OPM Vol. 13

Credit: ViperByte, razorstorm@hotmail.com

Devil Dice Codes
Infinite Time in Trial Mode801B4DF4 29DD
Max Points in Trial Mode80199454 FFFF
Infinite Tries in Puzzle Mode80199548 00C8
Metal Gear Solid Codes
Infinite Air800B3164 03F7
Infinite Health800BC5AE 0100
Have Socomm Pistol800BC5BA 0064
Have FA-Mas800BC5BC 00C8
Have Nikita800BC5C0 0001
Have Stinger800BC5C2 0001
Have C4800BC5C6 0001
Have Stun Grenades800BC5C8 0001
Have Chaff Grenades800BC5CA 0001
Have PSG1 Sniper Rifle800BC5CC 0001
Have Gasmask800BC5F0 0001
Have Body Armor800BC5F2 0001
Have Ketchup800BC5F4 0001
Have Stealth800BC5F6 0001
Have Bandana800BC5F8 0001
Have Camera800BC5FA 0001
Have Infinite Rations800BC5FC 0002
Have Dinzepam800BC600 0001
Have PAL Key800BC602 0001
Have Level 1 Key800BC604 0001
Have Time Bomb800BC606 000F
Have Mine D.800BC608 0001
Have Have Disc800BC60A 0001
Have Rope800BC60C 0001
Have Suppr.800BC610 0001
Ninja: Shadow of Darkness Codes
Infinite Energy800866AE 004F
Infinite Special Attack800866A4 0003
Infinite Lives80086690 0003
Infinite Coins80086680 FFFF
Infinite Transports800866B0 0002
Test Drive 5 Codes
Infinite Check Point Timer80091300 4E0B
Car Modifier800A9DFC 00??