Spyro 2-Ripto's Rage

Credit: ViperByte, Robb

Joker CommandD00683A0 ????
Infinite Health8006A248 0003
Infinite Lives8006712C 0004
Have Swim/Dive Learned80064682 0001
Have Climb Learned80064686 0001
Have Headbash Learned8006468A 0001
Max Gems800670CC FFFF
Max Orbs3006702C 00FF
Flying Spyro (Press Up+X)D00683A0 1040
3006A08D 000F
Have Spit Fire BreathD00683A0 0020
3006A1C9 000F
Enable Summer Forest3006B084 0001
Enable Glimmer3006B085 0001
Enable Idol Springs3006B086 0001
Enable Clossus3006B087 0001
Enable Hurricos3006B088 0001
Enable Aquaria Towers3006B089 0001
Enable Sunny Beach3006B08A 0001
Enable Ocean Speedway3006B08B 0001
Enable Crush's Dungeon3006B08C 0001
Enable Autumn Plains3006B08D 0001
Enable Skelos Badlands3006B08E 0001
Enable Crystal Glacier3006B08F 0001
Enable Breeze Harbor3006B090 0001
Enable Zephyr3006B091 0001
Enable Metro Speedway3006B092 0001
Enable Scorch3006B093 0001
Enable Shaddy Oasis3006B094 0001
Enable Magma Cone3006B095 0001
Enable Fracture Hills3006B096 0001
Enable Icy Speedway3006B097 0001
Enable Gulp's Overlook3006B098 0001
Enable Winter Tundra3006B099 0001
Enable Mystic Marsh3006B09A 0001
Enable Cloud Temples3006B09B 0001
Enable Canyon Speedway3006B09C 0001
Enable Robotica Farms3006B09D 0001
Enable Metropolis3006B09E 0001
Enable Riptor's Arena3006B0A0 0001
Unlock All Levels (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000F02 0000
8006B084 0101
World 1-Have All Gems (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000804 0000
8006AC04 0190
World 1-Have All Orbs (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000402 0000
80069FD0 0F0F
World 1-Have All Tailsman (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000402 0000
8006B264 0101
World 2-Have All Gems (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000B04 0000
8006AC28 0190
World 2-Have All Orbs (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000602 0000
80069FD8 0F0F
World 2-Have All Tailsman (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000502 0000
8006B26E 0101
World 3-Have All Gems (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000604 0000
8006AC58 0190
World 3-Have All Orbs (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000402 0000
80069FE4 0F0F
World 1 Codes
Summer Forest Codes
Have All Gems8006AC04 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD0 000F
Glimmer Codes
Have All Gems8006AC08 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD1 000F
Have Magic Pick Tailsman3006B265 0001
Idol Springs Codes
Have All Gems8006AC0C 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD2 000F
Have Jade Idol Tailsman3006B266 0001
Colossus Codes
Have All Gems8006AC10 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD3 000F
Have Golden Statue Tailsman3006B267 0001
Hurricos Codes
Have All Gems8006AC14 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD4 000F
Have Gear of Power Tailsman3006B268 0001
Aquaria Towers Codes
Have All Gems8006AC18 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD5 000F
Have Enchanted Shell Tailsman3006B269 0001
Sunny Beach Codes
Have All Gems8006AC1C 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD6 000F
Have Turtle Medallion Tailsman3006B26A 0001
Ocean Speedway Codes
Have All Gems8006AC20 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD7 000F
World 2 Codes
Autumn Plains Codes
Have All Gems8006AC28 0190
Have All Orbs30069FD9 000F
Skelos Badlands Codes
Have All Gems8006AC2C 0190
Have All Orbs30069FDA 000F
Have Ancient Bone Tailsman3006B26E 0001
Crystal Glacier Codes
Have All Gems8006AC30 0190
Have All Orbs30069FDB 000F
Have Ice Crystal Tailsman3006B26F 0001
Breeze Harbor Codes
Have All Gems8006AC34 0190
Have All Orbs30069FDC 000F
Have Glass Anchor Tailsman3006B270 0001
Zephyr Codes
Have All Gems8006AC38 0190
Have All Orbs30069FDD 000F
Have Bomb Tailsman3006B271 0001
Metro Speedway Codes
Have All Gems8006AC3C 0190
Have All Orbs30069FDE 000F
Scorch Codes
Have All Gems8006AC40 0190
Have All Orbs30069FDF 000F
Have Emerald Scarab Tailsman30069273 0001
Shaddy Oasis Codes
Have All Gems8006AC44 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE0 000F
Have Mystic Lamp Tailsman3006B274 0001
Magma Cone Codes
Have All Gems8006AC48 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE1 000F
Have Volcano Idol Tailsman3006B275 0001
Fracture Hills Codes
Have All Gems8006AC4C 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE2 000F
Have Bronze Flute Tailsman3006B276 0001
Icy Speedway Codes
Have All Gems8006AC50 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE3 000F
World 3 Codes
Winter Tundra Codes
Have All Gems8006AC58 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE5 000F
Mystic Marsh Codes
Have All Gems8006AC5C 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE6 000F
Cloud Temples Codes
Have All Gems8006AC60 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE7 000F
Canyon Speedway Codes
Have All Gems8006AC64 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE8 000F
Robotica Farms Codes
Have All Gems8006AC68 0190
Have All Orbs30069FE9 000F
Metropolis Codes
Have All Gems8006AC6C 0190
Have All Orbs30069FEA 000F
More Misc. Codes
Big Head300698BE 0001
Flat Mode300698BF 0001
All Abilities300698B0 0001