Ridge Racer

Credit: scottfna@concentric.net, murphe@hotmail.com, realism@lightspeed.net, PseudoFOD@aol.com, Alewman@sjdccd.cc.ca.us, toolsean@hotmail.com, Sage, Robb

Infinite Time80139C5C 06C5
Have Black Car80080196 000C
Always Come in 1st Place80080260 0001
Go really Fast and Sometimes Spin Around80080234 07FF
Infinite Lap Time80080270 0000
80080274 0000
80080278 0000
Have All Cars801D6DFC 0001
801DB008 0001
Have All Tracks80176C00 00FF
Super Handling8008022C 08FF
View Modifier800803BC ????
Super Speed80080246 0120
Super Traction8008022A 08FF
Play on Extra Track (Beginner Level)80080148 0005
80139C5C 06C5
play on Extra Track (Mid-Level)80080148 0006
80139C5C 06C5
Play on Extra Track (High-Level)80080148 0007
80139C5C 06C5
Play on Extra Track (Time Trial-Level)80080148 0008
80139C5C 06C5
Car Doesn't Jump80080252 05FF
Invisible Car80080196 000F
Have All Cars80176AD8 000D
Custom Logo Colors (Team Logo Design Screen Under Paint)3007F638 0001
Darwin Awards' JATO Car8009E480 0AAF