Star Trek Invasion

Credit: Sage, Jackel

Infinite Time80061BB0 18CC
Infinite Photon Torpedoes8011AC38 0063
Infinite Quantum Torpedoes8011AC64 0063
Infinite Protomater Missles8011AC90 0063
Infinite Shields8005FDB8 02BC
Infinite Hull8005FDBC 00F5
Max Overall Score & Rating Elite Command Pilot8005BCE8 E0FF
8005BCEA 05F5
Overall Score & Rating Elite Command Pilot Modifier8005BCE8 ????
Always Play Level Modifier800ABF4C 00??
Start On Level ModifierD00ABF4C 0000
800ABF4C 00??
Unlock All Levels8005BD68 FFFF
Have All Levels Completed8005BD6C FFFF
Have All Dual Levels Completed8005BD70 FFFF
Infinite Secondary Weapons8007B1BE 2400
Infinite Shields (Everyone Including Enemies)800BB662 2400