Ten Pin Alley

Credit: Code Master, Phil (The Hammer) Roby

Always in 1st Frame8012DB6A 0000
Power Always in The Middle of The 2nd Yellow Bar800AEE2C 0090
Always Aim For The Middle of The Lane800AF080 00D0
800AF370 00D0
Angle Always in The Middle80124828 0009
Spin Accuracy Codes
Candi3008F870 01!q1!??
3008F874 01!q1!??
3008F876 01??
Morgan3008F908 01!q1!??
3008F90C 01!q1!??
3008F90E 01??
Eddie3008F9A0 01!q1!??
3008F9A4 01!q1!??
3008F9A6 01??
Chip3008FA38 01!q1!??
3008FA3C 01!q1!??
3008FA3E 01??
Olaf3008FAD0 01!q1!??
3008FAD4 01!q1!??
3008FAD6 01??
Dexter3008F740 01!q1!??
3008F744 01!q1!??
3008F746 01??
Jill3008F6A8 01!q1!??
3008F6AC 01!q1!??
3008F6AE 01??
Dean3008F578 01!q1!??
3008F57C 01!q1!??
3008F57E 01??
Flo3008F4E0 01!q1!??
3008F4E4 01!q1!??
3008F460 01??
Chucky3008F448 01!q1!??
3008F44C 01!q1!??
3008F44E 01??
Dutch3008F7D8 01!q1!??
3008F7DC 01!q1!??
3008F7DE 01??