Rockman 6

Credit:, Khow, Boycode

Joker Command P1D0056DA8 ????
Joker Command P2D0056DAC ????
Moon Jump (Press X+R1)D0056DA8 0048
8005A178 04FE
D005A178 04FE
8005A160 CC00
Rockmans Ammo8005A0F0 A916
Infinite HP30059F95 001B
Infinite Yamato Spear3005A239 001B
Infinite Wind Strom3005A23A 001B
Infinite Blizzard Attack3005A23B 001B
Infinite Flame Blast3005A23C 001B
Infinite Plant Barier3005A23D 001B
Infinite Knight Cracher3005A23E 001B
Infinite Silver Tomahawk3005A23F 001B
Infinite Centaur Flash3005A240 001B
Infinite Beat3005A241 001B
Have Energy Balancer3005A246 0001
Fast Kill Boss (Can Use All Stage) Press L1+L2D0056DA8 0005
30059F9D 0000
D0056DA8 0005
30059F9E 0000
D0056DA8 0005
30059F9F 0000
Infinite Time80056CB8 0077
All Support Ability30056CBC FFFF
Infinite Energy (Version 2)80059F94 1B00
Fast Kill Boss (Version 2) Press L1+L2D0056DA8 0005
80059F9C 0000
D0056DA8 0005
80059F9E 0000
Restart At Begining Of Stage (Command Select On Controller 2) After Die If You Go Over Middle Of StageD0056DAC 0100
8005A234 0000