OPM Vol. 36

Credit: Sage

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Codes
Score Modifier800B4548 ????
Max Score800B4548 E0FF
800B454A 05F5
Infinite Time800D9608 4630
Grind Session Codes
Score Modifier800A9EF8 ????
Max Score800A9EF8 E0FF
800A9EFA 05F5
Have All Boomboxs800A3CE8 000A
Have All Technical Lines800A3CEC 000A
Infinite Time800A9FA8 8600
Max Special Meter800A3CD6 D000
Ms. Pac Man Codes
Have All Dots801F50AA 0189
Score Modifier800FC2FC ????
Max Score800FC2FC E0FF
800FC2FE 05F5
Infinite Health801F50A8 0045
Infinite Lives801F3EE8 0063
Have Cherry801F3EE0 0001
Have Strawberry801F3EE2 0001
Have Orange801F3EE4 0001
Have Pretzel801F3EE6 0001
Have Apple80107D88 0001
Have Pear80107D8A 0001
Have Bannana80107D8C 0001
Have Yellow Key80107D8E 0001
Have Red Key80107D90 0001
Have Blue Key80107D92 0001
Have Green Key80107D94 0001
Have Purple Key80107D96 0001
Rayman 2 Codes
Have All Orbs800BC190 0014
Infinite Health800BC476 003C
Have All Cages800BC1B4 0002
Tyco RC Racing Codes
Infinite Energy800D2454 03FF
Start On Lap Modifier (Affects Place As Well) (00-02)E00C98C4 0000
300C98C4 00??