Startling Odyssey1-Blue Evolution

Credit: Leo

Infinite Money800A3348 E0FF
800A334A 05F5
Main Character Codes
Level 99300A2BD6 0063
Max Exp800A2C44 967F
800A2C46 0098
Next (Exp)800A2C48 0000
800A2C4A 0000
Fast Level Up After One Battle800F780C FFFF
D00E001C 182A
300E0010 00A0
Now Hp800A2BA8 869F
800A2BAA 0001
Max Hp800A2BE0 869F
800A2BE2 0001
Now Sp800A2BAC 869F
800A2BAE 0001
Max Sp800A2BE4 869F
800A2BE6 0001
Max Status (Caetla Only)B0130002 00000000
800A2BB0 03E7
Max Element Level (Caetla Only)B0060001 00000000
300A2BD7 0063
Have All Items (Caetla Only)300A2FCD 0063
300A2FCF 0063
B01A0002 00000000
300A2FD0 0063
Have All Sp. Items (Caetla Only)B00F0002 00000000
300A301C 0063
Have All Weapon + Defense (Caetla Only)B0240002 00000000
300A2F81 0063