Meltylancer Re-Infiniteorce

Credit: Leo

Knowledge 999800D7090 869F
800D7092 0001
Response 999800D7094 869F
800D7096 0001
Judgement 999800D7098 869F
800D709A 0001
Health 999800D709C 869F
800D709E 0001
MP 999800D70A0 869F
800D70A2 0001
Cmmon 999800D70A4 869F
800D70A6 0001
Attack 999800D70A8 869F
800D70AA 0001
Defense 999800D70AC 869F
800D70AE 0001
Speed 999800D70B0 869F
800D70B2 0001
HP 999800D70C0 869F
800D70C2 0001
PP 999800D70C4 869F
800D70C6 0001
HP 999 (In-Battle)8009E8CC 03E7
8009E8CE 03E7
The PP in The battle 9998009E8D0 03E7
8009E8D2 03E7