Namco Musuem Vol. 1

Credit: Pseudo, Code Master,, Scott Haut,

Bosconian Codes
Infinite Lives8015728C 0002
Infinite Credits80157290 0063
Galaga Codes
Infinite Lives801A3E40 0102
First Boss Galaga From the Left Will Freeze When Shot Twice. He Will Stay There, Allowing You to Shoot Him an Infinite Amount of Times801A3850 0103
Only 3 Boss Galagas Will Come Out Instead of Four801A3850 FFFF
Enemies Dont Shoot801A3988 0000
801A398A 0000
801A398C 0000
801A398E 0000
New Rally X Codes
Infinite Fuel800BEF04 3BC8
Infinite Lives800BEECC 0004
Opponents Cars Don't Move!! (You Can Also Drive Through Them)800BEE6C 0060
Pacman Codes
P1 Infinite Lives801177EC 0004
Eat All Ghosts All The Time801669DC 0000
801669DE 0000
80166A08 0000
80166A0A 0000
80166A34 0000
80166A36 0000
80166A60 0000
80166A62 0000
Infinite Credits801176D0 0063
P2 Infinite Lives801177F0 0003
Strange Ghost Behavior801177E6 0005
Pole Position Codes
Infinite Race Time80131552 6300
Speed Modifier8012EEC0 ??00
Rally X Codes
Infinite Fuel800BDE80 3825
Infinite Lives800BDE44 0004
Opponents Cars Don't Move!! (You Can Also Drive Through Them)800BDDE4 0060
Infinite Credits800C31C0 8058
800D3238 8058
Toy Pop Codes
Infinite Time800C5B40 003B
Infinite Lives800FD270 0004
Infinite Energy800FD214 0002