OPM Vol. 32

Credit: Sage

Captain Cookies Mini Golf Codes
Always No Swings800F56C0 0030
Lazy Saddles Codes
Infinite Time800CD75C ACBC
MediEvil II Codes
Infinite Health800DDE94 012C
Infinite Cash800DDF1C 03E7
Chalice At 100%800DC8BC 0014
Have Small Sword300DDEC5 0000
Have Broad Sword300DDEC9 0000
Have Magic Sword300DDECD 0000
Have Cane Stick300DDED1 0000
Have Pistol300DDED5 0000
Infinite Ammo Pistol300DDED4 00FF
Have Hammer300DDED9 0000
Have Crossbow300DDEDD 0000
Infinite Ammo Crossbow300DDEDC 00FF
Have Flaming Crossbow300DDEE1 0000
Infinite Ammo Flaming Crossbow300DDEE0 00FF
Have Axe300DDEE5 0000
Have Gatling Gun300DDEE9 0000
Infinite Ammo Gatling Gun300DDEE8 00FF
Have Good Lightning300DDEED 0000
Infinite Good Lightning300DDEEC 00FF
Have Lightning300DDEF1 0000
Infinite Lightning300DDEF0 00FF
Have Blunderbuss300DDEF9 0000
Infinite Blunderbuss300DDEF8 00FF
Have Bombs300DDEFD 0000
Infinite Bombs300DDEFC 00FF
Have Chicken Drumstick300DDF01 0000
Infinite Chicken Drumstick300DDF00 00FF
Have Torch300DDF05 0000
Infinite Torch300DDF04 00FF
Have Copper Shield300DDF09 0000
Infinite Copper Shield300DDF08 00FF
Have Silver Shield300DDF0D 0000
Infinite Silver Shield300DDF0C 00FF
Have Gold Shield300DDF11 0000
Infinite Gold Shield300DDF10 00FF
Infinite Ammo (All Items)D0059738 2023
8005973E 2400
NASCAR Rumble Codes
Time Is Always 00:00:00300B47B4 0000
NCAA March Madness 2000 Codes
Home Team Score ModifierD001D400 000D
8001D404 00??
Away Team Score ModifierD001E83C 000D
8001E840 00??
Rugrats Studio Tour Codes
Dinosaurs Modifier800CF0E6 00??
Key Modifier800CF0E0 00??
Speed Punks Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)D0073930 5800
80073932 2400
D0073930 5800
80073936 2400
D0073930 5800
8007394A 2400
D0070A84 E657
80070A86 2400
Infinite TurboD01677DC 0000
801677E0 1000