OPM Vol. 25

Credit: JollyRoger, Number12, Cobra, Sage

Bugs Bunny-Lost In Time Codes
Infinite Life80018040 0600
Infinite Gold Carrots80018094 00C7
Championship Motocross Codes
Constant Dual Shock Modifier8009820C 00??
Metal Gear Solid-VR Missions Codes
Infinite Socom Bullets800BCF72 03E7
Infinite Stinger Missles800BCF7A 03E7
Infinite PSGI Bullets800BCF84 03E7
Infinite Nikita Missles800BCF78 03E7
Infinite Famas Bullets800BCF74 03E7
Infinite Time8014BFE0 04FF
Infinite Health800BCF66 01F4
Have Grenades800BCF76 03E7
Have Claymore Mines800BCF7C 03E7
Have C-4800BCF7E 03E7
Have Stun Grenades800BCF80 03E7
Have Chaff Grenades800BCF82 03E7
Have Cigs800BCF9A 0001
Have Scope800BCF9C 0001
Have C.Box A800BCF9E 0001
Have C.Box B800BCFA0 0001
Have C.Box C800BCFA2 0001
Have NVG800BCFA4 0001
Have Thermal Goggles800BCFA6 0001
Have Gas Mask800BCFA8 0001
Have Body Armor800BCFAA 0001
Have Ketchup800BCFAC 0001
Have Stealth800BCFAE 0001
Have Bandana800BCFB0 0001
Have Camera800BCFB2 0001
Have Rations800BCFB4 03E7
Have Diazapam800BCFB8 0005
Have PAL Key800BCFBA 0001
Have Level 7 Keycard800BCFBC 0007
No Timebomb800BCFBE 0000
Have Mine Detect.800BCFC0 0001
Have Mo Disc800BCFC4 0001
Have Rope800BCFC4 0001
Have Scarf800BCFC6 0001
Radar Doesn't Jam When Spotted800B3BC0 0000
Ghost Mode800B3BD2 0000
800B3BD4 0000
Have Med.800BCFB6 0005
NFL Extreme 2 Codes
Home Team Score Modifier800CE350 00??
Home Team Infinite Timeouts300CE664 0003
Home Team No Timeouts300CE664 0000
Away Team Score Mofifier800CE352 00??
Away Team Infinite Timeouts300CE665 0003
Away Team No Timeouts300CE665 0000
Omega Boost Codes
Infinite Bullets For Machine Guns80084238 270F
Infinite Missles800850F8 012C
Infinite Energy800AEB74 04C0
Pac Man World Codes
Infinite Health801358A0 0003
Infinite Lives801358AC 0004
Infinite Pac Dots801358B0 0032
Toy Story 2 Codes
Infinite Health8009FE6E 000E
Infinite Coins8009FE76 FFFF
Infinite Lives8009FE72 0015