Saltwater Sportfishing

Credit: Mare

Infinite Time8013E4D0 8CA0
Have All Levels8013E66C FFFF
Have Challenges Complete Codes
Hawaiian Pacific Challenge 1301327C7 0001
Hawaiian Pacific Challenge 2301327C8 0001
Hawaiian Pacific Challenge 3301327C9 0001
Florida Keys Challenge 1301327CA 0001
Florida Keys Challenge 2301327CB 0001
Florida Keys Challenge 3301327CC 0001
South Africa Challenge 1301327CD 0001
South Africa Challenge 2301327CE 0001
South Africa Challenge 3301327CF 0001
Costa Rica Challenge 1301327D0 0001
Costa Rica Challenge 2301327D1 0001
Costa Rica Challenge 3301327D2 0001
Bermuda Challenge 1301327D3 0001
Bermuda Challenge 2301327D4 0001
Bermuda Challenge 3301327D5 0001
Indian Ocean Challenge 1301327D6 0001
Indian Ocean Challenge 2301327D7 0001
Indian Ocean Challenge 3301327D8 0001
Alaskan Coast Challenge 1301327D9 0001
Alaskan Coast Challenge 2301327DA 0001
Alaskan Coast Challenge 3301327DB 0001
Cancun/Belize Challenge 1301327DC 0001
Cancun/Belize Challenge 2301327DD 0001
Cancun/Belize Challenge 3301327DE 0001
West Australia Challenge 1301327DF 0001
West Australia Challenge 2301327E0 0001
West Australia Challenge 3301327E1 0001
Cabo San Lucas Challenge 1301327E2 0001
Cabo San Lucas Challenge 2301327E3 0001
Cabo San Lucas Challenge 3301327E4 0001
Southeast Asia Challenge 1301327E5 0001
Southeast Asia Challenge 2301327E6 0001
Southeast Asia Challenge 3301327E7 0001
New Zealand Challenge 1301327E8 0001
New Zealand Challenge 2301327E9 0001
New Zealand Challenge 3301327EA 0001
All Challenges (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50002401 0000
301327C7 0001
All Challenges (Caetla Only)B0240001 00000000
301327C7 0001