OPM Vol. 40

Credit: Sage, psx04

102 Dalmations Codes
Bone Modifier80079706 00??
Infinite Lives8015403E 0063
Infinite Health80153F40 0004
Army Men Air Attack 2 Codes
Infinite Copter Ammo801C8856 0062
Infinite Co Pilot Ammo801C898A 0062
Driver 2 Codes
No Damage80096BFE 0000
Turn Car Over (Press L1) (GS 2.41 Or Higher Needed!)D4000000 0004
80096AA6 0028
Spin In Circles (Press L1 + Triangle) (GS 2.41 Or Higher Needed!)D4000000 0014
80096AA2 003A
Grinch, The Codes
Have All Squashing Gifts8001805C 0186
Have All Smashing Snowman300180C5 000A
Have All Painting The Mayors posters300180C6 000A
Launching Eggs In Houses300180C7 000A
Spiderman Codes
Infinite Web Cartridges801A7A14 0009
Infinite Web801A7A10 1000
Infinite Health801A7516 0064