Credit: CodeShark, Thunder2, Alanlav, Code Master, Outsider

Ayame Codes
Level 1-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012A3D4 00FF
Shuriken3012A3D5 00FF
Caltraps3012A3D6 00FF
Healing Potion3012A3D7 00FF
Grenade3012A3D8 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012A3D9 00FF
Mines3012A3DA 00FF
Poison Rice3012A3DB 00FF
Colored Rice3012A3DC 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012A3DD 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012A3DE 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012A3DF 00FF
Protection Amulet3012A3E0 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012A3E1 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012A3E2 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012A3E3 00FF
Dog Bone3012A3E4 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012A3E5 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012A3E6 00FF
Ninja Armor3012A3E7 00FF
Fire Bullets3012A3E8 00FF
Arrows3012A3E9 00FF
Lightning3012A3EB 00FF
Transporter3012A3EC 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092690 ????
80092692 ????
Record Time Modifier80092694 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012A328 0064
Stealth ModeD012A3CE 0000
8012A3CE 000B
Level 2-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012F4AC 00FF
Shuriken3012F4AD 00FF
Caltraps3012F4AE 00FF
Healing Potion3012F4AF 00FF
Grenade3012F4B0 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012F4B1 00FF
Mines3012F4B2 00FF
Poison Rice3012F4B3 00FF
Colored Rice3012F4B4 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012F4B5 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012F4B6 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012F4B7 00FF
Protection Amulet3012F4B8 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012F4B9 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012F4BA 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012F4BB 00FF
Dog Bone3012F4BC 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012F4BD 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012F4BE 00FF
Ninja Armor3012F4BF 00FF
Fire Bullets3012F4C0 00FF
Arrows3012F4C1 00FF
Lightning3012F4C3 00FF
Transporter3012F4C4 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092698 ????
8009269A ????
Record Time Modifier8009269C ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012F400 0064
Stealth ModeD012F4A6 0000
8012F4A6 000B
Level 3-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012FE40 00FF
Shuriken3012FE41 00FF
Caltraps3012FE42 00FF
Healing Potion3012FE43 00FF
Grenade3012FE44 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012FE45 00FF
Mines3012FE46 00FF
Poison Rice3012FE47 00FF
Colored Rice3012FE48 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012FE49 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012FE4A 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012FE4B 00FF
Protection Amulet3012FE4C 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012FE4D 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012FE4E 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012FE4F 00FF
Dog Bone3012FE50 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012FE51 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012FE52 00FF
Ninja Armor3012FE53 00FF
Fire Bullets3012FE54 00FF
Arrows3012FE55 00FF
Lightning3012FE57 00FF
Transporter3012FE58 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926A0 ????
800926A2 ????
Record Time Modifier800926A4 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012FD94 0064
Stealth ModeD012FE3A 0000
8012FE3A 000B
Level 4-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook30129018 00FF
Shuriken30129019 00FF
Caltraps3012901A 00FF
Healing Potion3012901B 00FF
Grenade3012901C 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012901D 00FF
Mines3012901E 00FF
Poison Rice3012901F 00FF
Colored Rice30129020 00FF
Sleeping Gas30129021 00FF
Resurrection Leaf30129022 00FF
Chameleon Spell30129023 00FF
Protection Amulet30129024 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll30129025 00FF
Shadow Decoy30129026 00FF
Super-Shuriken30129027 00FF
Dog Bone30129028 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll30129029 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012902A 00FF
Ninja Armor3012902B 00FF
Fire Bullets3012902C 00FF
Arrows3012902D 00FF
Lightning3012902F 00FF
Transporter30129030 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926A8 ????
800926AA ????
Record Time Modifier800926AC ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
80128F6C 0064
Stealth ModeD0129012 0000
80129012 000B
Level 5-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook301262E0 00FF
Shuriken301262E1 00FF
Caltraps301262E2 00FF
Healing Potion301262E3 00FF
Grenade301262E4 00FF
Smoke Bomb301262E5 00FF
Mines301262E6 00FF
Poison Rice301262E7 00FF
Colored Rice301262E8 00FF
Sleeping Gas301262E9 00FF
Resurrection Leaf301262EA 00FF
Chameleon Spell301262EB 00FF
Protection Amulet301262EC 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll301262ED 00FF
Shadow Decoy301262EE 00FF
Super-Shuriken301262EF 00FF
Dog Bone301262F0 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll301262F1 00FF
Decoy Whistle301262F2 00FF
Ninja Armor301262F3 00FF
Fire Bullets301262F4 00FF
Arrows301262F5 00FF
Lightning301262F7 00FF
Transporter301262F8 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926B0 ????
800926B2 ????
Record Time Modifier800926B4 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
80126234 0064
Stealth ModeD01262DA 0000
801262DA 000B
Level 6-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012EE68 00FF
Shuriken3012EE69 00FF
Caltraps3012EE6A 00FF
Healing Potion3012EE6B 00FF
Grenade3012EE6C 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012EE6D 00FF
Mines3012EE6E 00FF
Poison Rice3012EE6F 00FF
Colored Rice3012EE70 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012EE71 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012EE72 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012EE73 00FF
Protection Amulet3012EE74 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012EE75 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012EE76 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012EE77 00FF
Dog Bone3012EE78 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012EE79 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012EE7A 00FF
Ninja Armor3012EE7B 00FF
Fire Bullets3012EE7C 00FF
Arrows3012EE7D 00FF
Lightning3012EE7F 00FF
Transporter3012EE80 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926B8 ????
800926BA ????
Record Time Modifier800926BC ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012EDBC 0064
Stealth ModeD012EE62 0000
8012EE62 000B
Level 7-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook301287C4 00FF
Shuriken301287C5 00FF
Caltraps301287C6 00FF
Healing Potion301287C7 00FF
Grenade301287C8 00FF
Smoke Bomb301287C9 00FF
Mines301287CA 00FF
Poison Rice301287CB 00FF
Colored Rice301287CC 00FF
Sleeping Gas301287CD 00FF
Resurrection Leaf301287CE 00FF
Chameleon Spell301287CF 00FF
Protection Amulet301287D0 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll301287D1 00FF
Shadow Decoy301287D2 00FF
Super-Shuriken301287D3 00FF
Dog Bone301287D4 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll301287D5 00FF
Decoy Whistle301287D6 00FF
Ninja Armor301287D7 00FF
Fire Bullets301287D8 00FF
Arrows301287D9 00FF
Lightning301287DB 00FF
Transporter301287DC 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926C0 ????
800926C2 ????
Record Time Modifier800926C4 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
80128718 0064
Stealth ModeD01287BE 0000
801287BE 000B
Level 8-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook30122E70 00FF
Shuriken30122E71 00FF
Caltraps30122E72 00FF
Healing Potion30122E73 00FF
Grenade30122E74 00FF
Smoke Bomb30122E75 00FF
Mines30122E76 00FF
Poison Rice30122E77 00FF
Colored Rice30122E78 00FF
Sleeping Gas30122E79 00FF
Resurrection Leaf30122E7A 00FF
Chameleon Spell30122E7B 00FF
Protection Amulet30122E7C 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll30122E7D 00FF
Shadow Decoy30122E7E 00FF
Super-Shuriken30122E7F 00FF
Dog Bone30122E80 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll30122E81 00FF
Decoy Whistle30122E82 00FF
Ninja Armor30122E83 00FF
Fire Bullets30122E84 00FF
Arrows30122E85 00FF
Lightning30122E87 00FF
Transporter30122E88 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926C8 ????
800926CA ????
Record Time Modifier800926CC ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
80122DC4 0064
Stealth ModeD0122E6A 0000
80122E6A 000B
Level 9-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012DFF0 00FF
Shuriken3012DFF1 00FF
Caltraps3012DFF2 00FF
Healing Potion3012DFF3 00FF
Grenade3012DFF4 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012DFF5 00FF
Mines3012DFF6 00FF
Poison Rice3012DFF7 00FF
Colored Rice3012DFF8 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012DFF9 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012DFFA 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012DFFB 00FF
Protection Amulet3012DFFC 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012DFFD 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012DFFE 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012DFFF 00FF
Dog Bone3012E000 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012E001 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012E002 00FF
Ninja Armor3012E003 00FF
Fire Bullets3012E004 00FF
Arrows3012E005 00FF
Lightning3012E007 00FF
Transporter3012E008 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926D0 ????
800926D2 ????
Record Time Modifier800926D4 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012DF44 0064
Stealth ModeD012DFEA 0000
8012DFEA 000B
Level 10-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012DF94 00FF
Shuriken3012DF95 00FF
Caltraps3012DF96 00FF
Healing Potion3012DF97 00FF
Grenade3012DF98 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012DF99 00FF
Mines3012DF9A 00FF
Poison Rice3012DF9B 00FF
Colored Rice3012DF9C 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012DF9D 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012DF9E 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012DF9F 00FF
Protection Amulet3012DFA0 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012DFA1 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012DFA2 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012DFA3 00FF
Dog Bone3012DFA4 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012DFA5 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012DFA6 00FF
Ninja Armor3012DFA7 00FF
Fire Bullets3012DFA8 00FF
Arrows3012DFA9 00FF
Lightning3012DFAB 00FF
Transporter3012DFAC 00FF
Records Score Modifier800926D8 ????
800926DA ????
Record Time Modifier800926DC ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012DEE8 0064
Stealth ModeD012DF8E 0000
8012DF8E 000B
Misc. Codes
Weapon Select Screen Codes
Infinite Shuriken3001042D 00FD
Infinite Caltraps3001042E 00FD
Infinite Health Potions3001042F 00FD
Infinite Grenade30010430 00FD
Infinite Smoke Bomb30010431 00FD
Infinite Mines30010432 00FD
Infinite Poison Rice30010433 00FD
Infinite Colored Rice30010434 00FD
Infinite Sleeping Gas30010435 00FD
Infinite Resurrection Leaf30010436 00FD
Infinite Chameleon Spell30010437 00FD
Infinite Protection Amulet30010438 00FD
Infinite Lightfoot Scroll30010439 00FD
Infinite Shadow Decoy3001043A 00FD
Infinite Super-Shurikens3001043B 00FD
Infinite Dog Bones3001043C 00FD
Infinite Fire Eater Scroll3001043D 00FD
Infinite Decoy Whistle3001043E 00FD
Infinite Ninja Armor3001043F 00FD
Have All Levels30010061 000F
Grand Master Status - Records Screen Codes
Level 1 - Layout A80010238 1300
Level 1 - Layout B80010244 1300
Level 1 - Layout C80010250 1300
Level 2 - Layout A8001025C 1300
Level 2 - Layout B80010268 1300
Level 2 - Layout C80010274 1300
Level 3 - Layout A80010280 1300
Level 3 - Layout B8001028C 1300
Level 3 - Layout C80010298 1300
Level 4 - Layout A8001037C 1300
Level 4 - Layout B80010388 1300
Level 4 - Layout C80010394 1300
Level 5 - Layout A800103A0 1300
Level 5 - Layout B800103AC 1300
Level 5 - Layout C800103B8 1300
Level 6 - Layout A800102A4 1300
Level 6 - Layout B800102B0 1300
Level 6 - Layout C800102BC 1300
Level 7 - Layout A800102C8 1300
Level 7 - Layout B800102D4 1300
Level 7 - Layout C800102E0 1300
Level 8 - Layout A800102EC 1300
Level 8 - Layout B800102F8 1300
Level 8 - Layout C80010304 1300
Level 9 - Layout A80010310 1300
Level 9 - Layout B8001031C 1300
Level 9 - Layout C80010328 1300
Level 10 - Layout A80010334 1300
Level 10 - Layout B80010340 1300
Level 10 - Layout C8001034C 1300
Training80010358 1300
Training Level-In Battle Codes
00:00 Time80095358 0000
8009535A 0000
Grapling Hook30125140 00FF
Shuriken30125141 00FF
Caltraps30125142 00FF
Healing Potion30125143 00FF
Grenade30125144 00FF
Smoke Bomb30125145 00FF
Mines30125146 00FF
Poison Rice30125147 00FF
Colored Rice30125148 00FF
Sleeping Gas30125149 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012514A 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012514B 00FF
Protection Amulet3012514C 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012514D 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012514E 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012514F 00FF
Dog Bone30125150 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll30125151 00FF
Decoy Whistle30125152 00FF
Ninja Armor30125153 00FF
Fire Bullets30125154 00FF
Arrows30125155 00FF
Lightning30125157 00FF
Transporter30125158 00FF
Record Time Modifier8009268C ????
Rikimaru Codes
Level 1-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012A4D8 00FF
Shuriken3012A4D9 00FF
Caltraps3012A4DA 00FF
Healing Potion3012A4DB 00FF
Grenade3012A4DC 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012A4DD 00FF
Mines3012A4DE 00FF
Poison Rice3012A4DF 00FF
Colored Rice3012A4E0 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012A4E1 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012A4E2 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012A4E3 00FF
Protection Amulet3012A4E4 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012A4E5 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012A4E6 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012A4E7 00FF
Dog Bone3012A4E8 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012A4E9 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012A4EA 00FF
Ninja Armor3012A4EB 00FF
Fire Bullets3012A4EC 00FF
Arrows3012A4ED 00FF
Lightning3012A4EF 00FF
Transporter3012A4F0 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092638 ????
8009263A ????
Record Time Modifier8009263C ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012A42C 0064
Stealth ModeD012A4D2 0000
8012A4D2 000B
Level 2-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012F5B0 00FF
Shuriken3012F5B1 00FF
Caltraps3012F5B2 00FF
Healing Potion3012F5B3 00FF
Grenade3012F5B4 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012F5B5 00FF
Mines3012F5B6 00FF
Poison Rice3012F5B7 00FF
Colored Rice3012F5B8 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012F5B9 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012F5BA 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012F5BB 00FF
Protection Amulet3012F5BC 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012F5BD 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012F5BE 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012F5BF 00FF
Dog Bone3012F5C0 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012F5C1 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012F5C2 00FF
Ninja Armor3012F5C3 00FF
Fire Bullets3012F5C4 00FF
Arrows3012F5C5 00FF
Lightning3012F5C7 00FF
Transporter3012F5C8 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092640 ????
80092642 ????
Record Time Modifier80092644 ????
Infintie HealthD000E226 800B
8012F504 0064
Stealth ModeD012F5AA 0000
8012F5AA 000B
Level 3-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012FF44 00FF
Shuriken3012FF45 00FF
Caltraps3012FF46 00FF
Healing Potion3012FF47 00FF
Grenade3012FF48 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012FF49 00FF
Mines3012FF4A 00FF
Poison Rice3012FF4B 00FF
Colored Rice3012FF4C 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012FF4D 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012FF4E 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012FF4F 00FF
Protection Amulet3012FF50 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012FF51 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012FF52 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012FF53 00FF
Dog Bone3012FF54 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012FF55 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012FF56 00FF
Ninja Armor3012FF57 00FF
Fire Bullets3012FF58 00FF
Arrows3012FF59 00FF
Lightning3012FF5B 00FF
Transporter3012FF5C 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092648 ????
8009264A ????
Record Time Modifier8009264C ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012FE98 0064
Stealth ModeD012FF3E 0000
8012FF3E 000B
Level 4-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012911C 00FF
Shuriken3012911D 00FF
Caltraps3012911E 00FF
Healing Potion3012911F 00FF
Grenade30129120 00FF
Smoke Bomb30129121 00FF
Mines30129122 00FF
Poison Rice30129123 00FF
Colored Rice30129124 00FF
Sleeping Gas30129125 00FF
Resurrection Leaf30129126 00FF
Chameleon Spell30129127 00FF
Protection Amulet30129128 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll30129129 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012912A 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012912B 00FF
Dog Bone3012912C 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012912D 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012912E 00FF
Ninja Armor3012912F 00FF
Fire Bullets30129130 00FF
Arrows30129131 00FF
Lightning30129133 00FF
Transporter30129134 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092650 ????
80092652 ????
Record Time Modifier80092654 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
80129070 0064
Stealth ModeD0129116 0000
80129116 000B
Level 5-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook301263E4 00FF
Shuriken301263E5 00FF
Caltraps301263E6 00FF
Healing Potion301263E7 00FF
Grenade301263E8 00FF
Smoke Bomb301263E9 00FF
Mines301263EA 00FF
Poison Rice301263EB 00FF
Colored Rice301263EC 00FF
Sleeping Gas301263ED 00FF
Resurrection Leaf301263EE 00FF
Chameleon Spell301263EF 00FF
Protection Amulet301263F0 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll301263F1 00FF
Shadow Decoy301263F2 00FF
Super-Shuriken301263F3 00FF
Dog Bone301263F4 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll301263F5 00FF
Decoy Whistle301263F6 00FF
Ninja Armor301263F7 00FF
Fire Bullets301263F8 00FF
Arrows301263F9 00FF
Lightning301263FB 00FF
Transporter301263FC 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092658 ????
8009265A ????
Record Time Modifier8009265C ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
80126338 0064
Stealth ModeD01263DE 0000
801263DE 000B
Level 6-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012EF6C 00FF
Shuriken3012EF6D 00FF
Caltraps3012EF6E 00FF
Healing Potion3012EF6F 00FF
Grenade3012EF70 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012EF71 00FF
Mines3012EF72 00FF
Poison Rice3012EF73 00FF
Colored Rice3012EF74 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012EF75 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012EF76 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012EF77 00FF
Protection Amulet3012EF78 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012EF79 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012EF7A 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012EF7B 00FF
Dog Bone3012EF7C 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012EF7D 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012EF7E 00FF
Ninja Armor3012EF7F 00FF
Fire Bullets3012EF80 00FF
Arrows3012EF81 00FF
Lightning3012EF83 00FF
Transporter3012EF84 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092660 ????
80092662 ????
Record Time Modifier80092664 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012EEC0 0064
Stealth ModeD012EF66 0000
8012EF66 000B
Level 7-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook301288C8 00FF
Shuriken301288C9 00FF
Caltraps301288CA 00FF
Healing Potion301288CB 00FF
Grenade301288CC 00FF
Smoke Bomb301288CD 00FF
Mines301288CE 00FF
Poison Rice301288CF 00FF
Colored Rice301288D0 00FF
Sleeping Gas301288D1 00FF
Resurrection Leaf301288D2 00FF
Chameleon Spell301288D3 00FF
Protection Amulet301288D4 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll301288D5 00FF
Shadow Decoy301288D6 00FF
Super-Shuriken301288D7 00FF
Dog Bone301288D8 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll301288D9 00FF
Decoy Whistle301288DA 00FF
Ninja Armor301288DB 00FF
Fire Bullets301288DC 00FF
Arrows301288DD 00FF
Lightning301288DF 00FF
Transporter301288E0 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092668 ????
8009266A ????
Record Time Modifier8009266C ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012881C 0064
Stealth ModeD01288C2 0000
801288C2 000B
Level 8-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook30122F74 00FF
Shuriken30122F75 00FF
Caltraps30122F76 00FF
Healing Potion30122F77 00FF
Grenade30122F78 00FF
Smoke Bomb30122F79 00FF
Mines30122F7A 00FF
Poison Rice30122F7B 00FF
Colored Rice30122F7C 00FF
Sleeping Gas30122F7D 00FF
Resurrection Leaf30122F7E 00FF
Chameleon Spell30122F7F 00FF
Protection Amulet30122F80 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll30122F81 00FF
Shadow Decoy30122F82 00FF
Super-Shuriken30122F83 00FF
Dog Bone30122F84 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll30122F85 00FF
Decoy Whistle30122F86 00FF
Ninja Armor30122F87 00FF
Fire Bullets30122F88 00FF
Arrows30122F89 00FF
Lightning30122F8B 00FF
Transporter30122F8C 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092670 ????
80092672 ????
Record Time Modifier80092674 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
80122EC8 0064
Stealth ModeD0122F6E 0000
80122F6E 000B
Level 9-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012E0F4 00FF
Shuriken3012E0F5 00FF
Caltraps3012E0F6 00FF
Healing Potion3012E0F7 00FF
Grenade3012E0F8 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012E0F9 00FF
Mines3012E0FA 00FF
Poison Rice3012E0FB 00FF
Colored Rice3012E0FC 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012E0FD 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012E0FE 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012E0FF 00FF
Protection Amulet3012E100 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012E101 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012E102 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012E103 00FF
Dog Bone3012E104 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012E105 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012E106 00FF
Ninja Armor3012E107 00FF
Fire Bullets3012E108 00FF
Arrows3012E109 00FF
Lightning3012E10B 00FF
Transporter3012E10C 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092678 ????
8009267A ????
Record Time Modifier8009267C ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012E048 0064
Stealth ModeD012E0EE 0000
8012E0EE 000B
Level 10-In Battle Codes
Grapling Hook3012E098 00FF
Shuriken3012E099 00FF
Caltraps3012E09A 00FF
Healing Potion3012E09B 00FF
Grenade3012E09C 00FF
Smoke Bomb3012E09D 00FF
Mines3012E09E 00FF
Poison Rice3012E09F 00FF
Colored Rice3012E0A0 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012E0A1 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012E0A2 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012E0A3 00FF
Protection Amulet3012E0A4 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll3012E0A5 00FF
Shadow Decoy3012E0A6 00FF
Super-Shuriken3012E0A7 00FF
Dog Bone3012E0A8 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll3012E0A9 00FF
Decoy Whistle3012E0AA 00FF
Ninja Armor3012E0AB 00FF
Fire Bullets3012E0AC 00FF
Arrows3012E0AD 00FF
Lightning3012E0AF 00FF
Transporter3012E0B0 00FF
Records Score Modifier80092680 ????
80092682 ????
Record Time Modifier80092684 ????
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8012DFEC 0064
Stealth ModeD012E092 0000
8012E092 000B
Misc. Codes
Weapon Select Screen Codes
Infinite Shuriken3001040D 00FD
Infinite Caltraps3001040E 00FD
Infinite Health Potions3001040F 00FD
Infinite Grenade30010410 00FD
Infinite Smoke Bomb30010411 00FD
Infinite Mines30010412 00FD
Infinite Poison Rice30010413 00FD
Infinite Colored Rice30010414 00FD
Infinite Sleeping Gas30010415 00FD
Infinite Resurrection Leaf30010416 00FD
Infinite Chameleon Spell30010417 00FD
Infinite Protection Amulet30010418 00FD
Infinite Lightfoot Scroll30010419 00FD
Infinite Shadow Decoy3001041A 00FD
Infinite Super-Shurikens3001041B 00FD
Infinite Dog Bones3001041C 00FD
Infinite Fire Eater Scroll3001041D 00FD
Infinite Decoy Whistle3001041E 00FD
Infinite Ninja Armor3001041F 00FD
Have All Levels30010060 000F
Grand Master Status-Records Screen Codes
Level 1-Layout A80010064 1300
Level 1-Layout B80010070 1300
Level 1-Layout C8001007C 1300
Level 2-Layout A80010088 1300
Level 2-Layout B80010094 1300
Level 2-Layout C800100A0 1300
Level 3-Layout A800100AC 1300
Level 3-Layout B800100B8 1300
Level 3-Layout C800100C4 1300
Level 4-Layout A800101A8 1300
Level 4-Layout B800101B4 1300
Level 4-Layout C800101C0 1300
Level 5-Layout A800101CC 1300
Level 5-Layout B800101D8 1300
Level 5-Layout C800101E4 1300
Level 6-Layout A800100D0 1300
Level 6-Layout B800100DC 1300
Level 6-Layout C800100E8 1300
Level 7-Layout A800100F4 1300
Level 7-Layout B80010100 1300
Level 7-Layout C8001010C 1300
Level 8-Layout A80010118 1300
Level 8-Layout B80010124 1300
Level 8-Layout C80010130 1300
Level 9-Layout A8001013C 1300
Level 9-Layout B80010148 1300
Level 9-Layout C80010154 1300
Level 10-Layout A80010160 1300
Level 10-Layout B8001016C 1300
Level 10-Layout C80010178 1300
Training80010184 1300
Training Level-In Battle Codes
00:00 Time80095358 0000
8009535A 0000
Grapling Hook30125244 00FF
Shuriken30125245 00FF
Caltraps30125246 00FF
Healing Potion30125247 00FF
Grenade30125248 00FF
Smoke Bomb30125249 00FF
Mines3012524A 00FF
Poison Rice3012524B 00FF
Colored Rice3012524C 00FF
Sleeping Gas3012524D 00FF
Resurrection Leaf3012524E 00FF
Chameleon Spell3012524F 00FF
Protection Amulet30125250 00FF
Lightfoot Scroll30125251 00FF
Shadow Decoy30125252 00FF
Super-Shuriken30125253 00FF
Dog Bone30125254 00FF
Fire Eater Scroll30125255 00FF
Decoy Whistle30125256 00FF
Ninja Armor30125257 00FF
Fire Bullets30125258 00FF
Arrows30125259 00FF
Lightning3012525B 00FF
Transporter3012525C 00FF
Record Time Modifier80092634 ????
Misc. Codes
Both Characters Codes
Joker CommandD012A434 ????
Ultimate Code80050D8C 0008
No Remaining LimitD01FFDF8 0001
801FFDF8 0000
Infinite Items80047F42 2400
Infinite HealthD000E226 800B
8001D2D6 2411
D000E226 800B
8001DCC2 2411
Have All Items (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001301 0000
3001040D 0063
50001301 0000
3001042D 0063
Debug Menu Activator80095AC8 000A
Expert Mode Complete (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001302 0000
801E95D8 FFFF
Grand Master Status-Records Screen (Level 1-10 - Layout A-C) (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001E0C 0000
80010064 1300
80010184 1300
50001E0C 0000
80010238 1300
80010358 1300
Secret Customes8001001A 00FF
Japanese Voices in Most Levels & Levels Layout Open80010048 00FF
Grand Master Status-Records Screen (Level 1-10 - Layout A-C)80010238 1300
80010244 1300
80010250 1300
8001025C 1300
80010268 1300
80010274 1300
80010280 1300
8001028C 1300
80010298 1300
8001037C 1300
80010388 1300
80010394 1300
800103A0 1300
800103AC 1300
800103B8 1300
800102A4 1300
800102B0 1300
800102BC 1300
800102C8 1300
800102D4 1300
800102E0 1300
800102EC 1300
800102F8 1300
80010304 1300
80010310 1300
8001031C 1300
80010328 1300
80010334 1300
80010340 1300
8001034C 1300
80010358 1300
80010064 1300
80010070 1300
8001007C 1300
80010088 1300
80010094 1300
800100A0 1300
800100AC 1300
800100B8 1300
800100C4 1300
800101A8 1300
800101B4 1300
800101C0 1300
800101CC 1300
800101D8 1300
800101E4 1300
800100D0 1300
800100DC 1300
800100E8 1300
800100F4 1300
80010100 1300
8001010C 1300
80010118 1300
80010124 1300
80010130 1300
8001013C 1300
80010148 1300
80010154 1300
80010160 1300
8001016C 1300
80010178 1300
80010184 1300