Warhammer: Dark Omen

Credit: ViperByte

Works For All Codes
Infinite Cash800C4AA4 FFFF
Infinite Magic (Battle Screen)800B48E4 0008
Grudgebringer Crossbows Codes
Have Max Armor8014CA9E 0104
Have Max Exp8014CAF0 5AED
Grudgebringer Cannon Codes
Have Max Armor8014CB5A 0104
Have Max Exp8014CBAC 5AED
Grudgebringer Calvalry Codes
Have Max Armor8014C926 0114
Have Max Exp8014C978 5AED
Grudgebringer Infantry Codes
Have Max Armor8014C9E2 0104
Have Max Exp8014CA34 5AED
Carlsson's Cavalry Codes
Have Max Armor8014CC16 0114
Countess' Guard Codes
Have Max Armor8014CE4A 0304
Helmgart Bowmen Codes
Have Max Armor8014CD8E 0104