OPM Vol. 38

Credit: Sketch, Sage

Crash Bash Codes
P1 No Score80085F66 0000
P1 Max Score80085F66 03E7
P2 No Score80085FD2 0000
P2 Max Score80085FD2 03E7
P3 No Score8008603E 0000
P3 Max Score8008603E 03E7
P4 No Score800860AA 0000
P4 Max Score800860AA 03E7
Infinite Time800832B8 2AF8
Crash Always Has Missiles800A8B58 0001
Crash Always Has Turbo Shoes On800A8B6C 0001
Enemy Cant Pick Up Missiles/Turbo Shoes800A8B78 0000
800A8B98 0000
800A8BB8 0000
Jarett & Labonte Stock Car Racing Codes
Always In 1st Place801003AC 0103
Lap Modifier80100368 00??
Spyro Year Of The Dragon Codes
Have All Lizards801868A4 000F
Jewel Modifier8006FEF0 00??
Infinite Lives8006FF54 0063
Egg Modifier8006FE40 00??
Infinite HP80073A9C 0003