Syphon Filter

Credit: Thunder2, Code Master, Robb

Max Reverse Joker CommandD012265A ????
Infinite Armor Everyone80068BEE 2400
Infinite Ammo on Pickup All800467C6 2400
Infinite Timer All Levels80116690 FFFF
Mostly Weapons & 13th Item Modifier!80115FB8 00??
80115FBC 6FFF
80115FBE 0020
Mostly Weapons Only! Modifiers80115FB8 0001
80115FBC ????
80115FBE 0020
Mostly Items Only! Modifiers80115FB8 0001
80115FBC 6002
80115FBE 0???
Have All Levels in Level Select Screen801462AA 0B14
Georgia Street Codes
Infinite Armor801A8BDA 0258
Infinite Health801A8BDC 0096
Destroyed Subway Codes
Infinite Armor801A2EE2 0258
Infinite Health801A2EE4 0096
Main Subway Line Codes
Infinite Armor801C6CCA 0258
Infinite Health801C6CCC 0096
Washington Park Codes
Infinite Armor801AA442 0258
Infinite Health801AA444 0096
Freedom Memorial Codes
Infinite Armor801C0496 0258
Infinite Health801C0498 0096
Expo Center Reception Codes
Infinite Armor801AC26E 0258
Infinite Health801AC270 0096
Expo Center Dinorama Codes
Infinite Armor801A9ABA 0258
Infinite Health801A9ABC 0096
Rhoemer's Base Codes
Infinite Armor801A9292 0258
Infinite Health801A9294 0096
Base Bunker Codes
Infinite Armor801B381E 0258
Infinite Health801B3820 0096
Base Tower Codes
Infinite Armor801C5A5A 0258
Infinite Health801C5A5C 0096
Base Escape Codes
Infinite Armor801AE44E 0258
Infinite Health801AE450 0096
Rhoemer's Stronghold Codes
Infinite Armor801AD592 0258
Infinite Health801AD594 0096
Stronghold Lower Level Codes
Infinite Armor801AB066 0258
Infinite Health801AB068 0096
Stronghold Catacombs Codes
Infinite Armor801ACE96 0258
Infinite Health801ACE98 0096
PHARCOM Warehouses Codes
Infinite Armor801AACF2 0258
Infinite Health801AACF4 0096
PHARCOM Elite Guards Codes
Infinite Armor801A4566 0258
Infinite Health801A4568 0096
Warehouse 76 Codes
Infinite Armor801B725E 0258
Infinite Health801B7260 0096
Silo Access Tunnels Codes
Infinite Armor801A2092 0258
Infinite Health801A2094 0096
Tunnel Blackout Codes
Infinite Armor801B0A62 0258
Infinite Health801B0A64 0096
Missile Silo Codes
Infinite Armor801AD5D2 0258
Infinite Health801AD5D4 0096
Stop Countdown Timer80116BAC 008A
More Misc. Codes
Maxed Ammo Reload Silenced 9mm8012F0B4 03E7
Infinite Ammo Silenced 9mm8012F0B6 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload .458012F0C0 03E7
Infinite Ammo .458012F0C2 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload G-188012F0C4 03E7
Infinite Ammo G-188012F0C6 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload Combat Shotgun8012F0C8 03E7
Infinite Ammo Combat Shotgun8012F0CA 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload Shotgun8012F0CC 03E7
Infinite Ammo Shotgun8012F0CE 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload PK-1028012F0D0 03E7
Infinite Ammo PK-1028012F0D2 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload M-168012F0D4 03E7
Infinite Ammo M-168012F0D6 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload EIZ-28012F0D8 03E7
Infinite Ammo EIZ-28012F0DA 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload HK-58012F0DC 03E7
Infinite Ammo HK-58012F0DE 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload NightVision Rifle8012F0E0 03E7
Infinite Ammo NightVision Rifle8012F0E2 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload Sniper Rifle8012F0E4 03E7
Infinite Ammo Sniper Rifle8012F0E6 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload M-798012F0F0 03E7
Infinite Ammo M-798012F0F2 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload K3G48012F0F4 03E7
Infinite Ammo K3G48012F0F6 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload Grenade8012F0FC 03E7
Infinite Ammo Grenade8012F0FE 0063
Maxed Ammo Reload Gas Grenade8012F100 03E7
Infinite Ammo Gas Grenade8012F102 0063
Immune To Most Explosions/Fire80069FB0 FFFF
80069FB2 2401
80069FD0 0008
80069FD2 1029
Immune To Most Bullets80068974 0000
80068976 2401
80068B94 0016
80068B96 1420
1 Shot Kills Enemy301168D1 0001
Hard Mode (Press X When Mission Starts)301168D0 0001
Stop Countdown Timer (Missile Silo Level)80116690 0BB8
Walk Thru Walls80007600 8012
80007602 3C01
80007604 8DD4
80007606 8C21
80007608 0008
8000760A 03E0
8000760C 0024
8000760E AFA1
D012265A FEFE
80088130 1000
D012265A FEFE
80088132 2402
D012265A FEFE
800490CA 2400
D012265A FEFE
30107F39 0001
D012265A FEFE
30107F3A 0002
D012265A FEFE
80096B86 2400
D012265A FEFE
800494EA 2400
D012265A FEFE
800492D4 1D80
D012265A FEFE
800492D6 0C00
D012265A FEFE
800491FA 2400
D012265A FDFE
80088130 1023
D012265A FDFE
80088132 0002
D012265A FDFE
800490CA AE03
D012265A FDFE
80096B86 AD60
D012265A FDFE
800494EA ACE3
D012265A FDFE
800492D6 2400