Credit: Code Master

Infinite Energy8009ABA0 0066
Have Jetpack8009AC70 0100
Have Knife8009ABB8 0101
Have Drill8009ABBA 0101
Have Missile Cam8009ABC2 0001
Have BFD & Flame Thrower8009ABBC 0101
Have Wailer & Rocket Launcher8009ABBE 0101
Have PulseGun & Meatseeker8009ABC0 0101
Infinite Flamer Ammo8009ABA8 03E7
Infinite Ammo for BFD/Pulse8009ABA4 03E7
Infinite Rockets8009ABB4 03E7
Infinite Wailer Ammo8009ABAC 03E7
Infinite Meatseeker Ammo8009ABB0 03E7
Infinite Jetpack Fuel8009ABA8 0032