Pool Hustler

Credit: Thunder2, Daryl, Robb

Joker CommandD0078230 ????
Ball Always In Hand80078238 0000
Press L1 For Max CashD0078230 0004
800BD00C 967F
D0078230 0004
800BD00E 0098
Press L1 To Unlock StagesD0078230 0004
800A3F50 FFFF
Infinite Cash800BD00C FFFF
Press L1 For All Cue SticksD0078230 0004
800A3F38 000F
All Trick Shots Completed300A3F63 001F
800A3F64 1F1F
800A3F66 1F1F
800A3F68 1F1F
800A3F6A 1F1F
800A3F6C 1F1F
800A3F6E 1F1F
800A3F70 1F1F
800A3F72 1F1F
800A3F74 1F1F
800A3F76 1F1F
800A3F78 1F1F
800A3F7A 1F1F
800A3F7C 1F1F
800A3F7E 1F1F
800A3F80 1F1F
300A3F82 001F
All Trick Shots Completed (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50002001 0000
300A3F63 001F
Have Bowlliards Mode Open800A3F22 0C01