Mega Man X6

Credit: DarkSerge, Nogib

Joker CommandD00C456C ????
Infinite Health800970FC 2020
HP Gauge Full300CCF2B 0040
Infinite Lives800CCF08 0900
Have All Weapons30097169 00FF
No Level Time800CCF60 0000
Infinite Yamming Option8009714A 0168
Infinite Ice Burst8009714C 0168
Infinite Magna Blade8009714E 0168
Infinite Metal Anchor80097150 0168
Infinite Ground Dash80097152 0168
Infinite Meteor Rain80097154 0168
Infinite Guard Shell80097156 0168
Infinite Ray Arrow80097158 0168
Infinite All Weapons (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000802 0000
8009714A 0168
Moon Jump300970C5 00A0
D00C456C 0001
800970C6 FFFF
Infinite In-Air Moves80097126 0000
Max Mavericks Destroyed800CCF64 037E
Have All Souls (HU Ranking)800CCFA2 270F
Have All Arrmor Parts800CCF38 FF01
Enable Subtank & Weapon Tank300CCF3B 00FF
300CCF3D 00FF
SubTank & W Tank Always Full300CCF33 00A0
800CCF34 A0A0
Enable All Power Ups For Armor800CCF40 FFFC
800CCF42 03FF
In-Game Armor/Charater Modifier300CCF2E 00??
Have All Souls (HU Ranking) X800CCFA2 270F
Have All Souls (HU Ranking) Zero800CCFA4 270F
Have All Armor Parts800CCF38 FF01
Enable All Power Ups For Armor800CCF40 FFFC
800CCF42 03FF
Have All Armors & Enable Zero In Black Armor300CCF2F 003F
Enable Final Level800CCF36 0005
All Reploids Rescued (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50002002 0000
800CCFA8 2222