Rival Schools

Credit: Thunder2, codeshark@sprint.ca, JollyRoger, Slab, Sage, Pesty Joe

Joker Command P1D01F5E10 ????
Joker Command P2D01F5E12 ????
Arcade Disc Codes
Hit Anywhere (Both Players)8003B48A 1000
Evolution Disc Codes
Stage Modifier (VS)801CA7DC 00??
P1 Press Select To Do Moves In AirD01F5E10 0100
801EFA28 0000
P2 Press Select To Do Moves In AirD01F5E12 0100
801EFE28 0000
P1 Press Select To LevitateD01F5E10 0100
801EFA42 FFD0
P2 Press Select To LevitateD01F5E12 0100
801EFE42 FFD0
P1 Invincible (Except From Powerful Attacks)801EFE38 0400
P2 Invincible (Except From Powerful Attacks)801EFA38 0400
Hit Anywhere (Both Players)8003E3F6 1000
1 Hit To Pass Hayatos Challenge801F1F4C 1D00
Faster BV801EFB0E 0000
801EFF0E 0000
Winner Plays On801F6484 0000
Character Modifier P1 (Press Select)D01F5E10 0100
801F6702 ????
Character Modifier P2 (Press Select)D01F5E12 0100
801F6704 ????
Lesson Mode Codes
Always Get an A801F1F22 011E
Only Do 1 Move to Complete Lesson801F1F14 0A00
100 Energy801F1F1C 0064
100 Accuracy801F1F1E 0064
100 Agility801F1F20 0064
S Total801F1F22 012F
Target Mode Codes
9999 Hi Score801F1F66 270F
Home Run Mode Codes
999 Hi Score801F1F3C 03E7
Infinite Balls801F1F0C 0000
Always Hit Homerun801F1F0E 00C8
Service Mode Codes
99999 Hi Score801F1F1C 869F
801F1F1E 0001
Infinite Volley Balls801F1F0C 0000
Robert's Soccer Mode Codes
Infinite Balls801F1F64 0006
Both Arcade & Evolution Disc Codes
Quick Load801F6380 0204
No Health Bars301F64B1 0000
No Music801F63A0 0000
No BV Blackouts801F64B2 0001
Background Modifier301F64BD 00??
P1 Infinite Health801EFA02 00C8
P1 Max Power801EFC18 0900
P2 Infinite Health801EFE02 00C8
P2 Max Power801F0018 0900
Unlock Characters, Modes & Extras801F65D0 FFFF
801F65D4 FFFF
801F65D8 FFFF
Unlock All (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000802 0000
801F65D0 FFFF
1-Hit Kill P1801EFA02 0000
1 Round Win P1800953BA 0002
800953BC 0404
9999999 Score P1801F64A4 967F
801F64A6 0098
1 Hit Kill P2801EFE02 0000
Always Get Good Ending801F64C0 0007