Saga Frontier 2

Credit: Sage, DrummerIX, Dark Forsaken

Character Codes
Cielmer Codes
Infinite HP8001047C 03E7
Max HP8001047E 03E7
Infinite LP30010480 00FF
Max LP30010481 00FF
Infinite WP30010484 00FF
Max WP30010485 00FF
WP()30010487 0063
Max Martial3001048D 00FF
Max Sword3001048E 00FF
Max Axe3001048F 00FF
Max Staff30010490 00FF
Max Spear30010491 00FF
Max Bow30010492 00FF
Max Tree30010494 00FF
Max Stone30010495 00FF
Max Flame30010496 00FF
Max Water30010497 00FF
Max Tone30010498 00FF
Max Beast30010499 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 1300104AC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 1300104AD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 2300104AE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 2300104AF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 1300104B0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 1300104B1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 2300104B2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 2300104B3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 3300104B4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 3300104B5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 4300104B6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 4300104B7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 1800104BC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 2800104BE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 3800104C0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 4800104C2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 5800104C4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 6800104C6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 7800104C8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 8800104CA 0???
Age Modifier300104CE 00??
Battle Role300104CC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201048D 007F
2001048D 0080
E201048E 007F
2001048E 0080
E201048F 007F
2001048F 0080
E2010490 007F
20010490 0080
E2010491 007F
20010491 0080
E2010492 007F
20010492 0080
E2010494 007F
20010494 0080
E2010495 007F
20010495 0080
E2010496 007F
20010496 0080
E2010497 007F
20010497 0080
E2010498 007F
20010498 0080
E2010499 007F
20010499 0080
Cordelia Codes
Infinite HP8001078C 03E7
Max HP8001078E 03E7
Infinite LP30010790 00FF
Max LP30010791 00FF
Infinite WP30010794 00FF
Max WP30010795 00FF
WP()30010797 0063
Max Martial3001079D 00FF
Max Sword3001079E 00FF
Max Axe3001079F 00FF
Max Staff300107A0 00FF
Max Spear300107A1 00FF
Max Bow300107A2 00FF
Max Tree300107A4 00FF
Max Stone300107A5 00FF
Max Flame300107A6 00FF
Max Water300107A7 00FF
Max Tone300107A8 00FF
Max Beast300107A9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 1300107BC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 1300107BD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 2300107BE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 2300107BF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 1300107C0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 1300107C1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 2300107C2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 2300107C3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 3300107C4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 3300107C5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 4300107C6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 4300107C7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 1800107CC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 2800107CE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 3800107D0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 4800107D2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 5800107D4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 6800107D6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 7800107D8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 8800107DA 0???
Age Modifier300107DE 00??
Battle Role300107DC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201079D 007F
2001079D 0080
E201079E 007F
2001079E 0080
E201079F 007F
2001079F 0080
E20107A0 007F
200107A0 0080
E20107A1 007F
200107A1 0080
E20107A2 007F
200107A2 0080
E20107A4 007F
200107A4 0080
E20107A5 007F
200107A5 0080
E20107A6 007F
200107A6 0080
E20107A7 007F
200107A7 0080
E20107A8 007F
200107A8 0080
E20107A9 007F
200107A9 0080
Diana Codes
Infinite HP8001086C 03E7
Max HP8001086E 03E7
Infinite LP30010870 00FF
Max LP30010871 00FF
Infinite WP30010874 00FF
Max WP30010875 00FF
WP()30010877 0063
Max Martial3001087D 00FF
Max Sword3001087E 00FF
Max Axe3001087F 00FF
Max Staff30010880 00FF
Max Spear30010881 00FF
Max Bow30010882 00FF
Max Tree30010884 00FF
Max Stone30010885 00FF
Max Flame30010886 00FF
Max Water30010887 00FF
Max Tone30010888 00FF
Max Beast30010889 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001089C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001089D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001089E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001089F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 1300108A0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 1300108A1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 2300108A2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 2300108A3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 3300108A4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 3300108A5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 4300108A6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 4300108A7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 1800108AC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 2800108AE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 3800108B0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 4800108B2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 5800108B4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 6800108B6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 7800108B8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 8800108BA 0???
Age Modifier300108BE 00??
Battle Role300108BC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201087D 007F
2001087D 0080
E201087E 007F
2001087E 0080
E201087F 007F
2001087F 0080
E2010880 007F
20010880 0080
E2010881 007F
20010881 0080
E2010882 007F
20010882 0080
E2010884 007F
20010884 0080
E2010885 007F
20010885 0080
E2010886 007F
20010886 0080
E2010887 007F
20010887 0080
E2010888 007F
20010888 0080
E2010889 007F
20010889 0080
Eleanor Codes
Infinite HP80010A2C 03E7
Max HP80010A2E 03E7
Infinite LP30010A30 00FF
Max LP30010A31 00FF
Infinite WP30010A34 00FF
Max WP30010A35 00FF
WP()30010A37 0063
Max Martial30010A3D 00FF
Max Sword30010A3E 00FF
Max Axe30010A3F 00FF
Max Staff30010A40 00FF
Max Spear30010A41 00FF
Max Bow30010A42 00FF
Max Tree30010A44 00FF
Max Stone30010A45 00FF
Max Flame30010A46 00FF
Max Water30010A47 00FF
Max Tone30010A48 00FF
Max Beast30010A49 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010A5C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010A5D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010A5E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010A5F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010A60 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010A61 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010A62 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010A63 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010A64 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010A65 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010A66 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010A67 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010A6C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010A6E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010A70 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010A72 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010A74 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010A76 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010A78 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010A7A 0???
Age Modifier30010A7E 00??
Battle Role30010A7C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010A3D 007F
20010A3D 0080
E2010A3E 007F
20010A3E 0080
E2010A3F 007F
20010A3F 0080
E2010A40 007F
20010A40 0080
E2010A41 007F
20010A41 0080
E2010A42 007F
20010A42 0080
E2010A44 007F
20010A44 0080
E2010A45 007F
20010A45 0080
E2010A46 007F
20010A46 0080
E2010A47 007F
20010A47 0080
E2010A48 007F
20010A48 0080
E2010A49 007F
20010A49 0080
Ginny Knights Codes
Infinite HP80010E1C 03E7
Max HP80010E1E 03E7
Infinite LP30010E20 00FF
Max LP30010E21 00FF
Infinite WP30010E24 00FF
Max WP30010E25 00FF
WP()30010E27 0063
Max Martial30010E2D 00FF
Max Sword30010E2E 00FF
Max Axe30010E2F 00FF
Max Staff30010E30 00FF
Max Spear30010E31 00FF
Max Bow30010E32 00FF
Max Tree30010E34 00FF
Max Stone30010E35 00FF
Max Flame30010E36 00FF
Max Water30010E37 00FF
Max Tone30010E38 00FF
Max Beast30010E39 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010E4C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010E4D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010E4E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010E4F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010E50 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010E51 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010E52 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010E53 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010E54 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010E55 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010E56 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010E57 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010E5C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010E5E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010E60 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010E62 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010E64 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010E66 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010E68 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010E6A 0???
Age Modifier30010E6E 00??
Battle Role30010E6C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010E2D 007F
20010E2D 0080
E2010E2E 007F
20010E2E 0080
E2010E2F 007F
20010E2F 0080
E2010E30 007F
20010E30 0080
E2010E31 007F
20010E31 0080
E2010E32 007F
20010E32 0080
E2010E34 007F
20010E34 0080
E2010E35 007F
20010E35 0080
E2010E36 007F
20010E36 0080
E2010E37 007F
20010E37 0080
E2010E38 007F
20010E38 0080
E2010E39 007F
20010E39 0080
Gustaf Codes
Infinite HP80010C5C 03E7
Max HP80010C5E 03E7
Infinite LP30010C60 00FF
Max LP30010C61 00FF
Infinite WP30010C64 00FF
Max WP30010C65 00FF
WP()30010C67 0063
Max Martial30010C6D 00FF
Max Sword30010C6E 00FF
Max Axe30010C6F 00FF
Max Staff30010C70 00FF
Max Spear30010C71 00FF
Max Bow30010C72 00FF
Max Tree30010C74 00FF
Max Stone30010C75 00FF
Max Flame30010C76 00FF
Max Water30010C77 00FF
Max Tone30010C78 00FF
Max Beast30010C79 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010C8C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010C8D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010C8E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010C8F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010C90 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010C91 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010C92 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010C93 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010C94 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010C95 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010C96 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010C97 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010C9C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010C9E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010CA0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010CA2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010CA4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010CA6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010CA8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010CAA 0???
Age Modifier30010CAE 00??
Battle Role30010CAC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010C6D 007F
20010C6D 0080
E2010C6E 007F
20010C6E 0080
E2010C6F 007F
20010C6F 0080
E2010C70 007F
20010C70 0080
E2010C71 007F
20010C71 0080
E2010C72 007F
20010C72 0080
E2010C74 007F
20010C74 0080
E2010C75 007F
20010C75 0080
E2010C76 007F
20010C76 0080
E2010C77 007F
20010C77 0080
E2010C78 007F
20010C78 0080
E2010C79 007F
20010C79 0080
Gustave Codes
Infinite HP8001063C 03E7
Max HP8001063E 03E7
Infinite LP30010640 00FF
Max LP30010641 00FF
Infinite WP30010644 00FF
Max WP30010645 00FF
WP ()30010647 0063
Max Martial3001064D 00FF
Max Sword3001064E 00FF
Max Axe3001064F 00FF
Max Staff30010650 00FF
Max Spear30010651 00FF
Max Bow30010652 00FF
Max Tree30010654 00FF
Max Stone30010655 00FF
Max Flame30010656 00FF
Max Water30010657 00FF
Max Tone30010658 00FF
Max Beast30010659 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001066C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001066D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001066E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001066F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010670 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010671 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010672 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010673 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010674 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010675 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010676 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010677 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001067C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001067E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010680 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010682 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010684 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010686 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010688 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001068A 0???
Age Modifier3001068E 00??
Battle Role3001068C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201064D 007F
2001064D 0080
E201064E 007F
2001064E 0080
E201064F 007F
2001064F 0080
E2010650 007F
20010650 0080
E2010651 007F
20010651 0080
E2010652 007F
20010652 0080
E2010654 007F
20010654 0080
E2010655 007F
20010655 0080
E2010656 007F
20010656 0080
E2010657 007F
20010657 0080
E2010658 007F
20010658 0080
E2010659 007F
20010659 0080
Johan Codes
Infinite HP800108DC 03E7
Max HP800108DE 03E7
Infinite LP300108E0 00FF
Max LP300108E1 00FF
Infinite WP300108E4 00FF
Max WP300108E5 00FF
WP()300108E7 0063
Max Martial300108ED 00FF
Max Sword300108EE 00FF
Max Axe300108EF 00FF
Max Staff300108F0 00FF
Max Spear300108F1 00FF
Max Bow300108F2 00FF
Max Tree300108F4 00FF
Max Stone300108F5 00FF
Max Flame300108F6 00FF
Max Water300108F7 00FF
Max Tone300108F8 00FF
Max Beast300108F9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001090C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001090D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001090E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001090F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010910 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010911 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010912 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010913 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010914 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010915 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010916 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010917 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001091C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001091E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010920 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010922 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010924 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010926 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010928 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001092A 0???
Age Modifier3001092E 00??
Battle Role3001092C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E20108ED 007F
200108ED 0080
E20108EE 007F
200108EE 0080
E20108EF 007F
200108EF 0080
E20108E0 007F
200108F0 0080
E20108F1 007F
200108F1 0080
E20108F2 007F
200108F2 0080
E20108F4 007F
200108F4 0080
E20108F5 007F
200108F5 0080
E20108F6 007F
200108F6 0080
E20108F7 007F
200108F7 0080
E20108F8 007F
200108F8 0080
E20108F9 007F
200108F9 0080
Julia Codes
Infinite HP800109BC 03E7
Max HP800109BE 03E7
Infinite LP300109C0 00FF
Max LP300109C1 00FF
Infinite WP300109C4 00FF
Max WP300109C5 00FF
WP()300109C7 0063
Max Martial300109CD 00FF
Max Sword300109CE 00FF
Max Axe300109CF 00FF
Max Staff300109D0 00FF
Max Spear300109D1 00FF
Max Bow300109D2 00FF
Max Tree300109D4 00FF
Max Stone300109D5 00FF
Max Flame300109D6 00FF
Max Water300109D7 00FF
Max Tone300109D8 00FF
Max Beast300109D9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 1300109EC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 1300109ED 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 2300109EE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 2300109EF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 1300109F0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 1300109F1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 2300109F2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 2300109F3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 3300109F4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 3300109F5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 4300109F6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 4300109F7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 1800109FC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 2800109FE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010A00 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010A02 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010A04 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010A06 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010A08 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010A0A 0???
Age Modifier30010A0E 00??
Battle Role30010A0C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E20109CD 007F
200109CD 0080
E20109CE 007F
200109CE 0080
E20109CF 007F
200109CF 0080
E20109D0 007F
200109D0 0080
E20109D1 007F
200109D1 0080
E20109D2 007F
200109D2 0080
E20109D4 007F
200109D4 0080
E20109D5 007F
200109D5 0080
E20109D6 007F
200109D6 0080
E20109D7 007F
200109D7 0080
E20109D8 007F
200109D8 0080
E20109D9 007F
200109D9 0080
Kelvin Codes
Infinite HP800106AC 03E7
Max HP800106AE 03E7
Infinite LP300106B0 00FF
Max LP300106B1 00FF
Infinite WP300106B4 00FF
Max WP300106B5 00FF
WP()300106B7 0063
Max Martial300106BD 00FF
Max Sword300106BE 00FF
Max Axe300106BF 00FF
Max Staff300106C0 00FF
Max Spear300106C1 00FF
Max Bow300106C2 00FF
Max Tree300106C4 00FF
Max Stone300106C5 00FF
Max Flame300106C6 00FF
Max Water300106C7 00FF
Max Tone300106C8 00FF
Max Beast300106C9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 1300106DC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 1300106DD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 2300106DE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 2300106DF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 1300106E0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 1300106E1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 2300106E2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 2300106E3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 3300106E4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 3300106E5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 4300106E6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 4300106E7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 1800106EC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 2800106EE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 3800106F0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 4800106F2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 5800106F4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 6800106F6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 7800106F8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 8800106FA 0???
Age Modifier300106FE 00??
Battle Role300106FC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E20106BD 007F
200106BD 0080
E20106BE 007F
200106BE 0080
E20106BF 007F
200106BF 0080
E20106C0 007F
200106C0 0080
E20106C1 007F
200106C1 0080
E20106C2 007F
200106C2 0080
E20106C4 007F
200106C4 0080
E20106C5 007F
200106C5 0080
E20106C6 007F
200106C6 0080
E20106C7 007F
200106C7 0080
E20106C8 007F
200106C8 0080
E20106C9 007F
200106C9 0080
Labelle Codes
Infinite HP800105CC 03E7
Max HP800105CE 03E7
Infinite LP300105D0 00FF
Max LP300105D1 00FF
Infinite WP300105D4 00FF
Max WP300105D5 00FF
WP()300105D7 0063
Max Martial300105DD 00FF
Max Sword300105DE 00FF
Max Axe300105DF 00FF
Max Staff300105E0 00FF
Max Spear300105E1 00FF
Max Bow300105E2 00FF
Max Tree300105E4 00FF
Max Stone300105E5 00FF
Max Flame300105E6 00FF
Max Water300105E7 00FF
Max Tone300105E8 00FF
Max Beast300105E9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 1300105FC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 1300105FD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 2300105FE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 2300105FF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010600 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010601 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010602 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010603 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010604 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010605 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010606 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010607 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001060C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001060E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010610 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010612 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010614 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010616 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010618 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001061A 0???
Age Modifier3001061E 00??
Battle Role3001061C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E20105DD 007F
200105DD 0080
E20105DE 007F
200105DE 0080
E20105DF 007F
200105DF 0080
E20105E0 007F
200105E0 0080
E20105E1 007F
200105E1 0080
E20105E2 007F
200105E2 0080
E20105E4 007F
200105E4 0080
E20105E5 007F
200105E5 0080
E20105E6 007F
200105E6 0080
E20105E7 007F
200105E7 0080
E20105E8 007F
200105E8 0080
E20105E9 007F
200105E9 0080
Meythia Codes
Infinite HP80010CCC 03E7
Max HP80010CCE 03E7
Infinite LP30010CD0 00FF
Max LP30010CD1 00FF
Infinite WP30010CD4 00FF
Max WP30010CD5 00FF
WP()30010CD7 0063
Max Martial30010CDD 00FF
Max Sword30010CDE 00FF
Max Axe30010CDF 00FF
Max Staff30010CE0 00FF
Max Spear30010CE1 00FF
Max Bow30010CE2 00FF
Max Tree30010CE4 00FF
Max Stone30010CE5 00FF
Max Flame30010CE6 00FF
Max Water30010CE7 00FF
Max Tone30010CE8 00FF
Max Beast30010CE9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010CFC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010CFD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010CFE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010CFF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010D00 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010D01 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010D02 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010D03 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010D04 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010D05 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010D06 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010D07 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010D0C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010D0E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010D10 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010D12 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010D14 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010D16 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010D18 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010D1A 0???
Age Modifier30010D1E 00??
Battle Role30010D1C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010CDD 007F
20010CDD 0080
E2010CDE 007F
20010CDE 0080
E2010CDF 007F
20010CDF 0080
E2010CE0 007F
20010CE0 0080
E2010CE1 007F
20010CE1 0080
E2010CE2 007F
20010CE2 0080
E2010CE4 007F
20010CE4 0080
E2010CE5 007F
20010CE5 0080
E2010CE6 007F
20010CE6 0080
E2010CE7 007F
20010CE7 0080
E2010CE8 007F
20010CE8 0080
E2010CE9 007F
20010CE9 0080
Narcisse Codes
Infinite HP800104EC 03E7
Max HP800104EE 03E7
Infinite LP300104F0 00FF
Max LP300104F1 00FF
Infinite WP300104F4 00FF
Max WP300104F5 00FF
WP()300104F7 0063
Max Martial300104FD 00FF
Max Sword300104FE 00FF
Max Axe300104FF 00FF
Max Staff30010500 00FF
Max Spear30010501 00FF
Max Bow30010502 00FF
Max Tree30010504 00FF
Max Stone30010505 00FF
Max Flame30010506 00FF
Max Water30010507 00FF
Max Tone30010508 00FF
Max Beast30010509 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001051C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001051D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001051E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001051F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010520 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010521 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010522 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010523 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010524 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010525 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010526 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010527 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001052C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001052E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010520 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010532 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010534 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010536 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010538 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001053A 0???
Age Modifier3001053E 00??
Battle Role3001053C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E20104FD 007F
200104FD 0080
E20104FE 007F
200104FE 0080
E20104FF 007F
200104FF 0080
E2010500 007F
20010500 0080
E2010501 007F
20010501 0080
E2010502 007F
20010502 0080
E2010504 007F
20010504 0080
E2010505 007F
20010505 0080
E2010506 007F
20010506 0080
E2010507 007F
20010507 0080
E2010508 007F
20010508 0080
E2010509 007F
20010509 0080
Nebelsterm Codes
Infinite HP8001040C 03E7
Max HP8001040E 03E7
Infinite LP30010410 00FF
Max LP30010411 00FF
Infinite WP30010414 00FF
Max WP30010415 00FF
WP()30010417 0063
Max Martial3001041D 00FF
Max Sword3001041E 00FF
Max Axe3001041F 00FF
Max Staff30010420 00FF
Max Spear30010421 00FF
Max Bow30010422 00FF
Max Tree30010424 00FF
Max Stone30010425 00FF
Max Flame30010426 00FF
Max Water30010427 00FF
Max Tone30010428 00FF
Max Beast30010429 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001043C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001043D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001043E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001043F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010440 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010441 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010442 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010443 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010444 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010445 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010446 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010447 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001044C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001044E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010450 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010452 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010454 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010456 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010458 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001045A 0???
Age Modifier3001045E 00??
Battle Role3001045C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201041D 007F
2001041D 0080
E201041E 007F
2001041E 0080
E201041F 007F
2001041F 0080
E2010420 007F
20010420 0080
E2010421 007F
20010421 0080
E2010422 007F
20010422 0080
E2010424 007F
20010424 0080
E2010425 007F
20010425 0080
E2010426 007F
20010426 0080
E2010427 007F
20010427 0080
E2010428 007F
20010428 0080
E2010429 007F
20010429 0080
Nina Codes
Infinite HP8001055C 03E7
Max HP8001055E 03E7
Infinite LP30010560 00FF
Max LP30010561 00FF
Infinite WP30010564 00FF
Max WP30010565 00FF
WP()30010567 0063
Max Martial3001056D 00FF
Max Sword3001056E 00FF
Max Axe3001056F 00FF
Max Staff30010570 00FF
Max Spear30010571 00FF
Max Bow30010572 00FF
Max Tree30010574 00FF
Max Stone30010575 00FF
Max Flame30010576 00FF
Max Water30010577 00FF
Max Tone30010578 00FF
Max Beast30010579 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001058C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001058D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001058E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001058F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010590 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010591 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010592 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010593 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010594 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010595 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010596 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010597 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001059C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001059E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 3800105A0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 4800105A2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 5800105A4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 6800105A6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 7800105A8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 8800105AA 0???
Age Modifier300105AE 00??
Battle Role300105AC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201056D 007F
2001056D 0080
E201056E 007F
2001056E 0080
E201056F 007F
2001056F 0080
E2010570 007F
20010570 0080
E2010571 007F
20010571 0080
E2010572 007F
20010572 0080
E2010574 007F
20010574 0080
E2010575 007F
20010575 0080
E2010576 007F
20010576 0080
E2010577 007F
20010577 0080
E2010578 007F
20010578 0080
E2010579 007F
20010579 0080
Patrick Codes
Infinite HP80010BEC 03E7
Max HP80010BEE 03E7
Infinite LP30010BF0 00FF
Max LP30010BF1 00FF
Infinite WP30010BF4 00FF
Max WP30010BF5 00FF
WP()30010BF7 0063
Max Martial30010BFD 00FF
Max Sword30010BFE 00FF
Max Axe30010BFF 00FF
Max Staff30010C00 00FF
Max Spear30010C01 00FF
Max Bow30010C02 00FF
Max Tree30010C04 00FF
Max Stone30010C05 00FF
Max Flame30010C06 00FF
Max Water30010C07 00FF
Max Tone30010C08 00FF
Max Beast30010C09 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010C1C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010C1D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010C1E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010C1F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010C20 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010C21 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010C22 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010C23 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010C24 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010C25 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010C26 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010C27 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010C2C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010C2E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010C30 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010C32 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010C34 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010C36 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010C38 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010C3A 0???
Age Modifier30010C3E 00??
Battle Role30010C3C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010BFD 007F
20010BFD 0080
E2010BFE 007F
20010BFE 0080
E2010BFF 007F
20010BFF 0080
E2010C00 007F
20010C00 0080
E2010C01 007F
20010C01 0080
E2010C02 007F
20010C02 0080
E2010C04 007F
20010C04 0080
E2010C05 007F
20010C05 0080
E2010C06 007F
20010C06 0080
E2010C07 007F
20010C07 0080
E2010C08 007F
20010C08 0080
E2010C09 007F
20010C09 0080
Primiera Codes
Infinite HP80010DAC 03E7
Max HP80010DAE 03E7
Infinite LP30010DB0 00FF
Max LP30010DB1 00FF
Infinite WP30010DB4 00FF
Max WP30010DB5 00FF
WP()30010DB7 0063
Max Martial30010DBD 00FF
Max Sword30010DBE 00FF
Max Axe30010DBF 00FF
Max Staff30010DC0 00FF
Max Spear30010DC1 00FF
Max Bow30010DC2 00FF
Max Tree30010DC4 00FF
Max Stone30010DC5 00FF
Max Flame30010DC6 00FF
Max Water30010DC7 00FF
Max Tone30010DC8 00FF
Max Beast30010DC9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010DDC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010DDD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010DDE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010DDF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010DE0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010DE1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010DE2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010DE3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010DE4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010DE5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010DE6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010DE7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010DEC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010DEE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010DF0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010DF2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010DF4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010DF6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010DF8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010DFA 0???
Age Modifier30010DFE 00??
Battle Role30010DFC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010DBD 007F
20010DBD 0080
E2010DBE 007F
20010DBE 0080
E2010DBF 007F
20010DBF 0080
E2010DC0 007F
20010DC0 0080
E2010DC1 007F
20010DC1 0080
E2010DC2 007F
20010DC2 0080
E2010DC4 007F
20010DC4 0080
E2010DC5 007F
20010DC5 0080
E2010DC6 007F
20010DC6 0080
E2010DC7 007F
20010DC7 0080
E2010DC8 007F
20010DC8 0080
E2010DC9 007F
20010DC9 0080
Raymond Codes
Infinite HP80010A9C 03E7
Max HP80010A9E 03E7
Infinite LP30010AA0 00FF
Max LP30010AA1 00FF
Infinite WP30010AA4 00FF
Max WP30010AA5 00FF
WP()30010AA7 0063
Max Martial30010AAD 00FF
Max Sword30010AAE 00FF
Max Axe30010AAF 00FF
Max Staff30010AB0 00FF
Max Spear30010AB1 00FF
Max Bow30010AB2 00FF
Max Tree30010AB4 00FF
Max Stone30010AB5 00FF
Max Flame30010AB6 00FF
Max Water30010AB7 00FF
Max Tone30010AB8 00FF
Max Beast30010AB9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010ACC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010ACD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010ACE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010ACF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010AD0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010AD1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010AD2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010AD3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010AD4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010AD5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010AD6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010AD7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010ADC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010ADE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010AE0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010AE2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010AE4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010AE6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010AE8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010AEA 0???
Age Modifier30010AEE 00??
Battle Role30010AEC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010AAD 007F
20010AAD 0080
E2010AAE 007F
20010AAE 0080
E2010AAF 007F
20010AAF 0080
E2010AB0 007F
20010AB0 0080
E2010AB1 007F
20010AB1 0080
E2010AB2 007F
20010AB2 0080
E2010AB4 007F
20010AB4 0080
E2010AB5 007F
20010AB5 0080
E2010AB6 007F
20010AB6 0080
E2010AB7 007F
20010AB7 0080
E2010AB8 007F
20010AB8 0080
E2010AB9 007F
20010AB9 0080
Rich Codes
Infinite HP80010B7C 03E7
Max HP80010B7E 03E7
Infinite LP30010B80 00FF
Max LP30010B81 00FF
Infinite WP30010B84 00FF
Max WP30010B85 00FF
WP()30010B87 0063
Max Martial30010B8D 00FF
Max Sword30010B8E 00FF
Max Axe30010B8F 00FF
Max Staff30010B90 00FF
Max Spear30010B91 00FF
Max Bow30010B92 00FF
Max Tree30010B94 00FF
Max Stone30010B95 00FF
Max Flame30010B96 00FF
Max Water30010B97 00FF
Max Tone30010B98 00FF
Max Beast30010B99 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010BAC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010BAD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010BAE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010BAF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010BB0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010BB1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010BB2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010BB3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010BB4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010BB5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010BB6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010BB7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010BBC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010BBE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010BC0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010BC2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010BC4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010BC6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010BC8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010BCA 0???
Age Modifier30010BCE 00??
Battle Role30010BCC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010B8D 007F
20010B8D 0080
E2010B8E 007F
20010B8E 0080
E2010B8F 007F
20010B8F 0080
E2010B90 007F
20010B90 0080
E2010B91 007F
20010B91 0080
E2010B92 007F
20010B92 0080
E2010B94 007F
20010B94 0080
E2010B95 007F
20010B95 0080
E2010B96 007F
20010B96 0080
E2010B97 007F
20010B97 0080
E2010B98 007F
20010B98 0080
E2010B99 007F
20010B99 0080
Roberto Codes
Infinite HP80010D3C 03E7
Max HP80010D3E 03E7
Infinite LP30010D40 00FF
Max LP30010D41 00FF
Infinite WP30010D44 00FF
Max WP30010D45 00FF
WP()30010D47 0063
Max Martial30010D4D 00FF
Max Sword30010D4E 00FF
Max Axe30010D4F 00FF
Max Staff30010D50 00FF
Max Spear30010D51 00FF
Max Bow30010D52 00FF
Max Tree30010D54 00FF
Max Stone30010D55 00FF
Max Flame30010D56 00FF
Max Water30010D57 00FF
Max Tone30010D58 00FF
Max Beast30010D59 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010D6C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010D6D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010D6E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010D6F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010D70 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010D71 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010D72 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010D73 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010D74 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010D75 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010D76 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010D77 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010D7C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010D7E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010D80 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010D82 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010D84 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010D86 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010D88 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010D8A 0???
Age Modifier30010D8E 00??
Battle Role30010D8C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010D4D 007F
20010D4D 0080
E2010D4E 007F
20010D4E 0080
E2010D4F 007F
20010D4F 0080
E2010D50 007F
20010D50 0080
E2010D51 007F
20010D51 0080
E2010D52 007F
20010D52 0080
E2010D54 007F
20010D54 0080
E2010D55 007F
20010D55 0080
E2010D56 007F
20010D56 0080
E2010D57 007F
20010D57 0080
E2010D58 007F
20010D58 0080
E2010D59 007F
20010D59 0080
Sargon Codes
Infinite HP80010B0C 03E7
Max HP80010B0E 03E7
Infinite LP30010B10 00FF
Max LP30010B11 00FF
Infinite WP30010B14 00FF
Max WP30010B15 00FF
WP()30010B17 0063
Max Martial30010B1D 00FF
Max Sword30010B1E 00FF
Max Axe30010B1F 00FF
Max Staff30010B20 00FF
Max Spear30010B21 00FF
Max Bow30010B22 00FF
Max Tree30010B24 00FF
Max Stone30010B25 00FF
Max Flame30010B26 00FF
Max Water30010B27 00FF
Max Tone30010B28 00FF
Max Beast30010B29 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010B3C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010B3D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010B3E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010B3F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010B40 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010B41 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010B42 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010B43 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010B44 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010B45 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010B46 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010B47 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010B4C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010B4E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010B50 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010B52 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010B54 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010B56 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010B58 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010B5A 0???
Age Modifier30010B5E 00??
Battle Role30010B5C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010B1D 007F
20010B1D 0080
E2010B1E 007F
20010B1E 0080
E2010B1F 007F
20010B1F 0080
E2010B20 007F
20010B20 0080
E2010B21 007F
20010B21 0080
E2010B22 007F
20010B22 0080
E2010B24 007F
20010B24 0080
E2010B25 007F
20010B25 0080
E2010B26 007F
20010B26 0080
E2010B27 007F
20010B27 0080
E2010B28 007F
20010B28 0080
E2010B29 007F
20010B29 0080
Tyler Codes
Infinite HP8001071C 03E7
Max HP8001071E 03E7
Infinite LP30010720 00FF
Max LP30010721 00FF
Infinite WP30010724 00FF
Max WP30010725 00FF
WP()30010727 0063
Max Martial3001072D 00FF
Max Sword3001072E 00FF
Max Axe3001072F 00FF
Max Staff30010730 00FF
Max Spear30010731 00FF
Max Bow30010732 00FF
Max Tree30010734 00FF
Max Stone30010735 00FF
Max Flame30010736 00FF
Max Water30010737 00FF
Max Tone30010738 00FF
Max Beast30010739 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001074C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001074D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001074E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001074F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010750 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010751 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010752 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010753 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010754 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010755 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010756 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010757 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001075C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001075E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010760 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010762 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010764 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010766 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010768 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001076A 0???
Age Modifier3001076E 00??
Battle Role3001076C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201072D 007F
2001072D 0080
E201072E 007F
2001072E 0080
E201072F 007F
2001072F 0080
E2010730 007F
20010730 0080
E2010731 007F
20010731 0080
E2010732 007F
20010732 0080
E2010734 007F
20010734 0080
E2010735 007F
20010735 0080
E2010736 007F
20010736 0080
E2010737 007F
20010737 0080
E2010738 007F
20010738 0080
E2010739 007F
20010739 0080
Ventabre Codes
Infinite HP8001094C 03E7
Max HP8001094E 03E7
Infinite LP30010950 00FF
Max LP30010951 00FF
Infinite WP30010954 00FF
Max WP30010955 00FF
WP()30010957 0063
Max Martial3001095D 00FF
Max Sword3001095E 00FF
Max Axe3001095F 00FF
Max Staff30010960 00FF
Max Spear30010961 00FF
Max Bow30010962 00FF
Max Tree30010964 00FF
Max Stone30010965 00FF
Max Flame30010966 00FF
Max Water30010967 00FF
Max Tone30010968 00FF
Max Beast30010969 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001097C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001097D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001097E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001097F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010980 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010981 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010982 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010983 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010984 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010985 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010986 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010987 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001098C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001098E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010990 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010992 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010994 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010996 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010998 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001099A 0???
Age Modifier3001099E 00??
Battle Role3001099C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201095D 007F
2001095D 0080
E201095E 007F
2001095E 0080
E201095F 007F
2001095F 0080
E2010960 007F
20010960 0080
E2010961 007F
20010961 0080
E2010962 007F
20010962 0080
E2010964 007F
20010964 0080
E2010965 007F
20010965 0080
E2010966 007F
20010966 0080
E2010967 007F
20010967 0080
E2010968 007F
20010968 0080
E2010969 007F
20010969 0080
Wil Knights Codes
Infinite HP800107FC 03E7
Max HP800107FE 03E7
Infinite LP30010800 00FF
Max LP30010801 00FF
Infinite WP30010804 00FF
Max WP30010805 00FF
WP()30010807 0063
Max Martial3001080D 00FF
Max Sword3001080E 00FF
Max Axe3001080F 00FF
Max Staff30010810 00FF
Max Spear30010811 00FF
Max Bow30010812 00FF
Max Tree30010814 00FF
Max Stone30010815 00FF
Max Flame30010816 00FF
Max Water30010817 00FF
Max Tone30010818 00FF
Max Beast30010819 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 13001082C 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 13001082D 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 23001082E 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 23001082F 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010830 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010831 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010832 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010833 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010834 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010835 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010836 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010837 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 18001083C 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 28001083E 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010840 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010842 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010844 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010846 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010848 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 88001084A 0???
Age Modifier3001084E 00??
Battle Role3001084C 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E201080D 007F
2001080D 0080
E201080E 007F
2001080E 0080
E201080F 007F
2001080F 0080
E2010810 007F
20010810 0080
E2010811 007F
20010811 0080
E2010812 007F
20010812 0080
E2010814 007F
20010814 0080
E2010815 007F
20010815 0080
E2010816 007F
20010816 0080
E2010817 007F
20010817 0080
E2010818 007F
20010818 0080
E2010819 007F
20010819 0080
William Codes
Infinite HP80010E8C 03E7
Max HP80010E8E 03E7
Infinite LP30010E90 00FF
Max LP30010E91 00FF
Infinite WP30010E94 00FF
Max WP30010E95 00FF
WP()30010E97 0063
Max Martial30010E9D 00FF
Max Sword30010E9E 00FF
Max Axe30010E9F 00FF
Max Staff30010EA0 00FF
Max Spear30010EA1 00FF
Max Bow30010EA2 00FF
Max Tree30010EA4 00FF
Max Stone30010EA5 00FF
Max Flame30010EA6 00FF
Max Water30010EA7 00FF
Max Tone30010EA8 00FF
Max Beast30010EA9 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 130010EBC 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 130010EBD 00FF
Weapon Modifier Slot 230010EBE 00??
Infinite Weapon Slot 230010EBF 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 130010EC0 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 130010EC1 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 230010EC2 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 230010EC3 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 330010EC4 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 330010EC5 00FF
Armor Modifier Slot 430010EC6 00??
Infinite Armor Slot 430010EC7 00FF
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 180010ECC 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 280010ECE 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 380010ED0 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 480010ED2 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 580010ED4 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 680010ED6 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 780010ED8 0???
Equip Arts Modifier Slot 880010EDA 0???
Age Modifier30010EDE 00??
Battle Role30010EDC 00??
Easier Time Learning Art + On Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E2010E9D 007F
20010E9D 0080
E2010E9E 007F
20010E9E 0080
E2010E9F 007F
20010E9F 0080
E2010EA0 007F
20010EA0 0080
E2010EA1 007F
20010EA1 0080
E2010EA2 007F
20010EA2 0080
E2010EA4 007F
20010EA4 0080
E2010EA5 007F
20010EA5 0080
E2010EA6 007F
20010EA6 0080
E2010EA7 007F
20010EA7 0080
E2010EA8 007F
20010EA8 0080
E2010EA9 007F
20010EA9 0080
Other Codes
All Character Codes
All Character Codes(GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)
Infinite HP50001F70 0000
8001040C 03E7
Max HP50001F70 0000
8001040E 03E7
Infinite LP50001F70 0000
30010410 00FF
Max LP50001F70 0000
30010411 00FF
Infinite WP50001F70 0000
30010414 00FF
Max WP50001F70 0000
30010415 00FF
Max WP Recovery Rate50001F70 0000
30010417 0063
Infinite SP50001F70 0000
30010418 00FF
Max SP50001F70 0000
30010419 00FF
Max SP Recovery Rate50001F70 0000
3001041B 0063
Max Crowns (CR)50001F70 0000
80010408 423F
50001F70 0000
8001040A 000F
Max Martial Arts Level50001F70 0000
3001041D 00E3
Max Sword Arts Level50001F70 0000
3001041E 00E3
Max Axe Arts Level50001F70 0000
3001041F 00E3
Max Staff Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010420 00E3
Max Spear Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010421 00E3
Max Bow Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010422 00E3
Max Tree Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010424 00E3
Max Stone Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010425 00E3
Max Fire Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010426 00E3
Max Water Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010427 00E3
Max Tone Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010428 00E3
Max Beast Arts Level50001F70 0000
30010429 00E3
Equipped Items Never Break50001F70 0000
3001043D 00FF
50001F70 0000
3001043F 00FF
50001F70 0000
30010441 00FF
50001F70 0000
30010443 00FF
50001F70 0000
30010445 00FF
50001F70 0000
30010447 00FF
In-Battle Codes
Character 1 Codes
Infinite HP801F6990 03E7
Infinite LP301F6998 00FF
Infinite WP301F69A0 00FF
Infinite SP301F69AC 00FF
Immune To Status Ailments801F69B8 0000
Character 2 Codes
Infinite HP801F6B80 03E7
Infinite LP301F6B88 00FF
Infinite WP301F6B90 00FF
Infinite SP301F6B9C 00FF
Immune To Status Ailments801F6BA8 0000
Character 3 Codes
Infinite HP801F6D70 03E7
Infinite LP301F6D78 00FF
Infinite WP301F6D80 00FF
Infinite SP301F6D8C 00FF
Immune To Status Ailments801F6D98 0000
Character 4 Codes
Infinite HP801F6F60 03E7
Infinite LP301F6F68 00FF
Infinite WP301F6F70 00FF
Infinite SP301F6F7C 00FF
Immune To Status Ailments801F6F88 0000
1-Hit Kill Enemies801F7150 0000
801F7340 0000
801F7530 0000
801F7720 0000
Item Modifier Codes
Slot 13001009C 00??
Slot 23001009E 00??
Slot 3300100A0 00??
Slot 4300100A2 00??
Slot 5300100A4 00??
Slot 6300100A6 00??
Slot 7300100A8 00??
Slot 8300100AA 00??
Slot 9300100AC 00??
Slot 10300100AE 00??
Slot 11300100B0 00??
Slot 12300100B2 00??
Slot 13300100B4 00??
Slot 14300100B6 00??
Slot 15300100B8 00??
Slot 16300100BA 00??
Slot 17300100BC 00??
Slot 18300100BE 00??
Slot 19300100C0 00??
Slot 20300100C2 00??
Slot 21300100C4 00??
Slot 22300100C6 00??
Slot 23300100C8 00??
Slot 24300100CA 00??
Slot 25300100CC 00??
Slot 26300100CE 00??
Slot 27300100D0 00??
Slot 28300100D2 00??
Slot 29300100D4 00??
Slot 30300100D6 00??
Slot 31300100D8 00??
Slot 32300100DA 00??
Slot 33300100DC 00??
Slot 34300100DE 00??
Slot 35300100E0 00??
Slot 36300100E2 00??
Slot 37300100E4 00??
Slot 38300100E6 00??
Slot 39300100E8 00??
Slot 40300100EA 00??
Slot 41300100EC 00??
Slot 42300100EE 00??
Slot 43300100F0 00??
Slot 44300100F2 00??
Slot 45300100F4 00??
Slot 46300100F6 00??
Slot 47300100F8 00??
Slot 48300100FA 00??
Slot 49300100FC 00??
Slot 50300100FE 00??
Slot 5130010100 00??
Slot 5230010102 00??
Slot 5330010104 00??
Slot 5430010106 00??
Slot 5530010108 00??
Slot 563001010A 00??
Slot 573001010C 00??
Slot 583001010E 00??
Slot 5930010110 00??
Slot 6030010112 00??
Slot 6130010114 00??
Slot 6230010116 00??
Slot 6330010118 00??
Slot 643001011A 00??
Max Item Codes
Slot 13001009D 00FF
Slot 23001009F 00FF
Slot 3300100A1 00FF
Slot 4300100A3 00FF
Slot 5300100A5 00FF
Slot 6300100A7 00FF
Slot 7300100A9 00FF
Slot 8300100AB 00FF
Slot 9300100AD 00FF
Slot 10300100AF 00FF
Slot 11300100B1 00FF
Slot 12300100B3 00FF
Slot 13300100B5 00FF
Slot 14300100B7 00FF
Slot 15300100B9 00FF
Slot 16300100BB 00FF
Slot 17300100BD 00FF
Slot 18300100BF 00FF
Slot 19300100C1 00FF
Slot 20300100C3 00FF
Slot 21300100C5 00FF
Slot 22300100C7 00FF
Slot 23300100C9 00FF
Slot 24300100CB 00FF
Slot 25300100CD 00FF
Slot 26300100CF 00FF
Slot 27300100D1 00FF
Slot 28300100D3 00FF
Slot 29300100D5 00FF
Slot 30300100D7 00FF
Slot 31300100D9 00FF
Slot 32300100DB 00FF
Slot 33300100DD 00FF
Slot 34300100DF 00FF
Slot 35300100E1 00FF
Slot 36300100E3 00FF
Slot 37300100E5 00FF
Slot 38300100E7 00FF
Slot 39300100E9 00FF
Slot 40300100EB 00FF
Slot 41300100ED 00FF
Slot 42300100EF 00FF
Slot 43300100F1 00FF
Slot 44300100F3 00FF
Slot 45300100F5 00FF
Slot 46300100F7 00FF
Slot 47300100F9 00FF
Slot 48300100FB 00FF
Slot 49300100FD 00FF
Slot 50300100FF 00FF
Slot 5130010101 00FF
Slot 5230010103 00FF
Slot 5330010105 00FF
Slot 5430010107 00FF
Slot 5530010109 00FF
Slot 563001010B 00FF
Slot 573001010D 00FF
Slot 583001010F 00FF
Slot 5930010111 00FF
Slot 6030010113 00FF
Slot 6130010115 00FF
Slot 6230010117 00FF
Slot 6330010119 00FF
Slot 643001011B 00FF
Max Item Modifier Codes
Slot 18001009C FF??
Slot 28001009E FF??
Slot 3800100A0 FF??
Slot 4800100A2 FF??
Slot 5800100A4 FF??
Slot 6800100A6 FF??
Slot 7800100A8 FF??
Slot 8800100AA FF??
Slot 9800100AC FF??
Slot 10800100AE FF??
Slot 11800100B0 FF??
Slot 12800100B2 FF??
Slot 13800100B4 FF??
Slot 14800100B6 FF??
Slot 15800100B8 FF??
Slot 16800100BA FF??
Slot 17800100BC FF??
Slot 18800100BE FF??
Slot 19800100C0 FF??
Slot 20800100C2 FF??
Slot 21800100C4 FF??
Slot 22800100C6 FF??
Slot 23800100C8 FF??
Slot 24800100CA FF??
Slot 25800100CC FF??
Slot 26800100CE FF??
Slot 27800100D0 FF??
Slot 28800100D2 FF??
Slot 29800100D4 FF??
Slot 30800100D6 FF??
Slot 31800100D8 FF??
Slot 32800100DA FF??
Slot 33800100DC FF??
Slot 34800100DE FF??
Slot 35800100E0 FF??
Slot 36800100E2 FF??
Slot 37800100E4 FF??
Slot 38800100E6 FF??
Slot 39800100E8 FF??
Slot 40800100EA FF??
Slot 41800100EC FF??
Slot 42800100EE FF??
Slot 43800100F0 FF??
Slot 44800100F2 FF??
Slot 45800100F4 FF??
Slot 46800100F6 FF??
Slot 47800100F8 FF??
Slot 48800100FA FF??
Slot 49800100FC FF??
Slot 50800100FE FF??
Slot 5180010100 FF??
Slot 5280010102 FF??
Slot 5380010104 FF??
Slot 5480010106 FF??
Slot 5580010108 FF??
Slot 568001010A FF??
Slot 578001010C FF??
Slot 588001010E FF??
Slot 5980010110 FF??
Slot 6080010112 FF??
Slot 6180010114 FF??
Slot 6280010116 FF??
Slot 6380010118 FF??
Slot 648001011A FF??
Misc. Codes
Max Chips (Money)800103D4 423F
800103D6 000F
# of Characters In Battle Party (01-04)30010008 00??
Character Modifier Codes
Battle Party 1st Position3001000C 00??
Battle Party 2nd Position3001000D 00??
Battle Party 3rd Position3001000E 00??
Battle Party 4th Position3001000F 00??
Sub Party 1st Position30010010 00??
Sub Party 2nd Position30010011 00??
Sub Party 3rd Position30010012 00??
Sub Party 4th Position30010013 00??
Infinite Items All Slots (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50004002 0000
3001009D 00FF
Have All Arts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001F01 0000
3001003C FFFF
Infinite Chips (Money)800103D4 FFFF
Have Max Crowns800107F8 423F
800107FA 000F
Infinite Crowns800107F8 FFFF
Scenario Codes
Scenario Access Modifier Codes
Gustave Born300101EC 00??
Gustave 15 Years Old300101ED 00??
Conquest of Wide300101EE 00??
Gustave 12 Years Old300101EF 00??
Wil's Departure300101F0 00??
Gustave Exiled300101F2 00??
Departure From Homeland300101F3 00??
Mother's Sickbed300101F4 00??
Father's Sudden Death300101F5 00??
Desert Megalith300101F6 00??
Infiltrate Alexei Gang300101F7 00??
Showdown Alexei300101F8 00??
At the Mines300101FA 00??
Beyond Grand Valley300101FB 00??
Into the Forest300101FC 00??
To the Monster Nest300101FD 00??
Ginny's Adventure300101FE 00??
Fake Gustave Arrives300101FF 00??
To the Fossil Caves30010200 00??
Tycoon Wil30010201 00??
Edelritter30010202 00??
Gustave & the Blacksmith30010203 00??
Life Tree Island30010204 00??
Misty's Plot30010205 00??
Return of the Egg30010206 00??
Landing30010207 00??
Ginny's Departure30010208 00??
Death of Cantal30010209 00??
To Cast a Rainbow3001020A 00??
Gustave's Successor3001020B 00??
Kelvin's Last Battle3001020C 00??
Deadly Battle with the Egg3001020D 00??
Anima Faith Fiasco3001020E 00??
Insect Megalith30010210 00??
Peace Conference30010211 00??
Battle of Hahn Nova30010212 00??
Battle of South Moundtop30010213 00??
Battle of Buckethill30010214 00??
Gustave's Reunion30010216 00??
The Firebrand Tragedy30010217 00??
Construction of Hahn Nova30010218 00??
The Last Battle3001021A 00??
Vogelang3001021B 00??
To Gustave's Stronghold3001021D 00??
Hahn Nova in Flames3001021E 00??
Wil vs. Egg3001021F 00??
Pursuing the Egg30010220 00??
The Last Megalith30010221 00??
Into the Northern Continent30010222 00??
Gustave & the Pirates30010224 00??
The Southern Fort30010225 00??
Laubholz30010227 00??
Reunion30010228 00??
Johan the Assassin30010229 00??
Gruegel3001022A 00??
Weissland3001022B 00??
The General's Memories3001022D 00??
Enable All Scenarios (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50002202 0000
800101EC 0202