Motor Toon Grand Prix

Credit: Code Master

Always Have 1st Place300DC21E 0001
Time Never Goes Past 2800DD73A 0000
Start on Lap 2D00DC21E 0108
300DC21F 0002
300DC3FB 0002
300DC5D7 0002
Start on Lap 3D00DC21E 0108
300DC21F 0003
300DC3FB 0003
300DC5D7 0003
P1 Car Modifier8008C7AC 00??
Infinite Coins800DC3C6 0900
Turn on Extra Character Goodie300E4574 0001
Trun on Extra Track Goodie300E4575 000A
Trun on Tank Combat Goodie300E4576 0001
Turn on Submarine X Goodie300E4577 0001
Turn on Motortoon GPR Goodie300E4578 0001
Infinite of Current Item800E38EC 0007
Infinite Continues800DD21C 0003
Always in Stealth Field (Doesnt Flash)800DC3D4 0114
Always in Stealth Field (Invisible)800DC3D4 0112
Once Activated-Always In Stealth Field (Flashes)D00DC3D4 0112
800DC3D4 0114
Item Modifier800DC3CA ??00
Always in Big, Bigger, Biggest Mode800DC3D6 0114
Always in Super Shield Mode800DC3D8 0114
Always Have 32t on You800DC3DA 0114
Always in Pandoras Box Confusion800DC3DE 0114
Always Hit by Crazy Mushroom800DC3D2 0114
Fireballs Freeze on The Screen800E3148 02FF