Urban Chaos

Credit: Sage, Robb

Combat-Tutorial Codes
Infinite Health80198F04 00C8
Physical Training Codes
Infinite Time80197184 2F00
Infinite Health80197E80 00C8
Driving Bronze Codes
Infinite Time801970DC 2F00
Infinite Car Damage80197886 012C
Combat Silver Codes
Infinite Time801977B8 2F00
Infinite Health80198994 00C8
RTA Codes
Infinite Health80194F44 00C8
Infinite Car Damage8019439E 012C
Have Pistol30194F43 0001
Infinite Ammo Pistol30194F42 0063
Driving Silver Codes
Infinite Time80196A5C 2F00
No Car Damage8019735E 012C
Combat Gold Codes
Infinite Health80198C18 00C8
Infinite Time80197814 2F00
The Jump Codes
Infinite Health80194F6C 00C8
Driving Gold Codes
Infinite Time80196F68 3682
No Car Damage8019771E 012C
Nitro Car Codes
Infinite Health80197AA4 00C8
Infinite Car Damage801970FE 012C
Infinite Ammo Pistol80197AA2 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun8019A260 0063
Gun Hunt Codes
Infinite Health80195618 00C8
Rat Catch Codes
Infinite Health80197820 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol3019781E 0063
Infinite Ammo Shotgun8019A13C 0063
Have Shotgun8019782C 003C
Trouble In The Park Codes
Infinite Health80194A34 00C8
Gatecrusher Codes
Infinite Health801914C4 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol801914C2 0163
Infinite Ammo Rifle80196834 0063
Arms Breaker Codes
Infinite Health80194C04 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80194C02 0163
Media Trouble Codes
Infinite Health801955AC 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol801955AE 0163
Infinite Ammo Rifle801990D4 0063
Urban Shakedown Codes
Infinite Health80195A20 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80195A22 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun801987E4 0063
Infinite Time8019329C 2F00
Auto-Destruct Codes
Infinite Health80196824 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80196826 0163
Infinite Time80192E24 2F00
Grim Gardens Codes
Infinite Health801954D4 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol801954D6 0163
Semtex Codes
Infinite Health80194DD4 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80194DD6 0163
Cop Rescue Codes
Infinite Health8019146C 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol8019146E 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun801954B4 0063
Southside Offensive Codes
Infinite Health8019495C 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol8019495E 0163
Infinite Grenades8019932C 0063
Infinite Ammo Shotgun801990FC 0063
Psycho Park Codes
Infinite Health80194874 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80194876 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun8019970C 0063
Infinite Ammo Rifle80199720 0063
The Fallen Codes
Infinite Health801955E4 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol801955E6 0163
Stern Revenge Codes
Infinite Health8019283C 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol8019283E 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun80198358 0063
Infinite Ammo Rifle801984AC 0063
Transmission Terminated Codes
Infinite Health801925F8 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol801925FA 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun80197068 0063
Estate Of Emergency Codes
Infinite Health80192314 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80192314 0163
Infinite Ammo Rifle80197528 0063
Infinite Ammo Shotgun8019735C 0063
Seek, Sneak & Seize Codes
Infinite Health80198544 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80198546 0163
Infinite Ammo Rifle8019AC60 0063
Target UC Codes
Infinite Health80196758 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol8019675A 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun80199C8C 0063
Infinite Explosives80199C64 0063
Infinite Time80194CE4 2F00
Headline Hostage Codes
Infinite Health8019550C 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol8019550E 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun801992DC 0063
Infinite Grenades8019937C 0063
Infinite Time8019237C 2F00
Insane Assault Codes
Infinite Health801919C0 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol801919C2 0163
Day Of Reckoning Codes
Infinite Health8018AB24 0190
Infinite Ammo Pistol8018AB26 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun8018D97C 0063
Infinite Time80189390 2F00
Assassin Codes
Infinite Health80196C1C 00C8
Infinite Ammo Pistol80196C1E 0163
Infinite Ammo Shotgun80199DB8 0063
Have Levels Completed Codes
Combat: Tutorial300EB479 0001
Physical Training300EB47A 0001
Driving Bronze300EB47B 0001
Combat Silver300EB47C 0001
RTA300EB47D 0001
Driving Silver300EB47E 0001
Combat Gold300EB47F 0001
The Jump300EB480 0001
Driving Gold300EB481 0001
Nitro Car300EB482 0001
Gun Hunt300EB483 0001
Rat Catch300EB484 0001
Trouble In The Park300EB485 0001
Gatecrusher300EB486 0001
Arms Breaker300EB487 0001
Media Trouble300EB488 0001
Urban Shakedown300EB489 0001
Auto-Destruct300EB48A 0001
Grim Gardens300EB48B 0001
Semtex300EB48C 0001
Cop Rescue300EB48D 0001
Southside Offensive300EB48E 0001
Psycho Park300EB48F 0001
The Fallen300EB490 0001
Stern Revenge300EB491 0001
Transmission Terminated300EB492 0001
Estate Of Emergency300EB493 0001
Seek, Sneak & Seize300EB494 0001
Target UC300EB495 0001
Headline Hostage300EB496 0001
Insane Assault300EB498 0001
Day Of Reckoning300EB499 0001
Assassin300EB49A 0001
Have All Levels (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50002101 0000
300EB479 0001
Have All Levels (Alternate)3010C9CC 0001