OPM Vol. 15

Credit: JollyRoger, alanlav@flash.net

Kagero-Deception II Codes
Infinite Ark800ECFF6 270F
Infinite Health800ECFE6 0190
Metal Gear Solid Codes
Max Infinite Health800BC7F6 0600
Infinite Air800B3484 03FF
Ghost Mode800B3464 FAEE
Tomb Raider III Codes
Infinite Health801DC24E 03E8
Push L2 To Light Infinite Number Of FlaresD00A874C 0100
800A661E 0009
Moon JumpD00A874C 8000
801DC24C FFC2
Have All Weapons800A4E5C 000C
Infinite Shotgun Ammo800A66F0 00FF
Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo800A66F8 00FF
Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo800A66FC 00FF
Infinite M16 Ammo800A6700 00FF
Infinite Uzi Ammo800A66EC 00FF
Infinite Desert Eagle Ammo800A66E8 00FF