Playstation Underground Jampack Summer '99

Credit: Zack, Number 12,, Cobra, ViperByte, JollyRoger

3Xtreme Codes
Always 1st Place801F550A 0001
Lots of Points801F5AFC FFFF
Ape Escape Codes
Infinite Health800F3508 0005
Infinite Lives800FB6C0 0006
Max Gold TrianglesD00FB6E4 0000
800FB6E4 0063
Infinite Air800FBFE4 0258
Only Need 1 Monkey To End Level800FB6E2 0005
MLB 2000 Codes
Infinite Outs800ABE90 0000
Infinite Strikes800ABE92 0000
99 Points80099864 FFFF
Ridge Racer Type 4 Codes
Infinite Time800B41D4 21F2
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Codes
Play As Chad Muska8009CAC8 0002
P1 Extra Time (Tony)800AAA46 000F
P1 Extra Time (Bob)800AAA7E 000F
2 Player Game Extra Time800AADDE 000F
800AC07E 000F
Max Score800AAFEC FFFF
Xena-Warrior Princess Codes
Infinite Health800EE080 07FF