Railroad Tycoon 2

Credit: ViperByte

Infinite Money Codes
The Iron Seed8015A8F8 0000
8015A8FA 7FFF
Handle on the Breadbasket8017F66C 0000
8017F66E 7FFF
Bridging a Nation8017F2A4 0000
8017F2A6 7FFF
Silver Boons & the Market Busts8017B054 0000
8017B056 7FFF
Crossing the Great Divide801934E4 0000
801934E6 7FFF
Birth on the Iron Horse8017F694 0000
8017F696 7FFF
Excess on the Orient Express8018DC5C 0000
8018DC5E 7FFF
Knitting with Iron801854EC 0000
801854EE 7FFF
Next Stop the 20th Century80194D60 0000
80194D62 7FFF
The Brenner Pass8016FB04 0000
8016FB06 7FFF
When Walls Come Down80198054 0000
80198056 7FFF
Croissants or Crumpets80195C0C 0000
80195C0E 7FFF
The Samurai Rides an Iron Horse80169518 0000
8016951A 7FFF
Which Way to the Coast ?80183890 0000
80183892 7FFF
The People's Train80187668 0000
8018766A 7FFF
Dilemma Down Under8017740C 0000
8017740E 7FFF
Cape to Cairo8019128C 0000
8019128E 7FFF