Vigilante 8-2nd Offense

Credit: ViperByte, Sage, Thunder2

Infinite Interceptor Missiles-Both Players8004475A 2400
Infinite Bull's Eye Rockets-Both Players800437B2 2400
Infinite Sky Hammer Motar-Both Players800468B6 2400
Infinite Bruiser Cannon-Both Players800453A2 2400
Infinite Roadkill Mines-Both Players80047BD6 2400
Infinite Brimstone Burner-Both Players80049076 2400
Infinite Shield on Pickup-Both Players80041E56 2400
P1 Quest Completed-Sheila8006B9E8 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Sheila3006B9EE 0064
P1 Max Speed-Sheila3006B9EF 0064
P1 Max Armor-Sheila3006B9F0 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Sheila3006B9F1 0064
P1 Quest Completed-John Torque8006B9F2 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-John Torque3006B9F8 0064
P1 Max Speed-John Torque3006B9F9 0064
P1 Max Armor-John Torque3006B9FA 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-John Torque3006B9FB 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Flying All Star Trio8006B9FC 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Flying All Star Trio3006BA02 0064
P1 Max Speed-Flying All Star Trio3006BA03 0064
P1 Max Armor-Flying All Star Trio3006BA04 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Flying All Star Trio3006BA05 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Houston8006BA06 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Houston3006BA0C 0064
P1 Max Speed-Houston3006BA0D 0064
P1 Max Armor-Houston3006BA0E 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Houston3006BA0F 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Convoy8006BA10 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Convoy3006BA16 0064
P1 Max Speed-Convoy3006BA17 0064
P1 Max Armor-Convoy3006BA18 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Convoy3006BA19 0064
P1 Max Accleration-Dave's Cultsmen3006BA20 0064
P1 Max Speed-Dave's Cultsmen3006BA21 0064
P1 Max Armor-Dave's Cultsmen3006BA22 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Dave's Cultsmen3006BA23 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Dallas 138006BA24 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Dallas 133006BA2A 0064
P1 Max Speed-Dallas 133006BA2B 0064
P1 Max Armor-Dallas 133006BA2C 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Dallas 133006BA2D 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Nina Loco8006BA2E 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Nina Loco3006BA34 0064
P1 Max Speed-Nina Loco3006BA35 0064
P1 Max Armor-Nina Loco3006BA36 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Nina Loco3006BA37 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Molo8006BA38 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Molo3006BA3E 0064
P1 Max Speed-Molo3006BA3F 0064
P1 Max Armor-Molo3006BA40 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Molo3006BA41 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Lord Clyde8006BA42 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Lord Clyde3006BA48 0064
P1 Max Speed-Lord Clyde3006BA49 0064
P1 Max Armor-Lord Clyde3006BA4A 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Lord Clyde3006BA4B 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Obake8006BA4C 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Obake3006BA52 0064
P1 Max Speed-Obake3006BA53 0064
P1 Max Armor-Obake3006BA54 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Obake3006BA55 0064
P1 Max Accleration-Marathon3006BA5C 0064
P1 Max Speed-Marathon3006BA5D 0064
P1 Max Armor-Marathon3006BA5E 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Marathon3006BA5F 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Astronaunt Bob O8006BA60 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Astronaunt Bob O3006BA66 0064
P1 Max Speed-Astronaunt Bob O3006BA67 0064
P1 Max Armor-Astronaunt Bob O3006BA68 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance3006BA69 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Garbage Man8006BA6A 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Garbage Man3006BA70 0064
P1 Max Speed-Garbage Man3006BA71 0064
P1 Max Armor-Garbage Man3006BA72 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Garbage Man3006BA73 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Agent R Chase8006BA74 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Agent R Chase3006BA7A 0064
P1 Max Speed-Agent R Chase3006BA7B 0064
P1 Max Armor-Agent R Chase3006BA7C 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Agent R Chase3006BA7E 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Chassey Blue8006BA7E 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Chassey Blue3006BA84 0064
P1 Max Speed-Chassey Blue3006BA85 0064
P1 Max Armor-Chassey Blue3006BA86 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Chassey Blue3006BA87 0064
P1 Quest Completed-Padre Destino8006BA88 01FF
P1 Max Accleration-Padre Destino3006BA8E 0064
P1 Max Speed-Padre Destino3006BA8F 0064
P1 Max Armor-Padre Destino3006BA90 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Padre Destino3006BA91 0064
P1 Max Accleration-Dusty Earth3006BA98 0064
P1 Max Speed -Dusty Earth3006BA99 0064
P1 Max Armor-Dusty Earth3006BA9A 0064
P1 Max Target Avoidance-Dusty Earth3006BA9B 0064
P1 Unlock All Characters/Quest Mode Complete With Everyone (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)5000120A 0000
8006B9E8 01FF
P1 Maxed Out Stats All Characters (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)5000120A 0000
8006B9EE 6464
5000120A 0000
8006B9F0 6464
P2 Quest Completed-Sheila8006BA9C 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Sheila3006BAA2 0064
P2 Max Speed-Sheila3006BAA3 0064
P2 Max Armor-Sheila3006BAA4 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Sheila3006BAA5 0064
P2 Quest Completed-John Torque8006BAA6 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-John Torque3006BAAC 0064
P2 Max Speed-John Torque3006BAAD 0064
P2 Max Armor-John Torque3006BAAE 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-John Torque3006BAAF 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Flying All Star Trio8006BAB0 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Flying All Star Trio3006BAB6 0064
P2 Max Speed-Flying All Star Trio3006BAB7 0064
P2 Max Armor-Flying All Star Trio3006BAB8 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Flying All Star Trio3006BAB9 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Houston8006BABA 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Houston3006BAC0 0064
P2 Max Speed-Houston3006BAC1 0064
P2 Max Armor-Houston3006BAC2 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Houston3006BAC3 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Convoy8006BAC4 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Convoy3006BACA 0064
P2 Max Speed-Convoy3006BACB 0064
P2 Max Armor-Convoy3006BACC 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Convoy3006BACE 0064
P2 Max Accleration-Dave's Cultsmen3006BAD4 0064
P2 Max Speed-Dave's Cultsmen3006BAD5 0064
P2 Max Armor-Dave's Cultsmen3006BAD6 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Dave's Cultsmen3006BAD7 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Dallas 138006BAD8 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Dallas 133006BADE 0064
P2 Max Speed-Dallas 133006BADF 0064
P2 Max Armor-Dallas 133006BAE0 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Dallas 133006BAE1 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Nina Loco8006BAE2 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Nina Loco3006BAE8 0064
P2 Max Speed-Nina Loco3006BAE9 0064
P2 Max Armor-Nina Loco3006BAEA 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Nina Loco3006BAEB 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Molo8006BAEC 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Molo3006BAF2 0064
P2 Max Speed-Molo3006BAF3 0064
P2 Max Armor-Molo3006BAF4 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Molo3006BAF5 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Lord Clyde8006BAF6 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Lord Clyde3006BAFC 0064
P2 Max Speed-Lord Clyde3006BAFD 0064
P2 Max Armor-Lord Clyde3006BAFE 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Lord Clyde3006BAFF 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Obake8006BB00 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Obake3006BB06 0064
P2 Max Speed-Obake3006BB07 0064
P2 Max Armor-Obake3006BB08 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Obake3006BB09 0064
P2 Max Accleration-Marathon3006BB10 0064
P2 Max Speed-Marathon3006BB11 0064
P2 Max Armor-Marathon3006BB12 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Marathon3006BB13 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Astronaunt Bob O8006BB14 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Astronaunt Bob O3006BB1A 0064
P2 Max Speed-Astronaunt Bob O3006BB1B 0064
P2 Max Armor-Astronaunt Bob O3006BB1C 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance3006BB1D 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Garbage Man8006BB1E 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Garbage Man3006BB24 0064
P2 Max Speed-Garbage Man3006BB25 0064
P2 Max Armor-Garbage Man3006BB26 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Garbage Man3006BB27 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Agent R Chase8006BB28 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Agent R Chase3006BB2E 0064
P2 Max Speed-Agent R Chase3006BB2F 0064
P2 Max Armor-Agent R Chase3006BB30 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Agent R Chase3006BB31 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Chassey Blue8006BB32 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Chassey Blue3006BB38 0064
P2 Max Speed-Chassey Blue3006BB39 0064
P2 Max Armor-Chassey Blue3006BB3A 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Chassey Blue3006BB3B 0064
P2 Quest Completed-Padre Destino8006BB3C 01FF
P2 Max Accleration-Padre Destino3006BB42 0064
P2 Max Speed-Padre Destino3006BB43 0064
P2 Max Armor-Padre Destino3006BB44 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Padre Destino3006BB45 0064
P2 Max Accleration-Dusty Earth3006BB4C 0064
P2 Max Speed -Dusty Earth3006BB4D 0064
P2 Max Armor-Dusty Earth3006BB4E 0064
P2 Max Target Avoidance-Dusty Earth3006BB4F 0064
P2 Unlock All Characters/Quest Mode Complete With Everyone (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)5000120A 0000
8006BA9C 01FF
P2 Maxed Out Stats All Characters (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)5000120A 0000
8006BAA2 6464
5000120A 0000
8006BAA4 6464
Drive Thru Obstacles & Infinite Health All PlayersD002F0E0 B75E
8002F0E2 2400
Open All Original V8 Levels8006A832 0010
Open All Original V8 Levels & Wacky Mode8006A832 001F
Activate Cheat Modifier 18006A830 ????
Activate Cheat Modifier 28006A832 ????