Silent Hill (Beta)

Credit: Thunder2, Daryl, Code Master, Slab

Reverse Joker CommandD00BC33C ????
Have Max Slots300BC6AF 0028
Inventory Modifiers Codes
Slot 1-Max 255800BC604 FF??
Slot 2-Max 255800BC608 FF??
Slot 3-Max 255800BC60C FF??
Slot 4-Max 255800BC610 FF??
Slot 5-Max 255800BC614 FF??
Slot 6-Max 255800BC618 FF??
Slot 7-Max 255800BC61C FF??
Slot 8-Max 255800BC620 FF??
Slot 9-Max 255800BC624 FF??
Slot 10-Max 255800BC628 FF??
Slot 11-Max 255800BC62C FF??
Slot 12-Max 255800BC630 FF??
Slot 13-Max 255800BC634 FF??
Slot 14-Max 255800BC638 FF??
Slot 15-Max 255800BC63C FF??
Slot 16-Max 255800BC640 FF??
Slot 17-Max 255800BC644 FF??
Slot 18-Max 255800BC648 FF??
Slot 19-Max 255800BC64C FF??
Slot 20-Max 255800BC650 FF??
Slot 21-Max 255800BC654 FF??
Slot 22-Max 255800BC658 FF??
Slot 23-Max 255800BC65C FF??
Slot 24-Max 255800BC660 FF??
Slot 25-Max 255800BC664 FF??
Slot 26-Max 255800BC668 FF??
Slot 27-Max 255800BC66C FF??
Slot 28-Max 255800BC670 FF??
Slot 29-Max 255800BC674 FF??
Slot 30-Max 255800BC678 FF??
Slot 31-Max 255800BC67C FF??
Slot 32-Max 255800BC680 FF??
Slot 33-Max 255800BC684 FF??
Slot 34-Max 255800BC688 FF??
Slot 35-Max 255800BC68C FF??
Slot 36-Max 255800BC690 FF??
Slot 37-Max 255800BC694 FF??
Slot 38-Max 255800BC698 FF??
Slot 39-Max 255800BC69C FF??
Slot 40-Max 255800BC6A0 FF??
Infinite Health300B9C8D 0040
800B9C8E 0006
Infinite Ammo All Weapons/No Reload800B9BD8 0001
Have Map800BC768 0002
Weapon-In-Hand Modifier300BC6AE 00??
Walk Thru Walls8006A1F8 A88B
8006A1FA 0801
8006A264 A8A2
8006A266 0801
Always First Save800BC6AA 0000
Quick LoadD00BC33C 0110
800BC88C 0008
Maxium Brightness In Options300BC31B 001F
Roller Skate Mode800B9D02 3800
Infinite All Items 150002804 0000
300BC605 00FF
Game Time 0:0:0800BC854 0000
800BC856 0000
Infinite All Items 280053136 2400
Radio Always On800BC6B0 0001
Completed Map800BC7D8 FFFF
Flashlight Always On800BBF2C 0100
Control Demo ModeD00BC33C 0100
800BC882 00E0
D00BC33C 0100
800BBE28 0004
All Weapons50000404 0001
300BC604 00A0
50000304 0001
300BC614 0080
50000404 0001
300BC620 0084
300BC630 00E2
Able To Set Brightness Level To 31D01E60F0 0007
301E60F0 001F
Max Infinite Items-All SlotsD0051C14 29EC
80051C38 00FF
D0051C14 29EC
80051C3A 3403
D0051C14 29EC
80051C3E A083