Pac Man World

Credit: ViperByte, Xero

Reverse Joker CommandD014790A ????
Quest Mode Codes
Infinite Health80153C58 0004
Max Score80153C60 FFFF
80153C62 0FFF
Max Pac Dots80153C68 00FF
Infinite Lives80153C64 0063
Invincible80153C58 0004
Have PACMAN (Press Select)D014790A 0001
50000602 0000
80153E58 0001
Have 100 Cherries on Pickup80153E16 0063
Have 100 Strawberries on Pickup80153E18 0063
Have 100 Oranges on Pickup80153E1A 0063
Have 100 Apples on Pickup80153E1E 0063
Have 100 Bananas on Pickup80153E20 0063
Classic Mode Codes
Max Points801BD678 FFFF
Infinite Lives801A9468 0063
Maze Mode Codes
Have All Mazes Completed & Gallery Open (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000802 0000
80153D26 00FF
50001C02 0000
80153DA2 00FF
Have Pirate #1 Done80153DA2 00FF
Have Pirate #2 Done80153DA4 00FF
Have Pirate #3 Done80153DA6 00FF
Have Pirate #4 Done80153DA8 00FF
Have Pirate #5 Done80153DAA 00FF
Have Pirate #6 Done80153DAC 00FF
Have Ruins #1 Done80153DAE 00FF
Have Ruins #2 Done80153DB0 00FF
Have Ruins #3 Done80153DB2 00FF
Have Ruins #4 Done80153DB4 00FF
Have Ruins #5 Done80153DB6 00FF
Have Ruins #6 Done80153DB8 00FF
Have Space #1 Done80153DBA 00FF
Have Space #2 Done80153DBC 00FF
Have Space #3 Done80153DBE 00FF
Have Space #4 Done80153DC0 00FF
Have Space #5 Done80153DC2 00FF
Have Space #6 Done80153DC4 00FF
Have Funhouse #1 Done80153DC6 00FF
Have Funhouse #2 Done80153DC8 00FF
Have Funhouse #3 Done80153DCA 00FF
Have Funhouse #4 Done80153DCC 00FF
Have Funhouse #5 Done80153DCE 00FF
Have Funhouse #6 Done80153DD0 00FF
Have Factory #1 Done80153DD2 00FF
Have Factory #2 Done80153DD4 00FF
Have Factory #3 Done80153DD6 00FF
Have Factory #4 Done80153DD8 00FF
Have Factory #5 Done80153D26 00FF
Have Factory #6 Done80153D28 00FF
Have Mansion #1 Done80153D2A 00FF
Have Mansion #2 Done80153D2C 00FF
Have Mansion #3 Done80153D2E 00FF
Have Mansion #4 Done80153D30 00FF
Have Mansion #5 Done80153D32 00FF
Have Mansion #6 Done80153D34 00FF
Have 100 Melons On Pickup80153E22 0063
Have 100 Lemons On Pickup80153E24 0063
Have 100 Peaches On Pickup80153E1C 0063
Have 100 Bells On Pickup80153E28 0063
Have 100 Galaxians On Pickup80153E26 0063
Have 100 Keys On Pickup80153E2E 0063
Unlock Pirate Level 180153E84 00FF
Unlock Pirate Level 280153E78 00FF
Unlock Pirate Level 380153E7C 00FF
Unlock Pirate Level 480153E80 00FF
Unlock Ruins Level 180153E68 00FF
Unlock Ruins Level 280153E6C 00FF
Unlock Ruins Level 380153E74 00FF
Unlock Space Level 180153CE8 00FF
Unlock Space Level 280153CEC 00FF
Unlock Space Level 380153CF0 00FF
Unlock Space Level 480153CF4 00FF
Unlock Funhouse Level 180153CF8 00FF
Unlock Funhouse Level 280153CFC 00FF
Unlock Funhouse Level 380153D00 00FF
Unlock Funhouse Level 480153D04 00FF
Unlock Factory Level 180153D14 00FF
Unlock Factory Level 280153D18 00FF
Unlock Factory Level 380153D1C 00FF
Unlock Factory Level 480153D20 00FF
Unlock Mansion Level 180153D08 00FF
Unlock Mansion Level 280153D0C 00FF
Unlock Mansion Level 380153D10 00FF
Enable Outtakes80111BAC 0001
Max ScoreD0153C60 0000
80153C60 FFFF
Unlock Mansion #4 (Final Boss)80153E80 0021