Playstation Picks (Demo CD) (Green Cover)

Credit: Pseudo

Extreme Games 2-(2Xtreme) Codes
Speed Modifier80085F0A ????
Black Dawn Codes
Infinite Missiles80066574 001E
Blast Chamber Codes
Infinite Time (Kindergarten Stage)801AE2C6 003D
Infinite Time (Airlift Stage)801B3BEE 0079
Infinite Chamber Time800D8932 00B5
P1 Infinite Time801A8616 003C
P2 Infinite Time801A88B6 003C
P3 Infinite Time801A8B56 003C
P4 Infinite Time801A8DF6 003C
Bubsy 3D Codes
Infinite Lives801FB82C 0003
Crash Bandicoot Codes
Infinite Lives800A3E4C 0500
Disruptor Codes
Infinite Energy Level 180064E10 0064
Infinite Energy Level 280064E18 0064
Infinite Energy Level 380064E18 0064
Infinite 18mm Ammo80055660 0032
Infinite Phase Ammo80055664 000A
Infinite AM Ammo80055674 0008
Infinite Lockon Ammo8005566C 0004
Infinite Mind Power80064E20 0064
Formula 1 Codes
Infinite Time800D0264 1054
Rebel Assault II Codes
Infinite Energy8007EB48 1000
8007EB4C 1000
Spider Codes
Infinite Lives801C4A28 0002
Infinite Energy801C4A2C 0002
Have Missiles801C4A2E 0000
Have Flame801C4A2E 0001
Have Boomerang801C4A2E 0003
Have Grappling Hook801C4A2E 0006