Spyro Year Of The Dragon

Credit: Raven-187, Code Master, Baneful, BStingley69@aol.com, Ben@sharklord.com, Spyro

Max Reverse Joker CommandD007143A ????
Infinite Health800705A8 0003
Infinite Lives8006C784 0004
Auto Play Crash Bash Demo (Upon Reaching Title Screen)D0075CA4 000B
80075CA6 2400
Auto Play Crash Bash Demo (Immediately)D002AAE8 C634
8002AAF4 D72B
D002AAE8 C634
8002AAF6 0C01
D0074EA8 E212
80074EAA 2400
Gem's Worth ModifierD0036EC0 C71C
80036EB4 00??
D0036EC0 C71C
80036EB6 2442
D0036EC0 C71C
80036EB8 00??
D0036EC0 C71C
80036EBA 2463
Disable Paradox IntroD00E53E0 8000
800E53E2 2400
Press L1 For Moon JumpD007143A FBFF
11070330 0100
Hold X Button To Stay Same Height When GlidingD007143A BFFF
30070330 00FF
Have All Eggs Codes
Sunrise Spring Home30070300 001F
Sunny Villa30070301 003F
Cloud Spires30070302 003F
Molten Crater30070303 003F
Seashell Shore30070304 003F
Mushroom Speedway30070305 0007
Sheila's Alp30070306 0007
Buzz's Dungeon30070307 0001
Midday Garden Home30070309 001F
Icy Peak3007030A 003F
Enchanted Towers3007030B 003F
Spooky Swamp3007030C 003F
Bamboo Terrace3007030D 003F
Country Speedway3007030E 0007
Sgt. Byrd's Base3007030F 0007
Spike's Arena30070310 0001
Crawdad Farm30070308 0001
Spider Town30070311 0001
Starfish Reef3007031A 0001
Bugbot Factory30070323 0001
Evening Lake Home30070312 001F
Frozen Altars30070313 003F
Last Fleet30070314 003F
Firewords Factory30070315 003F
Charmed Ridge30070316 003F
Honey Speedway30070317 0007
Bentley's Outpost30070318 0007
Scorch's Pit30070319 0001
Midnight Mountain Home3007031B 001F
Crystal Islands3007031C 003F
Desert Ruins3007031D 003F
Haunted Tomb3007031E 003F
Dino Mines3007031F 003F
Harbor Speedway30070320 0007
Agent 9's Lab30070321 0007
Sorceress' Lair30070322 0001
Max Gems Codes
Sunrise Spring Home80071A10 0190
Sunny Villa80071A14 0190
Cloud Spires80071A18 0190
Molten Crater80071A1C 0190
Seashell Shore80071A20 0190
Mushroom Speedway80071A24 0190
Sheila's Alp80071A28 0190
Buzz's Dungeon80071A2C 0190
Midday Garden Home80071A34 0190
Icy Peak80071A38 01F4
Enchanted Towers80071A3C 01F4
Spooky Swamp80071A40 01F4
Bamboo Terrace80071A44 01F4
Country Speedway80071A48 0190
Sgt. Byrd's Base80071A4C 01F4
Spike's Arena80071A50 0190
Crawdad Farm80071A30 00C8
Spider Town80071A54 00C8
Starfish Reef80071A78 00C8
Bugbot Factory80071A9C 00C8
Evening Lake Home80071A58 0190
Frozen Altars80071A5C 0258
Last Fleet80071A60 0258
Firewords Factory80071A64 0258
Charmed Ridge80071A68 0258
Honey Speedway80071A6C 0190
Bentley's Outpost80071A70 0258
Scorch's Pit80071A74 0190
Midnight Mountain Home80071A7C 0190
Crystal Islands80071A80 02BC
Desert Ruins80071A84 02BC
Haunted Tomb80071A88 02BC
Dino Mines80071A8C 02BC
Harbor Speedway80071A90 0190
Agent 9's Lab80071A94 02BC
Sorceress' Lair80071A98 0190
Unlock Level Codes
Sunrise Spring Worlds & Sunrise Spring Home30071FB0 0001
Sunny Villa30071FB1 0001
Cloud Spires30071FB2 0001
Molten Crater30071FB3 0001
Seashell Shore30071FB4 0001
Mushroom Speedway30071FB5 0001
Sheila's Alp30071FB6 0001
Buzz's Dungeon30071FB7 0001
Midday Gardens Worlds & Midday Garden Home30071FB9 0001
Icy Peak30071FBA 0001
Enchanted Towers30071FBB 0001
Spooky Swamp30071FBC 0001
Bamboo Terrace30071FBD 0001
Country Speedway30071FBE 0001
Sgt. Byrd's Base30071FBF 0001
Spike's Arena30071FC0 0001
Sparx Worlds & Crawdad Farm30071FB8 0001
Spider Town30071FC1 0001
Starfish Reef30071FCA 0001
Bugbot Factory30071FD3 0001
Evening Lake Worlds & Evening Lake Home30071FC2 0001
Frozen Altars30071FC3 0001
Last Fleet30071FC4 0001
Firewords Factory30071FC5 0001
Charmed Ridge30071FC6 0001
Honey Speedway30071FC7 0001
Bentley's Outpost30071FC8 0001
Scorch's Pit30071FC9 0001
Midnight Mountain Worlds & Midnight Mountain Home30071FCB 0001
Crystal Islands30071FCC 0001
Desert Ruins30071FCD 0001
Haunted Tomb30071FCE 0001
Dino Mines30071FCF 0001
Harbor Speedway30071FD0 0001
Agent 9's Lab30071FD1 0001
Sorceress' Lair30071FD2 0001
Invincibility800704F4 0380
Infinite Sparx Health Spider Town80102DF0 0005
Infinite Time (Speedways)8006FA70 05E4
Always Place 1st (Speedways)8006FA7C 0000