 00BA
Infinite Ammo AR36 Sniper800B0314 03E7
Max Ammo AR36 Sniper800B0316 03E7
Russian Roulette Codes
Max Money8009DB6C 967F
8009DB6E 0098