Resident Evil

Credit:, PseudoFod,, Code Master, Outsider, Neo Ultra Gammer, Robb,, Floydfan,

Joker CommandD00CF844 ????
Infinite Health800C51AC 0060
800C867E 0060
Infinite Ammo (All Weapons-Except FlameThrower)D00418F8 FFFF
800418F8 0000
Item Modifier Codes
1st Position800C8784 ????
2nd Position800C8786 ????
3rd Position800C8788 ????
4th Position800C878A ????
5th Postion800C878C ????
6th Postion800C878E ????
1st Chest Postion800C8724 ????
2nd Chest Postion800C8726 ????
3rd Chest Position800C8728 ????
4th Chest Position800C872A ????
5th Chest Position800C872C ????
6th Chest Position800C872E ????
7th Chest Position800C8730 ????
8th Chest Position800C8732 ????
9th Chest Position800C8734 ????
10th Chest Position800C8736 ????
11th Chest Position800C8738 ????
12th Chest Position800C873A ????
13th Chest Position800C873C ????
14th Chest Position800C873E ????
15th Chest Position800C8740 ????
16th Chest Position800C8742 ????
17th Chest Position800C8744 ????
18th Chest Position800C8746 ????
19th Chest Position800C8748 ????
20th Chest Position800C874A ????
21st Chest Position800C874C ????
22nd Chest Position800C874E ????
23rd Chest Position800C8750 ????
24th Chest Position800C8752 ????
25th Chest Position800C8754 ????
26th Chest Position800C8756 ????
27th Chest Position800C8758 ????
28th Chest Position800C875A ????
29th Chest Position800C875C ????
30th Chest Position800C875E ????
31st Chest Position800C8760 ????
32nd Chest Position800C8762 ????
33rd Chest Position800C8764 ????
34th Chest Position800C8766 ????
35th Chest Position800C8768 ????
36th Chest Position800C876A ????
37th Chest Position800C876C ????
38th Chest Position800C876E ????
39th Chest Position800C8770 ????
40th Chest Position800C8772 ????
41st Chest Position800C8774 ????
42nd Chest Position800C8776 ????
43rd Chest Position800C8778 ????
44th Chest Position800C877A ????
45th Chest Position800C877C ????
46th Chest Position800C877E ????
47th Chest Position800C8780 ????
48th Chest Position800C8782 ????
7th Position (Jill Only) (Item Slot 1 For Rebecca)800C8790 ????
8th Position (Jill Only) (Item Slot 2 For Rebecca)800C8792 ????
Infinite Health (Version 1)300C51AC 008C
Infinite Health (Version 3)800B8BC6 0301
800B8BC8 FF00
800B8BCC 00FF
800C51AC 0060
Overall Game Playing Time At End of Game is 00'00'00800C867C 0000
Play As Chris With Jill's Voice & Storyline800C8668 0000
Play As Jill With Chris's Voice & Storyline800C8668 0001
Turn Knife Into Rocket LauncherD00C8784 0001
800C8784 FF0A
All Items In Chest800C8724 FF3D
800C8726 FF41
800C8728 FF06
800C872A FF07
800C872C FF08
800C872E FF09
800C8730 FF3E
800C8732 FF13
800C8734 FF14
800C8736 FF15
800C8738 FF16
800C873A FF17
800C873C FF18
800C873E FF19
800C8740 FF1A
800C8742 FF1B
800C8744 FF1C
800C8746 FF1D
800C8748 FF1E
800C874A FF1F
800C874C FF20
800C874E FF21
800C8750 FF22
800C8752 FF23
800C8754 FF24
800C8756 FF25
800C8758 FF26
800C875A FF27
800C875C FF28
800C875E FF29
800C8760 FF2A
800C8762 FF2B
800C8764 FF2C
800C8766 FF2D
800C8768 FF2E
800C876A FF2F
800C876C FF30
800C876E FF31
800C8770 FF33
800C8772 FF34
800C8774 FF35
800C8776 FF36
800C8778 FF37
800C877A FF38
800C877C FF39
800C877E FF3A
800C8780 FF3B
800C8782 FF3C
Open Most Doors800C86B4 BFDF
800C86B6 CF7E
L1 & X Button For Save AnywhereD00CF844 0044
800C8456 0002
800343F2 2400
8003446E 2400
Character ModifierD00CF844 0011
800C8668 0300
D00CF844 0021
800C8668 0000
D00CF844 0081
800C8668 0100
Item Slot 3 (Rebecca Only)800C8794 ????
Item Slot 4 (Rebecca Only)800C8796 ????
Item Slot 5 (Rebecca Only)800C8798 ????
Item Slot 6 (Rebecca Only)800C879A ????
Fast Mode800AAB90 1DFA
800B0820 1D0A
Slow Mode800B1684 59B4
800B16E0 1EF5
Double Ammo For Clips (Advanced Mode Only-Resident Evil-Directors Cut)800E16CA 0000
Skating Mode800C51E2 0101
Press L2+Circle For Quick Chest AccessD00CF844 0021
800C8456 0300
D00CF844 0021
300C8459 0001
All Weapons, Key Items, Keys, F.-Aid Spray In Chest (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000902 0001
800C8724 FF02
50000102 0001
800C8736 0F1B
50000D02 0001
800C8738 0F1D
50000302 0001
800C8752 0F2C
50001302 0001
800C8758 0F30