Playstation Underground Vol. 3.4

Credit: Sage, Super_Goku_4

Disc 2 Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)D0010B0C 460D
80010B0E 2400
Army Men-Air Attack Codes
Infinite Health801C1E50 DD00
Infinite Missles80196B54 001D
Infinite Big Missles80196B24 001D
Infinite Napalm80196AF4 0004
Cool Boarders 4 Codes
Point Modifier80098C18 FFFF
Dino Crisis Codes
Infinite Health800B9814 04B0
Infinite Ammo 9MM800C1B6C 2216
Infinite Ammo SG Bullets800C1B70 0A10
Infinite Ammo AN Dart S800C1B74 0312
Infinite Med Pak M800C1B78 021D
Infinite Hemo Stat800C1B7C 021B
Grandia Codes
Justin Codes
Infinite HP800C0980 270F
Max HP800C0982 270F
Infinite MP Level 1300C0992 0063
Infinite MP Level 2300C0993 0063
Infinite MP Level 3300C0994 0063
Max MP Level 1300C0995 0063
Max MP Level 2300C0996 0063
Max MP Level 3300C0997 0063
Infinite SP800C09EE 0063
Max SP800C09F0 0063
Sue Codes
Infinite HP800C0B6C 270F
Max HP800C0B6E 270F
Infinite MP Level 1300C0B7E 0063
Infinite MP Level 2300C0B7F 0063
Infinite MP Level 3300C0B80 0063
Max MP Level 1300C0B81 0063
Max MP Level 2300C0B82 0063
Max MP Level 3300C0B83 0063
Infinite SP800C0BDA 0063
Max SP800C0BDC 0063
Feena Codes
Infinite HP800C0D58 270F
Max HP800C0D5A 270F
Infinite MP Level 1300C0D6A 0063
Infinite MP Level 2300C0D6B 0063
Infinite MP Level 3300C0D6C 0063
Max MP Level 1300C0D6D 0063
Max MP Level 2300C0D6E 0063
Max MP Level 3300C0D6F 0063
Infinite SP800C0DC6 0063
Max SP800C0DC8 0063
NCAA Game Breaker 2000 Codes
Down Modifier (01-04)8010221C 00??
Score Modifier Away TeamD0102130 0003
8010212C 00??
Score Modifier Home TeamD0102124 0001
80102128 00??
Infinite Timeouts (Both Teams)800F261A 2033
NHL Face Off 2000 Codes
Score Modifier Home Team800CE2D2 00??
Score Modifier Away Team800CE2D4 00??
Tarzan Codes
Infinite Lives8006042E 0009
Infinite Health800A562E 0100
Thrasher Skate And Destroy Codes
Point Modifier800B57B4 ????
Tomb Raider-The Last Revelation Codes
Infinite Health801CD05E 03E8
Infinite Ammo For All GunsD004CCB4 FFFF
80044CBA 2400
Infinite Small Med Packs800A30D0 0009
Tomba 2-The Evil Swine Return Codes
Infinite Health800EF1BE 0004
Infinite AP800C6A44 FFFF
WCW Mayhem Codes
Full Strength Bar P18010138A 0085