Persona 2-Eternal Punishment

Credit: Jackel, Osiris,

Character Codes
Baofu Codes
Active In Group80084690 0011
Not Active In Group80084690 0000
Status Normal30084698 0000
Level 9930084699 0063
Max STR3008469A 0063
Max VIT3008469B 0063
Max TEC3008469C 0063
Max AGI3008469D 0063
Max LUC3008469E 0063
Infinite HP800846A0 03E7
Max HP800846A2 03E7
Infinite SP800846A4 03E7
Max SP800846A6 03E7
Max Exp800846A8 967F
800846AA 0098
Exp For Next Level Up 0800846AC 0000
800846AE 0000
Max Exp For Next Level Up800846AC 967F
800846AE 0098
Persona Modifier Code300846CB 00??
Max At. Bonus800846CC 03E7
Max Df. Bonus800846D0 03E7
Weapon Equipped Modifier800846D4 0???
Head Gear Equipped Modifier800846D6 0???
Protector Equipped Modifier800846D8 0???
Foot Gear Equipped Modifier800846DA 0???
Accessory Equipped Modifier800846DC 0???
Ellen Codes
Active In Group80084738 0011
Not Active In Group80084738 0000
Status Normal30084740 0000
Level 9930084741 0063
Max STR30084742 0063
Max VIT30084743 0063
Max TEC30084744 0063
Max AGI30084745 0063
Max LUC30084746 0063
Infinite HP80084748 03E7
Max HP8008474A 03E7
Infinite SP8008474C 03E7
Max SP8008474E 03E7
Max Exp80084750 967F
80084752 0098
Exp For Next Level Up 080084754 0000
80084756 0000
Max Exp For Next Level Up80084754 967F
80084756 0098
Persona Modifier Code30084773 00??
Max At. Bonus80084774 03E7
Max Df. Bonus80084778 03E7
Weapon Equipped Modifier8008477C 0???
Head Gear Equipped Modifier8008477E 0???
Protector Equipped Modifier80084780 0???
Foot Gear Equipped Modifier80084782 0???
Accessory Equipped Modifier80084784 0???
Katsuya Codes
Active In Group8008463C 0011
Not Active In Group8008463C 0000
Status Normal30084644 0000
Level 9930084645 0063
Max STR30084646 0063
Max VIT30084647 0063
Max TEC30084648 0063
Max AGI30084649 0063
Max LUC3008464A 0063
Infinite HP8008464C 03E7
Max HP8008464E 03E7
Infinite SP80084650 03E7
Max SP80084652 03E7
Max Exp80084654 967F
80084656 0098
Exp For Next Level Up 080084658 0000
8008465A 0000
Max Exp For Next Level Up80084658 967F
8008465A 0098
Persona Modifier Code30084677 00??
Max At. Bonus80084678 03E7
Max Df. Bonus8008467C 03E7
Weapon Equipped Modifier80084680 0???
Head Gear Equipped Modifier80084682 0???
Protector Equipped Modifier80084684 0???
Foot Gear Equipped Modifier80084686 0???
Accessory Equipped Modifier80084688 0???
Maya Codes
Active In Group80084594 0011
Not Active In Group80084594 0000
Status Normal3008459C 0000
Level 993008459D 0063
Max STR3008459E 0063
Max VIT3008459F 0063
Max TEC300845A0 0063
Max AGI300845A1 0063
Max LUC300845A2 0063
Infinite HP800845A4 03E7
Max HP800845A6 03E7
Infinite SP800845A8 03E7
Max SP800845AA 03E7
Max Exp800845AC 967F
800845AE 0098
Exp For Next Level Up 0800845B0 0000
800845B2 0000
Max Exp For Next Level Up800845B0 967F
800845B2 0098
Persona Modifier Code300845CF 00??
Max At. Bonus800845D0 03E7
Max Df. Bonus800845D4 03E7
Weapon Equipped Modifier800845D8 0???
Head Gear Equipped Modifier800845DA 0???
Protector Equipped Modifier800845DC 0???
Foot Gear Equipped Modifier800845DE 0???
Accessory Equipped Modifier800845E0 0???
Nanjo Codes
Active In Group800846E4 0011
Not Active In Group800846E4 0000
Status Normal300846EC 0000
Level 99300846ED 0063
Max STR300846EE 0063
Max VIT300846EF 0063
Max TEC300846F0 0063
Max AGI300846F1 0063
Max LUC300846F2 0063
Infinite HP800846F4 03E7
Max HP800846F6 03E7
Infinite SP800846F8 03E7
Max SP800846FA 03E7
Max Exp800846FC 967F
800846FE 0098
Exp For Next Level Up 080084700 0000
80084702 0000
Max Exp For Next Level Up80084700 967F
80084702 0098
Persona Modifier Code3008471F 00??
Max At. Bonus80084720 03E7
Max Df. Bonus80084724 03E7
Weapon Equipped Modifier80084728 0???
Head Gear Equipped Modifier8008472A 0???
Protector Equipped Modifier8008472C 0???
Foot Gear Equipped Modifier8008472E 0???
Accessory Equipped Modifier80084730 0???
Tatsuya Codes
Active In Group8008478C 0011
Not Active In Group8008478C 0000
Status Normal30084794 0000
Level 9930084795 0063
Max STR30084796 0063
Max VIT30084797 0063
Max TEC30084798 0063
Max AGI30084799 0063
Max LUC3008479A 0063
Infinite HP8008479C 03E7
Max HP8008479E 03E7
Infinite SP800847A0 03E7
Max SP800847A2 03E7
Max Exp800847A4 967F
800847A6 0098
Exp For Next Level Up 0800847A8 0000
800847AA 0000
Max Exp For Next Level Up800847A8 967F
800847AA 0098
Persona Modifier Code300847C7 00??
Max At. Bonus800847C8 03E7
Max Df. Bonus800847CC 03E7
Weapon Equipped Modifier800847D0 0???
Head Gear Equipped Modifier800847D2 0???
Protector Equipped Modifier800847D4 0???
Foot Gear Equipped Modifier800847D6 0???
Accessory Equipped Modifier800847D8 0???
Urara Codes
Active In Group800845E8 0011
Not Active In Group800845E8 0000
Status Normal300845F0 0000
Level 99300845F1 0063
Max STR300845F2 0063
Max VIT300845F3 0063
Max TEC300845F4 0063
Max AGI300845F5 0063
Max LUC300845F6 0063
Infinite HP800845F8 03E7
Max HP800845FA 03E7
Infinite SP800845FC 03E7
Max SP800845FE 03E7
Max Exp80084600 967F
80084602 0098
Exp For Next Level Up 080084604 0000
80084606 0000
Max Exp For Next Level Up80084604 967F
80084606 0098
Persona Modifier Code30084623 00??
Max At. Bonus80084624 03E7
Max Df. Bonus80084628 03E7
Weapon Equipped Modifier8008462C 0???
Head Gear Equipped Modifier8008462E 0???
Protector Equipped Modifier80084630 0???
Foot Gear Equipped Modifier80084632 0???
Accessory Equipped Modifier80084634 0???
Equipment/Item Codes
Max Accessory Codes
Good Luck Bunny3008342F 0063
Sunglasses30083430 0063
Silver Earring30083431 0063
Protector30083432 0063
Diamond Ring30083433 0063
Magenta Choker30083434 0063
Crimson Choker30083435 0063
Power Bracelet30083436 0063
Strength Bracelet30083437 0063
Carma Ring30083438 0063
Saffron Earring30083439 0063
Tangerine Earring3008343A 0063
Stamina Ring3008343B 0063
Amulet3008343C 0063
Ring of Admirer3008343D 0063
Orchid Lariette3008343E 0063
Iris Lariette3008343F 0063
Skill Earring30083440 0063
Technical Earring30083441 0063
Master Earring30083442 0063
Sky Barrette30083443 0063
Navy Blue Ornament30083444 0063
Speed Anklet30083445 0063
High Speed Anklet30083446 0063
Anotheright30083447 0063
White Bandana30083448 0063
Pure White Bandana30083449 0063
Happy Pendant3008344A 0063
Hadda Pendant3008344B 0063
Miracle Object3008344C 0063
Go Go Tasuki3008344D 0063
Panther Choker3008344E 0063
Falcon Choker3008344F 0063
Dragon Choker30083450 0063
Soldier's Manual30083451 0063
Leader's Manual30083452 0063
Warlord's Manual30083453 0063
War God's Manual30083454 0063
Strength Source30083455 0063
Vitality Source30083456 0063
Technique Source30083457 0063
Agility Source30083458 0063
Lucky Source30083459 0063
Hit Point Source3008345A 0063
Spirit Source3008345B 0063
All-Round Earring3008345C 0063
Synchronize Gear3008345D 0063
Mutation Gear3008345E 0063
Adjustment Gear3008345F 0063
Solving Orb30083460 0063
Free Catch30083461 0063
Police Glove30083462 0063
Dragon Charm30083463 0063
Emerald Ring30083464 0063
Crystal Ring30083465 0063
Max Armor Codes
Casual Shirt3008358A 0063
Silver Dress3008358B 0063
Sexy Suit3008358C 0063
Velour Two-Piece3008358D 0063
Dark Suit3008358E 0063
Gold Suit3008358F 0063
Hard Jacket30083590 0063
Chain Mail30083591 0063
Brigandine30083592 0063
Golden White Armor30083593 0063
Sage's Cloak30083594 0063
Genji Armor30083595 0063
Drunkard Suit30083596 0063
Yama Dress30083597 0063
Maximilian30083598 0063
Angel Robe30083599 0063
Novel Armor3008359A 0063
Gesetsusan3008359B 0063
Mithril Armor3008359C 0063
Hihi-irokane Armor3008359D 0063
The Gorgeous3008359E 0063
Hide Cloak3008359F 0063
Nature's Cloak300835A0 0063
Aurora Armor300835A1 0063
Woman Powered300835A2 0063
Best Dresser300835A3 0063
Guzei Armor300835A4 0063
Max Foot Gear Codes
Long Boots300835B7 0063
Suede Boots300835B8 0063
Half Boots300835B9 0063
Leather Boots300835BA 0063
Cowboy Boots300835BB 0063
Mesh Stockings300835BC 0063
Protect Boots300835BD 0063
Parade Boots300835BE 0063
Fluted Leg300835BF 0063
Genji Leg Guards300835C0 0063
Quick Pumps300835C1 0063
Benkei's Greaves300835C2 0063
Black Leg Guards300835C3 0063
Wizard's Sandals300835C4 0063
Goddess Leg300835C5 0063
Tengu's Clogs300835C6 0063
Thule Greaves300835C7 0063
Achilles' Greaves300835C8 0063
Angel Leg300835C9 0063
Max Head Gear Codes
Cowboy Hat30083560 0063
Chain Coif30083561 0063
Spangenhelm30083562 0063
Star-White Helmet30083563 0063
Shinshuku Helmet30083564 0063
Genji Helmet30083565 0063
Full-Face30083566 0063
Gale Gear30083567 0063
Princess Crown30083568 0063
Mystique Helmet30083569 0063
Training Helmet3008356A 0063
Magical Hair Piece3008356B 0063
Helmet of Eternity3008356C 0063
Mechanical Hat3008356D 0063
Glistening Mane3008356E 0063
Windreading Helmet3008356F 0063
Max Item Codes
Medicine300833B1 0063
Medical Powder300833B2 0063
4D Eraser300833B3 0063
Gala-Gala Drink300833B4 0063
Yamatano Drink300833B5 0063
Mystic Peach300833B6 0063
Gem300833B7 0063
Gem Ring300833B8 0063
Snuff Soul300833B9 0063
Soul Forever300833BA 0063
Chewing Soul300833BB 0063
Limitless Soul300833BC 0063
Precious Egg300833BD 0063
Hiranya300833BE 0063
Ball of Returning300833BF 0063
Incense of Life300833C0 0063
Crisis Powder300833C1 0063
Do or Die300833C2 0063
Antidote300833C3 0063
Sedative300833C4 0063
Awaken G300833C5 0063
Lucky Bag300833C6 0063
Miracle Soda300833C7 0063
Soma300833C8 0063
Muscle Drink300833C9 0063
Bacchus Drink300833CA 0063
Eternal Desire300833CC 0063
STR Incense300833D0 0063
VIT Incense300833D1 0063
TEC Incense300833D2 0063
AGI Incense300833D3 0063
LUC Incense300833D4 0063
HP Incense300833D5 0063
SP Incense300833D6 0063
ALL Incense300833D7 0063
Growth Hammer300833D8 0063
Bead of Fire300833DC 0063
Bead of Flame300833DD 0063
Bead of Water300833DE 0063
Bead of Torrent300833DF 0063
Bead of Wind300833E0 0063
Bead of Hurricane300833E1 0063
Bead of Earth300833E2 0063
Bead of Earthquake300833E3 0063
Bead of Ice300833E4 0063
Bead of Lightning300833E5 0063
Bead of Heat300833E6 0063
Bead of Impact300833E7 0063
Bead of Torment300833E8 0063
Bead of Shockwave300833E9 0063
Bead of Pressure300833EA 0063
Explosive Bead300833EB 0063
Bead of Devastation300833EC 0063
Bead of Annihilation300833ED 0063
Bead of Holiness300833EE 0063
Bead of Darkness300833EF 0063
Bead of Power300833F0 0063
Bead of Protection300833F1 0063
Bead of Magic Power300833F2 0063
Bead of Magic Wall300833F3 0063
Bead of Speed300833F4 0063
Anti-Force Bead300833F5 0063
Anti-Magic Bead300833F6 0063
Seed of Escape300833F7 0063
Run Away300833F8 0063
Silver Manisha300833F9 0063
Clean Salt300833FC 0063
Disguise Goods300833FD 0063
Devil's Capote300833FE 0063
Item Breeder300833FF 0063
Awaken30083400 0063
Golden Honey30083401 0063
Battle Master30083404 0063
Miracle Magazine30083405 0063
Fantasy World30083406 0063
Sumaru Magazine30083407 0063
Sumaru Magazine 230083408 0063
Legenbright3008340A 0063
Akashic Ring3008340B 0063
Beyondite3008340C 0063
Meteorite S3008340D 0063
Rainbow Piece3008340E 0063
Dream Droplet3008340F 0063
Moon Stone30083410 0063
Sun Stone30083411 0063
Obsidian30083412 0063
Hihi-irokane30083413 0063
Orichalch30083414 0063
Mithril Silver30083415 0063
Damascus Steel30083416 0063
Tenshou Coin30083417 0063
CD 13008341A 0063
CD 23008341B 0063
CD 33008341C 0063
CD 43008341D 0063
CD 53008341E 0063
CD 63008341F 0063
CD 730083420 0063
CD 830083421 0063
CD 930083422 0063
CD 1030083423 0063
CD 1130083424 0063
CD 1230083425 0063
CD 1330083426 0063
CD 1430083427 0063
CD 1530083428 0063
CD 1630083429 0063
CD 173008342A 0063
CD 183008342B 0063
Secret CD 13008342C 0063
Secret CD 23008342D 0063
Max Material Codes
Amber Eyeglasses80083624 03E7
Yuiga Dokuson80083626 03E7
Champion80083628 03E7
Maximum Tempest8008362A 03E7
Urdarbrunn8008362C 03E7
Ancient Sun8008362E 03E7
Chess Piece80083630 03E7
Paopei80083632 03E7
Black Goat80083634 03E7
Bronze Ring80083636 03E7
Styx80083638 03E7
Scarlet Wings8008363A 03E7
Morning Star8008363C 03E7
King In Yellow8008363E 03E7
Ortyx80083640 03E7
Rainbow Gleam80083642 03E7
Moon Of Ullr80083644 03E7
Silver Bow80083646 03E7
1000 Lotus Petals80083648 03E7
Dul-Dauna's Oar8008364A 03E7
Accuser's Diary8008364C 03E7
Lily8008364E 03E7
Noatun80083650 03E7
Book Of The Fuma80083652 03E7
Max Weapon Codes
New Nanbu30083495 0063
Colt Pony30083496 0063
Astral Falcon30083497 0063
Beretta M93R30083498 0063
Sauer P22930083499 0063
AMT Hardballer3008349A 0063
AutoMag Five3008349B 0063
Buster Shot3008349C 0063
Dark Side3008349D 0063
Metal Snake3008349E 0063
Blue Panther3008349F 0063
Black Unicorn300834A0 0063
Hell Gate300834A1 0063
Grim Reaper300834A2 0063
Legendary Handgun300834A3 0063
Dead End300834A4 0063
Legendary Zip Gun300834A5 0063
Megido Fire300834A6 0063
Future War300834A7 0063
Give and Break300834A8 0063
Vampire300834A9 0063
Dragoon300834AA 0063
Penta-Spirit300834AB 0063
Super Nova300834AC 0063
Meteor Dragoon300834AD 0063
S&W Magma300834AE 0063
Pipe Fox300834AF 0063
Gun of Might300834B0 0063
Boxing Glove300834BD 0063
Kakute300834BE 0063
Metal Glove300834BF 0063
Guardian Knuckle300834C0 0063
Jamadhar300834C1 0063
Yaminade Glove300834C2 0063
Beat Device300834C3 0063
Burning Knuckle300834C4 0063
Dash Knuckle300834C5 0063
Core Hand300834C6 0063
Delta Knuckle300834C7 0063
Karula Claw300834C8 0063
Ixchel's Nail300834C9 0063
Legendary Glove300834CA 0063
Fist of Darkness300834CB 0063
Legendary Mitten300834CC 0063
Fist of Godliness300834CD 0063
Damascus Hand300834CE 0063
Luna Hand300834CF 0063
Sol Hand300834D0 0063
Life Force300834D1 0063
Viper300834D2 0063
Spiral Nemesis300834D3 0063
Meow Claw300834D4 0063
Taping300834D5 0063
Ogre Hand300834D6 0063
Game Coin300834E5 0063
Future Coin300834E6 0063
Heiji's Coin300834E7 0063
Justice Coin300834E8 0063
Coin the Great300834E9 0063
Mandlar300834EA 0063
Hell Cash300834EB 0063
Round Edge300834EC 0063
Cross Medal300834ED 0063
Spinning300834EE 0063
Magical Coin300834EF 0063
Star Medal300834F0 0063
Billion Maka Coin300834F1 0063
Legendary Coin300834F2 0063
Gougasha300834F3 0063
Legendary Penny300834F4 0063
Nayuta300834F5 0063
Greedy300834F6 0063
Gambler300834F7 0063
Shining Coin300834F8 0063
Orichalch Coin300834F9 0063
Micro Chakram300834FA 0063
$1 Coin300834FB 0063
Striker300834FC 0063
Karasu Tengu Maru3008350D 0063
Kotetsu3008350E 0063
Zweihander3008350F 0063
Shichisei Sword30083510 0063
Eighty Eight Lords30083511 0063
Kamudo no Tsurugi30083512 0063
Sword of Sage30083513 0063
Totsuka no Tsurugi30083514 0063
Legendary Katana30083515 0063
Victory30083516 0063
Dull Katana30083517 0063
Laevateinn30083518 0063
Damascus Sword30083519 0063
Kusanagino Tsurugi3008351A 0063
Musou Ken3008351B 0063
Soshu Masamune3008351C 0063
Plasma Sword3008351D 0063
Myohou Muramasa3008351E 0063
Epee Rapieree30083535 0063
Mail Piercing30083536 0063
Raitel Pallasch30083537 0063
Filangi30083538 0063
Shamsheer30083539 0063
Luna Blade3008353A 0063
Legendary Rapier3008353B 0063
Paradoxer3008353C 0063
Legendary Rapoor3008353D 0063
Genesis3008353E 0063
Sword Breaker3008353F 0063
Star Freezer30083540 0063
Absorblade30083541 0063
Soul Starver30083542 0063
Sol Blade30083543 0063
Other Codes
Arcanum Codes
Have All Demon Arcanums (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50009601 0000
30084A59 00FF
Have All Demon Arcanums (Caetla Only)B0960001 00000000
30084A59 00FF
Have All Demon Arcanums80084A58 FF00
80084A5A FFFF
80084A5C FFFF
80084A5E FFFF
80084A60 FFFF
80084A62 FFFF
80084A64 FFFF
80084A66 FFFF
80084A68 FFFF
80084A6A FFFF
80084A6C FFFF
80084A6E FFFF
80084A70 FFFF
80084A72 FFFF
80084A74 FFFF
80084A76 FFFF
80084A78 FFFF
80084A7A FFFF
80084A7C FFFF
80084A7E FFFF
80084A80 FFFF
80084A82 FFFF
80084A84 FFFF
80084A86 FFFF
80084A88 FFFF
80084A8A FFFF
80084A8C FFFF
80084A8E FFFF
80084A90 FFFF
80084A92 FFFF
80084A94 FFFF
80084A96 FFFF
80084A98 FFFF
80084A9A FFFF
80084A9C FFFF
80084A9E FFFF
80084AA0 FFFF
80084AA2 FFFF
80084AA4 FFFF
80084AA6 FFFF
80084AA8 FFFF
80084AB0 FFFF
80084AB2 FFFF
80084AB4 FFFF
80084AB6 FFFF
80084AB8 FFFF
80084AC0 FFFF
80084AC2 FFFF
80084AC4 FFFF
80084AC6 FFFF
80084AC8 FFFF
80084AD0 FFFF
80084AD2 FFFF
80084AD4 FFFF
80084AD6 FFFF
80084AD8 FFFF
80084AE0 FFFF
80084AE2 FFFF
80084AE4 FFFF
80084AE6 FFFF
80084AE8 FFFF
Have All Fusion Spell Arcanums in Auto Mode (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50006C02 0000
80084B38 F9F9
Have All Fusion Spell Arcanums in Auto Mode (Caetla Only)B06C0002 00000000
80084B38 F9F9
Have All Fusion Spell Arcanums in Wait Mode (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50006C02 0000
80084B38 FBFB
Have All Fusion Spell Arcanums in Wait Mode (Caetla Only)B06C0002 00000000
80084B38 FBFB
Have All Fusion Spell Arcanums in N/A Mode (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50006C02 0000
80084B38 FDFD
Have All Fusion Spell Arcanums in N/A Mode (Caetla Only)B06C0002 00000000
80084B38 FDFD
Fusion Spell Arcanums Auto Mode Codes
Blazing Hell30084B38 00F9
Tower Inferno30084B39 00F9
L'Oiseau Du Feu30084B3A 00F9
Mega Blaze30084B3B 00F9
Meltdown30084B3C 00F9
Megalo-Fire30084B3D 00F9
Ominous Waterfall30084B3E 00F9
Hydro-Boost30084B3F 00F9
Shikku Suisouha30084B40 00F9
Tidal Wave30084B41 00F9
Vain Splash30084B42 00F9
Maelstrom30084B43 00F9
Ryuhi Tensho30084B44 00F9
Wind Cutter30084B45 00F9
Cyclone Slash30084B46 00F9
Maximum Tempest30084B47 00F9
Giga Cyclone30084B48 00F9
Storm Nightmare30084B49 00F9
Sharp Boulder30084B4A 00F9
Stone Rise30084B4B 00F9
Land Spark30084B4C 00F9
Crag Fang30084B4D 00F9
Last Quake30084B4E 00F9
Hell Desert30084B4F 00F9
Ice Blast30084B50 00F9
Ice Crush30084B51 00F9
Ice Jihad30084B52 00F9
Lightning Blast30084B53 00F9
Lightning Crush30084B54 00F9
Lightning Jihad30084B55 00F9
Nuclear Blast30084B56 00F9
Nuclear Crush30084B57 00F9
Nuclear Jihad30084B58 00F9
God's Hand30084B59 00F9
Dragon Cross30084B5A 00F9
Meteor Crush30084B5B 00F9
Pantheon30084B5C 00F9
Pandaemonium30084B5D 00F9
Great War of Hell30084B5E 00F9
Aum30084B5F 00F9
Salamander30084B60 00F9
Undine30084B61 00F9
Sylph30084B62 00F9
Gnome30084B63 00F9
King Frost30084B64 00F9
Takemikazuchi30084B65 00F9
Hinokagutsuchi30084B66 00F9
Hachiman30084B67 00F9
Summon Shikigami30084B68 00F9
Atomic Destruction30084B69 00F9
Black Hole30084B6A 00F9
Gin'nunga Gap30084B6B 00F9
Ragnarok30084B6C 00F9
Trimurti30084B6D 00F9
Armageddon30084B6E 00F9
Devil's Shot30084B70 00F9
Death's Roulette30084B71 00F9
All 130084B72 00F9
Low-End Breaker30084B73 00F9
High-End Crush30084B74 00F9
Norn's Twinkles30084B75 00F9
Wonder Story30084B76 00F9
Classic Melody30084B78 00F9
Melody of Seduction30084B79 00F9
Furious Melody30084B7A 00F9
Maha Taru Kaja30084B7B 00F9
Maha Raku Kaja30084B7C 00F9
Maha Maka Kaja30084B7D 00F9
Maha Sama Kaja30084B7E 00F9
Maha Suku Kaja30084B7F 00F9
Sindu Mystery30084B80 00F9
Celestial Veil30084B81 00F9
Diamai30084B82 00F9
Mediamai30084B83 00F9
Blessing of Panacea30084B84 00F9
First Aid30084B85 00F9
Fire Burst30084B88 00F9
Conflagrant Wrath30084B89 00F9
Wind Slash30084B8A 00F9
Typhonic Wrath30084B8B 00F9
Ice Blade30084B8C 00F9
Frigid Wrath30084B8D 00F9
Lightning Strike30084B8E 00F9
Galvanic Wrath30084B8F 00F9
Light Smasher30084B90 00F9
Dark Saber30084B91 00F9
Tenchu-Satsu30084B92 00F9
Quadra-Termination30084B93 00F9
Muzzle Shoot30084B94 00F9
Honeycomb30084B95 00F9
Venomous Scratch30084B98 00F9
Intoxicating Scratch30084B99 00F9
Ryusei Rekken30084B9A 00F9
Octopacy Fist30084B9B 00F9
Venomous Needle30084B9C 00F9
Reverie Needle30084B9D 00F9
Venomous Bite30084BA0 00F9
Intoxicating Bite30084BA1 00F9
Triple Charge30084BA2 00F9
Tir Na Nogg30084BA3 00F9
Fusion Spell Arcanums Wait Mode Codes
Blazing Hell30084B38 00FB
Tower Inferno30084B39 00FB
L'Oiseau Du Feu30084B3A 00FB
Mega Blaze30084B3B 00FB
Meltdown30084B3C 00FB
Megalo-Fire30084B3D 00FB
Ominous Waterfall30084B3E 00FB
Hydro-Boost30084B3F 00FB
Shikku Suisouha30084B40 00FB
Tidal Wave30084B41 00FB
Vain Splash30084B42 00FB
Maelstrom30084B43 00FB
Ryuhi Tensho30084B44 00FB
Wind Cutter30084B45 00FB
Cyclone Slash30084B46 00FB
Maximum Tempest30084B47 00FB
Giga Cyclone30084B48 00FB
Storm Nightmare30084B49 00FB
Sharp Boulder30084B4A 00FB
Stone Rise30084B4B 00FB
Land Spark30084B4C 00FB
Crag Fang30084B4D 00FB
Last Quake30084B4E 00FB
Hell Desert30084B4F 00FB
Ice Blast30084B50 00FB
Ice Crush30084B51 00FB
Ice Jihad30084B52 00FB
Lightning Blast30084B53 00FB
Lightning Crush30084B54 00FB
Lightning Jihad30084B55 00FB
Nuclear Blast30084B56 00FB
Nuclear Crush30084B57 00FB
Nuclear Jihad30084B58 00FB
God's Hand30084B59 00FB
Dragon Cross30084B5A 00FB
Meteor Crush30084B5B 00FB
Pantheon30084B5C 00FB
Pandaemonium30084B5D 00FB
Great War of Hell30084B5E 00FB
Aum30084B5F 00FB
Salamander30084B60 00FB
Undine30084B61 00FB
Sylph30084B62 00FB
Gnome30084B63 00FB
King Frost30084B64 00FB
Takemikazuchi30084B65 00FB
Hinokagutsuchi30084B66 00FB
Hachiman30084B67 00FB
Summon Shikigami30084B68 00FB
Atomic Destruction30084B69 00FB
Black Hole30084B6A 00FB
Gin'nunga Gap30084B6B 00FB
Ragnarok30084B6C 00FB
Trimurti30084B6D 00FB
Armageddon30084B6E 00FB
Devil's Shot30084B70 00FB
Death's Roulette30084B71 00FB
All 130084B72 00FB
Low-End Breaker30084B73 00FB
High-End Crush30084B74 00FB
Norn's Twinkles30084B75 00FB
Wonder Story30084B76 00FB
Classic Melody30084B78 00FB
Melody of Seduction30084B79 00FB
Furious Melody30084B7A 00FB
Maha Taru Kaja30084B7B 00FB
Maha Raku Kaja30084B7C 00FB
Maha Maka Kaja30084B7D 00FB
Maha Sama Kaja30084B7E 00FB
Maha Suku Kaja30084B7F 00FB
Sindu Mystery30084B80 00FB
Celestial Veil30084B81 00FB
Diamai30084B82 00FB
Mediamai30084B83 00FB
Blessing of Panacea30084B84 00FB
First Aid30084B85 00FB
Fire Burst30084B88 00FB
Conflagrant Wrath30084B89 00FB
Wind Slash30084B8A 00FB
Typhonic Wrath30084B8B 00FB
Ice Blade30084B8C 00FB
Frigid Wrath30084B8D 00FB
Lightning Strike30084B8E 00FB
Galvanic Wrath30084B8F 00FB
Light Smasher30084B90 00FB
Dark Saber30084B91 00FB
Tenchu-Satsu30084B92 00FB
Quadra-Termination30084B93 00FB
Muzzle Shoot30084B94 00FB
Honeycomb30084B95 00FB
Venomous Scratch30084B98 00FB
Intoxicating Scratch30084B99 00FB
Ryusei Rekken30084B9A 00FB
Octopacy Fist30084B9B 00FB
Venomous Needle30084B9C 00FB
Reverie Needle30084B9D 00FB
Venomous Bite30084BA0 00FB
Intoxicating Bite30084BA1 00FB
Triple Charge30084BA2 00FB
Tir Na Nogg30084BA3 00FB
Fusion Spell Arcanums N/A Mode Codes
Blazing Hell30084B38 00FD
Tower Inferno30084B39 00FD
L'Oiseau Du Feu30084B3A 00FD
Mega Blaze30084B3B 00FD
Meltdown30084B3C 00FD
Megalo-Fire30084B3D 00FD
Ominous Waterfall30084B3E 00FD
Hydro-Boost30084B3F 00FD
Shikku Suisouha30084B40 00FD
Tidal Wave30084B41 00FD
Vain Splash30084B42 00FD
Maelstrom30084B43 00FD
Ryuhi Tensho30084B44 00FD
Wind Cutter30084B45 00FD
Cyclone Slash30084B46 00FD
Maximum Tempest30084B47 00FD
Giga Cyclone30084B48 00FD
Storm Nightmare30084B49 00FD
Sharp Boulder30084B4A 00FD
Stone Rise30084B4B 00FD
Land Spark30084B4C 00FD
Crag Fang30084B4D 00FD
Last Quake30084B4E 00FD
Hell Desert30084B4F 00FD
Ice Blast30084B50 00FD
Ice Crush30084B51 00FD
Ice Jihad30084B52 00FD
Lightning Blast30084B53 00FD
Lightning Crush30084B54 00FD
Lightning Jihad30084B55 00FD
Nuclear Blast30084B56 00FD
Nuclear Crush30084B57 00FD
Nuclear Jihad30084B58 00FD
God's Hand30084B59 00FD
Dragon Cross30084B5A 00FD
Meteor Crush30084B5B 00FD
Pantheon30084B5C 00FD
Pandaemonium30084B5D 00FD
Great War of Hell30084B5E 00FD
Aum30084B5F 00FD
Salamander30084B60 00FD
Undine30084B61 00FD
Sylph30084B62 00FD
Gnome30084B63 00FD
King Frost30084B64 00FD
Takemikazuchi30084B65 00FD
Hinokagutsuchi30084B66 00FD
Hachiman30084B67 00FD
Summon Shikigami30084B68 00FD
Atomic Destruction30084B69 00FD
Black Hole30084B6A 00FD
Gin'nunga Gap30084B6B 00FD
Ragnarok30084B6C 00FD
Trimurti30084B6D 00FD
Armageddon30084B6E 00FD
Devil's Shot30084B70 00FD
Death's Roulette30084B71 00FD
All 130084B72 00FD
Low-End Breaker30084B73 00FD
High-End Crush30084B74 00FD
Norn's Twinkles30084B75 00FD
Wonder Story30084B76 00FD
Classic Melody30084B78 00FD
Melody of Seduction30084B79 00FD
Furious Melody30084B7A 00FD
Maha Taru Kaja30084B7B 00FD
Maha Raku Kaja30084B7C 00FD
Maha Maka Kaja30084B7D 00FD
Maha Sama Kaja30084B7E 00FD
Maha Suku Kaja30084B7F 00FD
Sindu Mystery30084B80 00FD
Celestial Veil30084B81 00FD
Diamai30084B82 00FD
Mediamai30084B83 00FD
Blessing of Panacea30084B84 00FD
First Aid30084B85 00FD
Fire Burst30084B88 00FD
Conflagrant Wrath30084B89 00FD
Wind Slash30084B8A 00FD
Typhonic Wrath30084B8B 00FD
Ice Blade30084B8C 00FD
Frigid Wrath30084B8D 00FD
Lightning Strike30084B8E 00FD
Galvanic Wrath30084B8F 00FD
Light Smasher30084B90 00FD
Dark Saber30084B91 00FD
Tenchu-Satsu30084B92 00FD
Quadra-Termination30084B93 00FD
Muzzle Shoot30084B94 00FD
Honeycomb30084B95 00FD
Venomous Scratch30084B98 00FD
Intoxicating Scratch30084B99 00FD
Ryusei Rekken30084B9A 00FD
Octopacy Fist30084B9B 00FD
Venomous Needle30084B9C 00FD
Reverie Needle30084B9D 00FD
Venomous Bite30084BA0 00FD
Intoxicating Bite30084BA1 00FD
Triple Charge30084BA2 00FD
Tir Na Nogg30084BA3 00FD
Misc. Codes
Infinite Money800833A8 FFFF
Max Money800833A8 E0FF
800833AA 05F5
Infinite Tokens800833AC FFFF
Max Tokens800833AC 967F
800833AE 0098
Have All Usable & Equipable Items (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)5000FF01 0000
300833B1 0063
5000FF01 0000
300834B0 0063
50003701 0000
300835AF 0063
Have All Usable & Equipable Items (Caetla Only)B0FF0001 00000000
300833B1 0063
B0FF0001 00000000
300834B0 0063
B0370001 00000000
300835AF 0063
Have All Tarot Cards (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001602 0000
800835E6 03E7
Have All Tarot Cards (Caetla Only)B0160002 00000000
800835E6 03E7
Have All Persona Arcanums (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000B02 0000
8008392C FFFF
Have All Persona Arcanums (Caetla Only)B00B0002 00000000
8008392C FFFF
Have All Persona Arcanums8008392C FFFF
8008392E FFFF
80083930 FFFF
80083932 FFFF
80083934 FFFF
80083936 FFFF
80083938 FFFF
8008393A FFFF
8008393C FFFF
8008393E FFFF
80083940 FFFF
FMV Skip8009860E 2400
Battle Debug Menu800F444C 0007
Persona Codes
Slot 1 Codes
Activator800841A4 0001
Modifier800841A8 80??
Level 99300841AD 0063
Max STR300841AE 0063
Max VIT300841AF 0063
Max TEC300841B0 0063
Max AGI300841B1 0063
Max LUC300841B2 0063
Max Rank300841B3 0008
Slot 2 Codes
Activator800841F8 0001
Modifier800841FC 80??
Level 9930084201 0063
Max STR30084203 0063
Max VIT30084203 0063
Max TEC30084204 0063
Max AGI30084205 0063
Max LUC30084206 0063
Max Rank30084207 0008
Slot 3 Codes
Activator8008424C 0001
Modifier80084250 80??
Level 9930084255 0063
Max STR30084256 0063
Max VIT30084257 0063
Max TEC30084258 0063
Max AGI30084259 0063
Max LUC3008425A 0063
Max Rank3008425B 0008
Slot 4 Codes
Activator800842A0 0001
Modifier800842A4 80??
Level 99300842A9 0063
Max STR300842AA 0063
Max VIT300842AB 0063
Max TEC300842AC 0063
Max AGI300842AD 0063
Max LUC300842AE 0063
Max Rank300842AF 0008
Slot 5 Codes
Activator800842F4 0001
Modifier800842F8 80??
Level 99300842FD 0063
Max STR300842FE 0063
Max VIT300842FF 0063
Max TEC30084300 0063
Max AGI30084301 0063
Max LUC30084302 0063
Max Rank30084303 0008
Slot 6 Codes
Activator80084348 0001
Modifier8008434C 80??
Level 9930084351 0063
Max STR30084352 0063
Max VIT30084353 0063
Max TEC30084354 0063
Max AGI30084355 0063
Max LUC30084356 0063
Max Rank30084357 0008
Slot 7 Codes
Activator8008439C 0001
Modifier800843A0 80??
Level 99300843A5 0063
Max STR300843A6 0063
Max VIT300843A7 0063
Max TEC300843A8 0063
Max AGI300843A9 0063
Max LUC300843AA 0063
Max Rank300843AB 0008
Slot 8 Codes
Activator800843F0 0001
Modifier800843F4 80??
Level 99300843F9 0063
Max STR300843FA 0063
Max VIT300843FB 0063
Max TEC300843FC 0063
Max AGI300843FD 0063
Max LUC300843FE 0063
Max Rank300843FF 0008
Slot 9 Codes
Activator80084444 0001
Modifier80084448 80??
Level 993008444D 0063
Max STR3008444E 0063
Max VIT3008444F 0063
Max TEC30084450 0063
Max AGI30084451 0063
Max LUC30084452 0063
Max Rank30084453 0008
Slot 10 Codes
Activator80084498 0001
Modifier8008449C 80??
Level 99300844A1 0063
Max STR300844A2 0063
Max VIT300844A3 0063
Max TEC300844A4 0063
Max AGI300844A5 0063
Max LUC300844A6 0063
Max Rank300844A7 0008
Tarot Card Codes
Max Magician800835E6 03E7
Max Priestess800835E8 03E7
Max Empress800835EA 03E7
Max Emperor800835EC 03E7
Max Hierophant800835EE 03E7
Max Lovers800835F0 03E7
Max Chariot800835F2 03E7
Max Strength800835F4 03E7
Max Hermit800835F6 03E7
Max Fortune800835F8 03E7
Max Justice800835FA 03E7
Max Hanged Man800835FC 03E7
Max Death800835FE 03E7
Max Temperance80083600 03E7
Max Devil80083602 03E7
Max Tower80083604 03E7
Max Star80083606 03E7
Max Moon80083608 03E7
Max Sun8008360A 03E7
Max Judgement8008360C 03E7
Max World8008360E 03E7
Max Free Tarot80083612 03E7