Shadow Madness

Credit: Thunder2, ViperByte

Character Codes
Clementt Codes
Name Modifier Codes
Digit 13010B5EE 00??
Digit 23010B5EF 00??
Digit 33010B5F0 00??
Digit 43010B5F1 00??
Digit 53010B5F2 00??
Digit 63010B5F3 00??
Digit 73010B5F4 00??
Max Ep8010B60A FFFF
Max Attack3010B5FA 007F
Max Defense3010B5FB 007F
Max Agility3010B5FC 007F
Max Prowess3010B5FD 007F
Max Speed3010B5FF 007F
Max Level Special Skill3010B600 007F
Condition Is Always Fine8010B610 0000
Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen8010B612 0001
Infinite HP8010B602 03E7
Max HP8010B604 03E7
Infinite MP8010B606 03E7
Max MP8010B608 03E7
Harv-5 Codes
Name Modifier Codes
Digit 13010B5B0 00??
Digit 23010B5B1 00??
Digit 33010B5B2 00??
Digit 43010B5B3 00??
Digit 53010B5B4 00??
Digit 63010B5B5 00??
Digit 73010B5B6 00??
Max Ep8010B5CC FFFF
Max Attack3010B5BC 007F
Max Defense3010B5BD 007F
Max Agility3010B5BE 007F
Max Prowess3010B5BF 007F
Max Speed3010B5C1 007F
Max Level Special Skill3010B5C2 007F
Condition Is Always Fine8010B5D2 0000
Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen8010B5D4 0001
Infinite HP8010B5C4 03E7
Max HP8010B5C6 03E7
Infinite MP8010B5C8 03E7
Max MP8010B5CA 03E7
Jirina Codes
Name Modifier Codes
Digit 13010B4F6 00??
Digit 23010B4F7 00??
Digit 33010B4F8 00??
Digit 43010B4F9 00??
Digit 53010B4FA 00??
Digit 63010B4FB 00??
Digit 73010B4FC 00??
p8010B512 FFFF
Max Attack3010B502 007F
Max Defense3010B503 007F
Max Agility3010B504 007F
Max Prowess3010B505 007F
Max Speed3010B507 007F
Max Level Special Skill3010B508 007F
Condition Is Always Fine8010B518 0000
Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen8010B51A 0001
Infinite HP8010B50A 03E7
Max HP8010B50C 03E7
Infinite MP8010B50E 03E7
Max MP8010B510 03E7
Stinger Codes
Name Modifier Codes
Digit 13010B572 00??
Digit 23010B573 00??
Digit 33010B574 00??
Digit 43010B575 00??
Digit 53010B576 00??
Digit 63010B577 00??
Digit 73010B578 00??
Max Ep8010B58E FFFF
Max Attack3010B57E 007F
Max Defense3010B57F 007F
Max Agility3010B580 007F
Max Prowess3010B581 007F
Max Speed3010B583 007F
Max Level Special Skill3010B584 007F
Condition Is Always Fine8010B594 0000
Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen8010B596 0001
Infinite HP8010B586 03E7
Max HP8010B588 03E7
Infinite MP8010B58A 03E7
Max MP8010B58C 03E7
Windleaf Codes
Name Modifier Codes
Digit 13010B4B8 00??
Digit 23010B4B9 00??
Digit 33010B4BA 00??
Digit 43010B4BB 00??
Digit 53010B4BC 00??
Digit 63010B4BD 00??
Digit 73010B4BE 00??
Max Ep8010B4D4 FFFF
Max Attack3010B4C4 007F
Max Defense3010B4C5 007F
Max Agility3010B4C6 007F
Max Prowess3010B4C7 007F
Max Speed3010B4C9 007F
Max Level Special Skill3010B4CA 007F
Condition Is Always Fine8010B4DA 0000
Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen8010B4DC 0001
Infinite HP8010B4CC 03E7
Max HP8010B4CE 03E7
Infinite MP8010B4D0 03E7
Max MP8010B4D2 03E7
Xero Codes
Name Modifier Codes
Digit 13010B534 00??
Digit 23010B535 00??
Digit 33010B536 00??
Digit 43010B537 00??
Digit 53010B538 00??
Digit 63010B539 00??
Digit 73010B53A 00??
Max Ep8010B550 FFFF
Max Attack3010B540 007F
Max Defense3010B541 007F
Max Agility3010B542 007F
Max Prowess3010B543 007F
Max Speed3010B545 007F
Max Level Special Skill3010B546 007F
Condition Is Always Fine8010B556 0000
Enables Access to Cast Spell Screen8010B558 0001
Infinite HP8010B548 03E7
Max HP8010B54A 03E7
Infinite MP8010B54C 03E7
Max MP8010B54E 03E7
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Gold800AFB74 FFFF
Max Gold800AFB74 967F
800AFB76 0098
Infinite Hexite800AFB78 FFFF
Max Hexite800AFB78 967F
800AFB7A 0098
No Random Battles8009F932 0273