OPM Vol. 3

Credit: alanlav@flash.net, David Sona

Cardinal Syn Codes
Infinite Health Orion800E3BE8 0190
Ghost In The Shell Codes
Invincible801202D8 00C8
80120314 00C8
Infinite Grenades801202DC 0001
Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi Codes
P1 Infinite Health8009DB1C 1000
P1 Infinite Powerbar8009DB20 FFFF
P2 Character Modifier8009DB28 00??
VS. Codes
P1 Infinite Health80144550 012C
P2 Infinite Energy801459C0 012C
P1 Character Modifier8014454A 00??
P1 2nd Costume80144548 0001
P2 Character Modifier801459BA 00??
P2 2nd Costume801459B8 0001