NHL Rock The Rink

Credit: Sage, ViperByte

Red Player Score Modifier8009009C 00??
Blue Player Score Modifier800900E8 00??
Red Player Bonus Is Always At Its Highest800900C8 03E8
Blue Player Bonus Is Always At Its Highest80090114 03E8
Red Player Shot Modifier800900A0 00??
Blue Player Shot Modifier800900EC 00??
Red Player One-Timers Modifier800900A4 00??
Blue Player One-Timers Modifier800900F0 00??
Red Player One-Timers Goals Modifier800900A8 00??
Blue Player One-Timers Goals Modifier800900F4 00??
Red Player Pass Modifier800900C0 00??
Blue Player Pass Modifier8009010C 00??
Red Player Hits Modifier800900B0 00??
Blue Player Hits Modifier800900FC 00??
Red Player Bonuses Modifier800900C4 00??
Blue Player Bonuses Modifier80090110 00??
Red Player Face-Offs Won Modifier800900BC 00??
Blue Player Face-Offs Won Modifier80090108 00??
Goal's Score Modifier800116A4 00??
Unlock All Sound Effects3008323C 00FF
Unlock All Gameplay3008323E 00FF
Unlock All Puck30083240 00FF
Unlock All Boards30083242 00FF
Unlock All Nets30083244 00FF
Unlock All Players30083246 00FF
Unlock All Arena30083248 00FF
Unlock All Rewards50000702 0000
3008323C 00FF
Anaheim Codes
Unlock All Skates30091459 000F
Unlock All Gear3009145A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009145B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091466 000F
Atlanta Codes
Unlock All Skates30091469 000F
Unlock All Gear3009146A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009146B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091476 000F
Boston Codes
Unlock All Skates30091479 000F
Unlock All Gear3009147A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009147B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091486 000F
Buffalo Codes
Unlock All Skates30091489 000F
Unlock All Gear3009148A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009148B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091496 000F
Calgary Codes
Unlock All Skates30091499 000F
Unlock All Gear3009149A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009149B 000F
Unlock All Challenges300914A6 000F
Carolina Codes
Unlock All Skates300914A9 000F
Unlock All Gear300914AA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300914AB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300914B6 000F
Chicago Codes
Unlock All Skates300914B9 000F
Unlock All Gear300914BA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300914BB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300914C6 000F
Colorado Codes
Unlock All Skates300914C9 000F
Unlock All Gear300914CA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300914CB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300914D6 000F
Dallas Codes
Unlock All Skates300914D9 000F
Unlock All Gear300914DA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300914DB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300914E6 000F
Detroit Codes
Unlock All Skates300914E9 000F
Unlock All Gear300914EA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300914EB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300914F6 000F
Edmonton Codes
Unlock All Skates300914F9 000F
Unlock All Gear300914FA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300914FB 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091506 000F
Florida Codes
Unlock All Skates30091509 000F
Unlock All Gear3009150A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009150B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091516 000F
Los Angeles Codes
Unlock All Skates30091519 000F
Unlock All Gear3009151A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009151B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091526 000F
Montreal Codes
Unlock All Skates30091529 000F
Unlock All Gear3009152A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009152B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091536 000F
Nashville Codes
Unlock All Skates30091539 000F
Unlock All Gear3009153A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009153B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091546 000F
New Jersey Codes
Unlock All Skates30091549 000F
Unlock All Gear3009154A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009154B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091556 000F
NY Islanders Codes
Unlock All Skates30091559 000F
Unlock All Gear3009155A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009155B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091566 000F
NY Rangers Codes
Unlock All Skates30091569 000F
Unlock All Gear3009156A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009156B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091576 000F
Ottawa Codes
Unlock All Skates30091579 000F
Unlock All Gear3009157A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009157B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091586 000F
Philadelphia Codes
Unlock All Skates30091589 000F
Unlock All Gear3009158A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009158B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091596 000F
Phoenix Codes
Unlock All Skates30091599 000F
Unlock All Gear3009159A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009159B 000F
Unlock All Challenges300915A6 000F
Pittsburgh Codes
Unlock All Skates300915A9 000F
Unlock All Gear300915AA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300915AB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300915B6 000F
St. Louis Codes
Unlock All Skates300915B9 000F
Unlock All Gear300915BA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300915BB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300915C6 000F
San Jose Codes
Unlock All Skates300915C9 000F
Unlock All Gear300915CA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300915CB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300915D6 000F
Tampa Bay Codes
Unlock All Skates300915D9 000F
Unlock All Gear300915DA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300915DB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300915E6 000F
Toronto Codes
Unlock All Skates300915E9 000F
Unlock All Gear300915EA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300915EB 000F
Unlock All Challenges300915F6 000F
Vancouver Codes
Unlock All Skates300915F9 000F
Unlock All Gear300915FA 000F
Unlock All Sticks300915FB 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091606 000F
Washington Codes
Unlock All Skates30091609 000F
Unlock All Gear3009160A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009160B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091616 000F
North America Codes
Unlock All Challenges30091626 000F
World Codes
Unlock All Challenges30091636 000F
NHL Elite Codes
Unlock All Challenges30091646 000F
Created Team Codes
Unlock All Skates30091649 000F
Unlock All Gear3009164A 000F
Unlock All Sticks3009164B 000F
Unlock All Challenges30091656 000F
Brigade Codes
Have All Skates300913B9 000F
Have All Gear300913BA 000F
Have All Sticks300913BB 000F
Have All Challenges300913C6 000F
Cabbies Codes
Have All Skates300913C9 000F
Have All Gear300913CA 000F
Have All Sticks300913CB 000F
Have All Challenges300913D6 000F
Demolition Codes
Have All Skates300913D9 000F
Have All Gear300913DA 000F
Have All Sticks300913DB 000F
Have All Challenges300913E6 000F
Demons Codes
Have All Skates300913E9 000F
Have All Gear300913EA 000F
Have All Sticks300913EB 000F
Have All Challenges300913F6 000F
Gangsters Codes
Have All Skates300913F9 000F
Have All Gear300913FA 000F
Have All Sticks300913FB 000F
Have All Challenges30091406 000F
Psycho Delics Codes
Have All Skates30091419 000F
Have All Gear3009141A 000F
Have All Sticks3009141B 000F
Have All Challenges30091426 000F
Rattlers Codes
Have All Skates30091429 000F
Have All Gear3009142A 000F
Have All Sticks3009142B 000F
Have All Challenges30091436 000F
Sting Codes
Have All Skates30091449 000F
Have All Gear3009144A 000F
Have All Sticks3009144B 000F
Have All Challenges30091456 000F
Unlock Anaheim80091458 0001
Unlock Atlanta80091468 0001
Unlock Boston80091478 0001
Unlock Buffalo80091488 0001
Unlock Calgary80091498 0001
Unlock Carolina800914A8 0001
Unlock Chicago800914B8 0001
Unlock Colorado800914C8 0001
Unlock Dallas800914D8 0001
Unlock Detroit800914E8 0001
Unlock Edmonton800914F8 0001
Unlock Florida80091508 0001
Unlock Los Angeles80091518 0001
Unlock Montreal80091528 0001
Unlock Nashville80091538 0001
Unlock New Jersey80091548 0001
Unlock NY Islanders80091558 0001
Unlock NY Rangers80091568 0001
Unlock Ottawa80091578 0001
Unlock Philadelphia80091588 0001
Unlock Phoenix80091598 0001
Unlock Pittsburgh800915A8 0001
Unlock St. Louis800915B8 0001
Unlock San Jose800915C8 0001
Unlock Tampa Bay800915D8 0001
Unlock Toronto800915E8 0001
Unlock Vancouver800915F8 0001
Unlock Washington80091608 0001
Unlock North America80091618 0001
Unlock World80091628 0001
Unlock NHL Elite80091638 0001
Combined Codes
Unlock All Skates (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000510 0000
300913B9 000F
30091419 000F
30091429 000F
30091449 000F
50003010 0000
30091459 000F
Unlock All Gear (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000510 0000
300913BA 000F
3009141A 000F
3009142A 000F
3009144A 000F
50003010 0000
3009145A 000F
Unlock All Sticks (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000510 0000
300913BB 000F
3009141B 000F
3009142B 000F
3009144B 000F
50003010 0000
3009145B 000F
Unlock All Challenges (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000510 0000
300913C6 000F
30091426 000F
30091436 000F
30091456 000F
50003010 0000
30091466 000F
Unlock All Teams (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50001F10 0000
30091458 0001