Mortal Kombat 3

Credit:,,,, luigi

P1 Infinite Energy801CBC38 00A6
P1 "Fake" Infinite Energy801CCFB0 00A6
P1 No Energy801CBC38 0000
P1 One Hit DeathD01CBC38 00A6
801CBC38 0001
P1 75% HealthD01CBC38 00A6
801CBC38 007C
P1 50% Health801CBC38 00A6
801CBC38 0055
P1 25% HealthD01CBC38 00A6
801CBC38 002C
P1 200% (Double) EnergyD01CBC38 00A6
801CBC38 015C
P1 Unlimited Run801EEC2C C350
P1 Can't Run801EEC2C 0000
P2 Infinite Energy801CBC90 00A6
P2 One Hit DeathD01CBC90 00A6
801CBC90 0001
P2 75% HealthD01CBC90 00A6
801CBC90 007C
P2 50% HealthD01CBC90 00A6
801CBC90 0055
P2 25% HealthD01CBC90 00A6
801CBC90 002C
P2 200% (Double) HealthD01CBC90 00A6
801CBC90 015C
P2 Unlimited Run801EEC2C C350
P2 Can't Run801EEC2C 0000
Infinite Time801EECEC 0009
Some Background Objects Move Off the Screen801EEC62 000A
801EEC64 000A
801EEC66 000A
Computer Always Does a Finishing Move if it Beats You801FB56A 0001
801FB578 0001
P1 Only Needs to Win 1 RoundD01FB568 0000
801FB568 0001
P2 Only Needs to Win 1 RoundD01FB574 0000
801FB574 0001
Players Are Randomly Invisible801C5D48 0222
Character Modifier P1801CD2C4 00??
Character Modifier P2801CD308 00??
Enable ? Mark800A8832 0001
Enable Kombat Kode Modifier801EEB30 00??
Close In Kombat (Players Can Run Thru Each Other)801CBBE8 FFFF
P1 Does Half Damage801CBBE0 FFFF
P2 Does Half Damage801CBBE4 FFFF