Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Credit: ViperByte,, Sage,, Robb, Code Master,,

Infinite Time80025556 2400
Max Score8006CECC FFFF
8006CECE 2402
8006E880 FFFF
8006E882 2402
Max Special Bar8002F6E4 0FFF
8002F6E6 2402
8002F6E8 AE02
8002F7CE 2400
8002F7D2 2400
8003BA5E 2400
8003C0EA 2400
Trick is Worth Lots of Points8006E876 2400
8006E9A0 0FFF
8006E9A2 2463
Paper Thin Skaters8008B6A2 2400
Skate Upside Down80085182 2400
Tony Hawk Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A684C 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A6850 00FF
All Tapes-School300A6851 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A6852 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A6853 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A6854 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A6855 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A6856 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A6857 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A6858 00FF
Bob Burnquist Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A685A 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A685E 00FF
All Tapes-School300A685F 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A6860 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A6861 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A6862 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A6863 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A6864 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A6865 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A6866 00FF
Geoff Rowley Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A6868 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A686C 00FF
All Tapes-School300A686D 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A686E 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A686F 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A6870 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A6871 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A6872 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A6873 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A6874 00FF
Bucky Lasek Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A6876 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A687A 00FF
All Tapes-School300A687B 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A687C 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A687D 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A687E 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A687F 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A6880 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A6881 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A6882 00FF
Chad Muska Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A6884 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A6888 00FF
All Tapes-School300A6889 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A688A 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A688B 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A688C 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A688D 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A688E 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A688F 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A6890 00FF
Kareem Campbell Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A6892 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A6896 00FF
All Tapes-School300A6897 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A6898 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A6899 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A689A 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A689B 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A689C 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A689D 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A689E 00FF
Andrew Reynolds Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A68A0 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A68A4 00FF
All Tapes-School300A68A5 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A68A6 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A68A7 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A68A8 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A68A9 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A68AA 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A68AB 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A68AC 00FF
Rune Glifberg Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A68AE 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A68B2 00FF
All Tapes-School300A68B3 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A68B4 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A68B5 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A68B6 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A68B7 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A68B8 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A68B9 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A68BA 00FF
Jamie Thomas Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A68BC 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A68C0 00FF
All Tapes-School300A68C1 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A68C2 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A68C3 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A68C4 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A68C5 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A68C6 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A68C7 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A68C8 00FF
Elissa Steamer Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A68CA 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A68CE 00FF
All Tapes-School300A68CF 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A68D0 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A68D1 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A68D2 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A68D3 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A68D4 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A68D5 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A68D6 00FF
Officer Dick Codes
Have 99 Video Tapes800A68D8 0063
All Tapes-Warehouse300A68DC 00FF
All Tapes-School300A68DD 00FF
All Tapes-Mall300A68DE 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Skate Park300A68DF 00FF
All Tapes-Downtown300A68E0 00FF
All Tapes-Downhill Jam300A68E1 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Portland300A68E2 00FF
All Tapes-Streets300A68E3 00FF
Have Gold Medal-Roswell300A68E4 00FF
More Misc. Codes
Big Head Mode800D1724 0001
Ether Mode800D1722 0001
Full Speciometer800D172C 0001
Nothing Dead Kennedys (Annoying, Isn't It)800D1648 0005
Have 99 Video Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000B0E 0000
800A684C 0063
Tony Hawk-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000402 0000
300A6850 00FF
Bob Burnquist-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A685E 00FF
Geoff Rowley-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A686C 00FF
Bucky Lasek-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A687A 00FF
Chad Muska-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A6888 00FF
Kareem Campbell-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A6896 00FF
Andrew Reynolds-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A68A4 00FF
Rune Glifberg-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A68B2 00FF
Jamie Thomas-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A68C0 00FF
Elissa Steamer-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A68CE 00FF
Officer Dick-All Tapes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300A68DC 00FF
Level Select800D1708 0001
Random Start Locations800D1710 0001
Slow Motion800D1720 0001
Max Stats800D1924 000D
Super Max Balance P1300A8243 00FF
Super Max Ollie P1300A8240 00FF
Super Max Speed P1300A8241 00FF
Super Max Air P1300A8242 00FF
Super Max Turning P1300A8244 00FF
Super Max Ollie P2300A8245 00FF
Super Max Speed P2300A8246 00FF
Super Max Air P2300A8247 00FF
Super Max Balance P2300A8248 00FF
Super Max Turning P2300A8249 00FF
Board Modifier800A706A 00??
P1 Character Modifier (Single Player Mode)300D1C40 00??
P1 Character Modifier (2-Player Mode)300D2304 00??
P2 Character Modifier (2-Player Mode)300D2308 00??
Both Players Can Choose The Same CharactersD0058B74 000A
80058B76 1000
Background Song Modifier800D1648 00??
Full Special Bar Codes
Warehouse813D6576 02EE
School813D472E 02EE
Mall813D5496 02EE
Skate Park813D7C16 02EE
Downtown813D46FE 02EE
Down Hill Jam813D565E 02EE
Burnside813D8386 02EE
San Francisco813D4D36 02EE
Roswell813D646E 02EE