Tenchu 2

Credit: Jackel, Raven-187, Midnight Nomad and DJLoki, tetsuken@go.com, floydfan, Midnight Nomad and DJLoki

Max Joker CommandD008CC7A ????
Rikimaru Codes
Record Codes
The Training Course Codes
Grand Master Status30010074 0006
Max Kills30010075 00FF
Max Score80010076 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010078 EA5F
The Gang of Thieves Codes
Grand Master Status3001007C 0006
Max Kills3001007D 00FF
Max Score8001007E 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010080 EA5F
Treason at Gohde Castle Codes
Grand Master Status30010084 0006
Max Kills30010085 00FF
Max Score80010086 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010088 EA5F
Lord Toda's War Camp Codes
Grand Master Status3001008C 0006
Max Kills3001008D 00FF
Max Score8001008E 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010090 EA5F
Demon Mountain Codes
Grand Master Status30010094 0006
Max Kills30010095 00FF
Max Score80010096 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010098 EA5F
The Secret Harbor Codes
Grand Master Status3001009C 0006
Max Kills3001009D 00FF
Max Score8001009E 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100A0 EA5F
The Temple of Dreams Codes
Grand Master Status300100A4 0006
Max Kills300100A5 00FF
Max Score800100A6 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100A8 EA5F
Ninja Village Under Attack Codes
Grand Master Status300100AC 0006
Max Kills300100AD 00FF
Max Score800100AE 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100B0 EA5F
In Pursuit of Tatsumaru Codes
Grand Master Status300100B4 0006
Max Kills300100B5 00FF
Max Score800100B6 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100B8 EA5F
The Kansen Caverns Codes
Grand Master Status300100BC 0006
Max Kills300100BD 00FF
Max Score800100BE 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100C0 EA5F
The Sea Battle Codes
Grand Master Status300100C4 0006
Max Kills300100C5 00FF
Max Score800100C6 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100C8 EA5F
Have All Items (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001401 0000
30010019 0063
Ayame Codes
Record Codes
The Training Course Codes
Grand Master Status300100CC 0006
Max Kills300100CD 00FF
Max Score800100CE 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100D0 EA5F
The Mountain Bandits Codes
Grand Master Status300100D4 0006
Max Kills300100D5 00FF
Max Score800100D6 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100D8 EA5F
Lady Kei in Danger Codes
Grand Master Status300100DC 0006
Max Kills300100DD 00FF
Max Score800100DE 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100E0 EA5F
To Save a Princess Codes
Grand Master Status300100E4 0006
Max Kills300100E5 00FF
Max Score800100E6 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100E8 EA5F
Kuban Island Codes
Grand Master Status300100EC 0006
Max Kills300100ED 00FF
Max Score800100EE 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100F0 EA5F
The Island Fort Codes
Grand Master Status300100F4 0006
Max Kills300100F5 00FF
Max Score800100F6 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission800100F8 EA5F
The Quarantine Village Codes
Grand Master Status300100FC 0006
Max Kills300100FD 00FF
Max Score800100FE 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010100 EA5F
Cherry Tree Hill Codes
Grand Master Status30010104 0006
Max Kills30010105 00FF
Max Score80010106 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010108 EA5F
In Pursuit of Tatsumaru Codes
Grand Master Status3001010C 0006
Max Kills3001010D 00FF
Max Score8001010E 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010110 EA5F
The Kansen Caverns Codes
Grand Master Status30010114 0006
Max Kills30010115 00FF
Max Score80010116 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010118 EA5F
The Fire Demon Codes
Grand Master Status3001011C 0006
Max Kills3001011D 00FF
Max Score8001011E 7FFF
Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission80010120 EA5F
Have All Items (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001401 0000
30010037 0063
All Character Codes
Item Modifier Codes
Slot 1D00856E2 0100
801FFDB8 00??
Slot 2D00856E2 0100
801FFDBC 00??
Slot 3D00856E2 0100
801FFDC0 00??
Slot 4D00856E2 0100
801FFDC4 00??
Slot 5D00856E2 0100
801FFDC8 00??
Slot 6D00856E2 0100
801FFDCC 00??
Max Item Codes
Slot 1D00856E2 0100
801FFDBA 0063
Slot 2D00856E2 0100
801FFDBE 0063
Slot 3D00856E2 0100
801FFDC2 0063
Slot 4D00856E2 0100
801FFDC6 0063
Slot 5D00856E2 0100
801FFDCA 0063
Slot 6D00856E2 0100
801FFDCE 0063
Infinite Remaining ItemsD01FFE40 000B
801FFE40 000C
Infinite Health (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)D10104B0 0000
8013F010 0064
All Items (In-Battle) (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)D00104B0 0001
50001401 0000
3013F159 0063
Unlock Mission Editor Level Codes
Emancipation30010481 0001
Into the Enemy's Lair30010482 0001
The Demon Encampment30010483 0001
The Floating Temple30010484 0001
The Howling Wind30010485 0001
A Moonless Night30010486 0001
Silent Forest30010487 0001
The Depths of Despair30010488 0001
Washed Ashore30010489 0001
A Brand New Evil3001048A 0001
Tenchu, Inc3001048B 0001
Unlock All Mission Editor Levels (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000B01 0000
30010481 0001
Unlock Tatsumaru80010008 FFFF
Tatsumaru Codes
Record Codes
A Shadow Codes
Grand Master Status30010124 0006
Max Kills30010125 00FF
Max Score80010126 7FFF
Time 0:00:00/Enable Mission80010128 EA5F
The Head of Lord Toda Codes
Grand Master Status3001012C 0006
Max Kills3001012D 00FF
Max Score8001012E 7FFF
Time 0:00:00/Enable Mission80010130 EA5F
Labor Shortage Codes
Grand Master Status30010134 0006
Max Kills30010135 00FF
Max Score80010136 7FFF
Time 0:00:00/Enable Mission80010138 EA5F
Guarding The Secret Harbor Codes
Grand Master Status3001013C 0006
Max Kills3001013D 00FF
Max Score8001013E 7FFF
Time 0:00:00/Enable Mission80010140 EA5F
No Mercy Unlocked Codes
Grand Master Status30010144 0006
Max Kills30010145 00FF
Max Score80010146 7FFF
Time 0:00:00/Enable Mission80010148 EA5F
Assault on the Ninja Village Codes
Grand Master Status3001014C 0006
Max Kills3001014D 00FF
Max Score8001014E 7FFF
Time 0:00:00/Enable Mission80010150 EA5F
The Final Dawn Codes
Grand Master Status30010154 0006
Max Kills30010155 00FF
Max Score80010156 7FFF
Time 0:00:00/Enable Mission80010158 EA5F
Have All Items (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001401 0000
30010055 0063
Tatsumaru-Everything Perfect (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000708 0000
80010124 FF06
50000708 0000
80010126 7FFF
50000708 0000
80010128 EA5F
Infinite Air UnderwaterD00104B0 0001
8013F00E 64FF
Moon Jump (press L2+Up+X)D00919B8 BEEF
8013F03E FFCE
D00919B8 BEEF
8013F040 FF6A
Freeze Your Enemies Normal Game (On-Select+Triangle/Off-Select+Circle)D00919B8 EFFE
3001D06E 0060
D00919B8 DFFE
3001D06E 0062
Freeze Your Enemies Custom Missions (On-Select+Triangle/Off-Select+Circle)D008E280 EFFE
3001D826 0060
D008E280 DFFE
3001D826 0062
Walk Thru Walls And On Air-Normal Game (On Select+Up/Off Select+Down)D00919B8 FFEE
8001D0BE 2400
D00919B8 FFBE
8001D0BE 0C00
Walk Thru Walls And On Air-Custom Missions (On Select+Up/Off Select+Down)D008E280 FFEE
8001D876 2400
D008E280 FFBE
8001D876 0C00
Enemies Will Stop Being !? And !! Quicker Codes
Normal Game8008CC68 0000
Custom Missions8008943C 0000
Stop Timer In Custom Missions800894EC 0000
All Custom Missions Completed50001030 0000
8001017E 0000
Rikimaru Codes
Boss Health Modifier (Except Last Boss)8013FA88 ????
Boss Health Modifier (Last Boss)8013FE2C ????
Ayame Codes
Boss Health Modifier (Except Last Boss)8013FB44 ????
Boss Health Modifier (Last Boss)801BE244 ????
Infinite Health Last BossD00104B0 0004
Infinite Health In Battle8013FAC8 0064
Tatsumaru Codes
Health Modifier For Bosses (Except Last Boss)8013FAF4 ????
Health Modifier For Last Boss80140098 ????
Infinite Health Tatsumaru (Last Boss Battle)D00104B0 0004
8013FB98 0064
Infinite Air UnderwaterD00104B0 0001
8013F00E 64FF