Tomb Raider 2

Credit: Alanlav,, Thunder2, Robb, Code Master, Sage,

Misc. Codes
Infinite Oxygen8008C4FE 0708
Have All Special Items80088B34 0009
Have All 3 Secrets800DE682 000F
Infinite Large Medi Packs80088AB8 03E7
Infinite Small Medi Packs80088ABA 03E7
Infinite Harpoon Ammo8008C5B8 0006
Infinite Shotgun Ammo8008C5B4 0012
Infinite Flares80088AAA 03E7
Infinite M-16 Ammo8008C5C0 0050
Have All Weapons80088AA0 000B
Infinite Automatic Pistols Ammo8008C5AC 0028
Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo8008C5BC 0008
Infinite Uzis Ammo8008C5B0 00A0
Great Wall Codes
Infinite Health8019CF52 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
8019CF50 FFE0
Long Jump8019CF4E 006B
Venice Codes
Infinite Health801C19E6 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801C19E4 FFE0
Long Jump801C19E2 006B
Bartoli's Hideout Codes
Infinite Health801D0CBE 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
Long Jump801D0CBA 006B
Opera House Codes
Infinite Health801CF2F6 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801CF2F4 FFE0
Long Jump801CF2F2 006B
Offshore Rig Codes
Infinite Health801BEC86 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801BEC84 FFE0
Long Jump801BEC82 006B
Fathoms Codes
Infinite Health801BB482 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801BB480 FFE0
Long Jump801BB47E 006B
Diving Area Codes
Infinite Health801BDDA2 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
Long Jump801BDD9E 006B
Wreck of the Maria Doria Codes
Infinite Health801CFE86 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801CFE84 FFE0
Long Jump801CFE82 006B
Have All 3 Circuit Breakers80088B48 0003
Living Quarters Codes
Infinite Health801B6916 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801B6914 FFE0
Long Jump801B6912 006B
The Deck Codes
Infinite Health801DCD1A 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801DCD18 FFE0
Long Jump801DCD16 006B
Catacombs of the Talion Codes
Infinite Health801C5852 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801C5850 FFE0
Long Jump801C584E 006B
Ice Palace Codes
Infinite Health801C8456 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801C8454 FFE0
Long Jump801C8452 006B
Kill Ice Palace Boss With One ShotD008AAD4 0040
801C9F0E 0000
Temple of Xian Codes
Infinite Health801DB426 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801DB424 FFE0
Long Jump801DB422 006B
Floating Islands Codes
Infinite Health801D1E42 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801D1E40 FFE0
Long Jump801D1E3E 006B
Dragon's Lair Codes
Infinite Health801A2A5E 03E8
Kill Dragon Boss With One ShotD008AAD4 0040
801A31CA 0000
Tibetan Foothills Codes
Infinite Health801DB6F2 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801DB6F0 FFE0
Barkhang Monastery Codes
Infinite Health801E31C6 03E8
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
801E31C4 FFE0
Home Sweet Home Codes
Infinite Health801B2CCE 03E8
Lara's Home Codes
Moon JumpD008AAD4 0010
8017C89C FFE0
Have Flares80088AA0 0002
Secret Door Open8017D04A 0001
8010BA08 1672
More Misc. Codes
Spider Lara8008C4F6 0001
Always Use FlareD008AAD6 0008
8008C4EE 0008
Always Play Level Modifier80089038 00??
Use Weapon CodeD008AAD4 0021
8008C4EE 0004
D008AAD4 0022
8008C4EE 0005
D008AAD4 0024
8008C4EE 0006
D008AAD4 0028
8008C4EE 0003
Use Weapon Modifier8008C4EE 00??
All Items80088AA0 000B
80088ADC 80C8
80088AE0 8020
80088AE4 8218
80088AE8 850C
80088AEC 8560
80088AF0 811C
80088AF4 8074
80088AF8 8170
80088AFC 826C
80088B00 81C4
Infinite Health (All Levels) (Caetla Version .341 Only)C308C6B8 0001
91000022 000003E8
Have All Levels (When Loading A Saved Game)D006E678 0821
8006E67C 0013
D006E678 0821
8006E67E 2402
Enemies Dont Go After You80015D7C 03E8
Health Bar Always Displayed80087FB4 7FFF
Legacy Of Kain 2-Soul Reaver Demo Codes(On Tomb Raider 2 Greatest Hits CD)
Infinite Health800DF064 4000
800DF066 0006
Tomb Raider 3 Demo Codes(On Tomb Raider 2 Greatest Hits CD)
Infinite Health801DC24E 03E8
Skin Modifier801DC2AA ????
Jumps Go Further801DC24A 0040
Jumps Go Much Further801DC24A 0080
Jumps Go Hellava Lot Further801DC24A 00C0
Infinite Small MediPacks800A4E70 0063
Infinite Large MediPacks800A4E6E 0063
Infinite Flare800A4E6C 0063
Infinite Rockets800A4E6A 0063
Infinite Shotgun Shells800A4E68 03E8
Infinite Grenades800A4E66 03E8
Time Always 00:00:00800B4D6C 0000