Renegade Racers

Credit: Sage

P1 Infinite Health8001B838 0800
Start On 3rd LapD00AB554 0001
800AB554 0003
D00AB554 0001
800AB556 0003
Always Have Missiles In First Slot800ABAF8 0004
800ABAF4 0003
Jump Distance Complete800AB80A 2F00
1000 Pts Collected800AB81C 03E8
1000 Items Collected800AB83C 03E8
Enable Franklin Stein80091AB8 01FF
Enable Mastov Kartnov80091ABC FF01
Enable Sparks80091ABE 01FF
Enable Chase Rainbow80091AC2 FF01
Enable The Mummy80091AC4 01FF
Enable Buck Billionaire80091AC8 FF01