Tomb Raider 3-Adventures Of Lara Croft

Credit:, Thunder2, Code Master, JollyRoger, Damon Thrash, PSX4EVER, Womb Raider

Joker CommandD0095EE4 ????
Thames Warf Codes
Infinite Health801E1FE2 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801E1FE0 FFC0
Skin Modifier801E203E ????
Jumps Go Further801E1FDE 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801E1FDE 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801E1FDE 00C0
Aldwych Codes
Infinite Health801D6A12 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801D6A10 FFC0
Skin Modifier801D6A6E ????
Jumps Go Further801D6A0E 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801D6A0E 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801D6A0E 00C0
Lud's Gate Codes
Infinite Health801E26D6 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801E26D4 FFC0
Skin Modifier801E2732 ????
Jumps Go Further801E26D2 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801E26D2 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801E26D2 00C0
The City Codes
Infinite Health801927C2 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801927C0 FFC0
Skin Modifier8019281E ????
Jumps Go Further801927BE 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801927BE 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801927BE 00C0
Antarctica Codes
Infinite Health801D9866 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801D9864 FFC0
Skin Modifier801D98A2 ????
Jumps Go Further801D9862 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801D9862 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801D9862 00C0
RX-Tech Mines Codes
Infinite Health801DCBA2 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
Skin Modifier801DCBFE ????
Jumps Go Further801DCB9E 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801DCB9E 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801DCB9E 00C0
Lost City Of Tinnos Codes
Infinite Health801D8A32 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801D8A30 FFC0
Skin Modifier801D8A8E ????
Jumps Go Further801D8A2E 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801D8A2E 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801D8A2E 00C0
Meteorite Cavern Codes
Infinite Health801A5BDA 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801A5BD8 FFC0
One Hit Knockdown Boss801A5CEA 0000
Skin Modifier801A5C36 ????
Jumps Go Further801A5BD6 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801A5BD6 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801A5BD6 00C0
Lara's Home Codes
Infinite Health801B90CE 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801B90CC FFC0
Skin Modifier801B912A ????
Jumps Go Further801B90CA 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801B90CA 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801B90CA 00C0
Jungle Codes
Infinite Health801D301A 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801D3018 FFC0
Skin Modifier801D3076 ????
Jumps Go Further801D3016 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801D3016 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801D3016 00C0
Temple Ruins Codes
Infinite Health801DB4D6 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801DB4D4 FFC0
Skin Modifier801DB532 ????
Jumps Go Further801DB4D2 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801DB4D2 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801DB4D2 00C0
River Ganges Codes
Infinite Health801D3C8A 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801D3C88 FFC0
Skin Modifier801D3CE6 ????
Jumps Go Further801D3C86 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801D3C86 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801D3C86 00C0
Caves Of Kaliya Codes
Infinite Health8017B7AE 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
8017B7AC FFC0
Skin Modifier8017B80A ????
Jumps Go Further8017B7AA 0040
Jumps Go Much Further8017B7AA 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further8017B7AA 00C0
Coastal Village Codes
Infinite Health801D6E9E 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801D6E9C FFC0
Skin Modifier801D6EFA ????
Jumps Go Further801D6E9A 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801D6E9A 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801D6E9A 00C0
Crash Site Codes
Infinite Health801DC7DE 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
Skin Modifier801DC83A ????
Jumps Go Further801DC7DA 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801DC7DA 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801DC7DA 00C0
Madubu Gorge Codes
Infinite Health801DABFA 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
Skin Modifier801DAC56 ????
Jumps Go Further801DABF6 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801DABF6 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801DABF6 00C0
Temple Of Puna Codes
Infinite Health8018E152 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
8018E150 FFC0
Skin Modifier8018E1AE ????
Jumps Go Further8018E14E 0040
Jumps Go Much Further8018E14E 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further8018E14E 00C0
Nevada Desert Codes
Infinite Health801D65F6 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801D65F4 FFC0
Skin Modifier801D6652 ????
Jumps Go Further801D65F2 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801D65F2 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801D65F2 00C0
High Security Compound Codes
Infinite Health801DF996 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801DF994 FFC0
Skin Modifier801DF9F2 ????
Jumps Go Further801DF992 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801DF992 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801DF992 00C0
Area 51 Codes
Infinite Health801DF6C2 03E8
Moon JumpD0095EE4 8000
801DF6C0 FFC0
Skin Modifier801DF71E ????
Jumps Go Further801DF6BE 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801DF6BE 0080
Jumps Go a Helluva Lot Further801DF6BE 00C0
All Level Codes
Infinite Oxygen8009914E 0708
Climb Any Flat Wall (Spider Lara)80099146 0001
Infinite Shotgun Ammo80099210 967F
80099212 0098
Infinite Desert Eagle Ammo80099208 967F
8009920A 0098
Infinite Uzi Ammo8009920C 967F
8009920E 0098
Infinite MP5 Ammo80099220 967F
80099222 0098
Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo80099218 967F
8009921A 0098
Push R1 To Light Infinite Number Of FlaresD0095EE4 0800
8009913E 0009
Have All Special Items8009758C 000C
Infinite Flares80097504 7FFF
Infinite Large Medi Packs80097506 7FFF
Infinite Small Medi Packs80097508 7FFF
Infinite Savegame Crystals8009750A 7FFF
Infinite Harpoon Ammo80099214 967F
80099216 0098
Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo8009921C 967F
8009921E 0098
Infinite MP5 Ammo80099220 967F
80099222 0098
Level Modifier80097AD0 00??
Do Not Use Above Codes With These Below, They Are Already In Here!
Have All Weapons & Items800974F8 0015
80097530 6784
80097534 67D8
80097538 682C
8009753C 6880
80097540 68D4
80097544 6928
80097548 697C
8009754C 69D0
80097550 6A24
80097554 6A78
80097558 6ACC
8009755C 6B20
80097560 6B74
80097564 6BC8
80097568 6C1C
8009756C 6C70
80097570 6CC4
80097574 6D18
80097578 6D6C
8009757C 6DC0
80097536 0009
8009753A 0009
8009753E 0009
80097542 0009
80097546 0009
8009754A 0009
8009754E 0009
80097552 0009
80097556 0009
8009755A 0009
8009755E 0009
80097562 0009
80097566 0009
8009756A 0009
8009756E 0009
80097572 0009
80097576 0009
8009757A 0009
8009757E 0009
80099208 03E8
8009920C 03E8
80099210 03E8
80099214 03E8
80099218 03E8
8009921C 03E8
80099220 03E8
80097516 03E8
80097518 03E8
8009751A 03E8
8009751E 03E8
80097520 03E8
80097522 03E8
80097580 72AC
80097582 0009
Have All Items/Weapons/Inf Ammo (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)800974F8 0015
50001404 0054
80097530 6784
50001404 0000
80097532 0009
D0095EE4 0800
50000704 0000
80099208 03E8
50000702 0000
80097516 03E8
80097580 72AC
80097582 0009
Swim In Antarctica Without Freezing8009B044 0257
Have No Quad Runner At Lara's Home800E8F98 0005
Basement Door Stays Open At Lara's Home801B96AA 011D
Trophy Room Door Stays Open At Lara's HomeD01BA612 FFFF
801BA614 FFFF
Use Quad Bike In Laras House801B7B04 0000
801B7B06 0001
801B7B24 C53B
801B7B2C B9D4
801B7B32 802D
801B7B44 0A1C
801B7B48 F4EA
801B7B4C FA73
801B7B60 1F1F
801B7B62 371F
801B7B82 0022
Infinite Health (All Levels) (Caetla Version .341 Only)C309923C 0001
91000022 000003E8
Have All Levels (When Loading A Saved Game)D006DC60 0821
8006DC64 0003
D006DC60 0821
8006DC66 2402