Madden NFL 2001

Credit: Raven-187, Sage

Max Reverse Joker Command P1D00752D2 ????
Max Reverse Joker Command P2D00752F6 ????
Home Team Score Modifier3006EFF0 00??
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E006EFF2 0002
3006EFF2 0003
Home Team No Time-Outs (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E006EFF2 0003
3006EFF2 0000
Away Team Score Modifier300710D0 00??
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E00710D2 0002
300710D2 0003
Away Team No Time-Outs (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)E00710D2 0003
300710D2 0000
P1 Press L1+L2 For 1st DownD00752D2 FAFF
3006BABC 0001
P1 Press R1+R2 For 4th DownD00752D2 F5FF
3006BABC 0004
P2 Press L1+L2 For 1st DownD00752F6 FAFF
3006BABC 0001
P2 Press R1+R2 For 4th DownD00752F6 F5FF
3006BABC 0004
Always 1st Down3006BABC 0001
Always 4th Down3006BABC 0004
Touch Down's Score Modifier8012B8D0 00??
8012BA9C 00??
Extra Point's Score Modifier8012B274 00??
Safety's Score Modifier8012BC88 FF??
Field Goal's Score Modifier8012B288 00??
2-Point Conversion's Score Modifier8012B950 00??
Enable Stadium Codes
Redwood City30061440 00FF
Pigskin Junct.30061441 00FF
North Pole30061442 00FF
Maitland30061443 00FF
Big Tent Island30061444 00FF
Shadow Gate30061445 00FF
Deep Space30061446 00FF
Industriopolis30061447 00FF
Motor City30061448 00FF
Rome30061449 00FF
Lost City3006144A 00FF
Hoboken3006144B 00FF
Giza3006144C 00FF
New Orleans3006144D 00FF
San Diego3006144E 00FF
Jacksonville3006144F 00FF
Enable Teams Codes
All Madden 1984300F4748 00FF
All Madden 1985300F4749 00FF
All Madden 1986300F474A 00FF
All Madden 1987300F474B 00FF
All Madden 1988300F474C 00FF
All Madden 1989300F474D 00FF
All Madden 1990300F474E 00FF
All Madden 1991300F474F 00FF
All Madden 1992300F4750 00FF
All Madden 1993300F4751 00FF
All Madden 1994300F4752 00FF
All Madden 1995300F4753 00FF
All Madden 1996300F4754 00FF
All Madden 1997300F4755 00FF
All Madden 1998300F4756 00FF
All Madden SB300F4757 00FF
Ecko300F4758 00FF
Tiburon300F4759 00FF
EA Sports300F475A 00FF
Monsters300F475B 00FF
Sugarbuzz300F475C 00FF
ToyMakers300F475D 00FF
Clowns300F475E 00FF
Praetorians300F475F 00FF
Mummies300F4760 00FF
Industrials300F4761 00FF
Vipers300F4762 00FF
Junkyard Dogs300F4763 00FF
Marshalls300F4764 00FF
Comets300F4765 00FF
Rams 1999300F4766 00FF
Broncos 1998300F4767 00FF
Broncos 1997300F4768 00FF
Packers 1996300F4769 00FF
Cowboys 1995300F476A 00FF
49ers 1994300F476B 00FF
Cowboys 1993300F476C 00FF
Cowboys 1992300F476D 00FF
Redskins 1991300F476E 00FF
Giants 1990300F476F 00FF
49ers 1989300F4770 00FF
49ers 1988300F4771 00FF
Redskins 1987300F4772 00FF
Giants 1986300F4773 00FF
Bears 1985300F4774 00FF
49ers 1984300F4775 00FF
Raiders 1983300F4776 00FF
Redskins 1982300F4777 00FF
49ers 1981300F4778 00FF
Raiders 1980300F4779 00FF
Madden Millenium300F477A 00FF
49ers 1957300F477B 00FF
Lions 1957300F477C 00FF
Colts 1958300F477D 00FF
Giants 1958300F477E 00FF
Texans 1962300F477F 00FF
Oilers 1962300F4780 00FF
Chiefs 1966300F4781 00FF
Packers 1966300F4782 00FF
Cowboys 1967300F4783 00FF
Packers 1967300F4784 00FF
Colts 1968300F4785 00FF
Jets 1968300F4786 00FF
Chiefs 1969300F4787 00FF
Vikings 1969300F4788 00FF
Browns 1970300F4789 00FF
Jets 1970300F478A 00FF
Steelers 1972300F478B 00FF
Raiders 1972300F478C 00FF
Cowboys 1975300F478D 00FF
Steelers 1975300F478E 00FF
Raiders 1976300F478F 00FF
Patriots 1976300F4790 00FF
Dolphins 1981300F4791 00FF
Chargers 1981300F4792 00FF
Browns 1986300F4793 00FF
Broncos 1986300F4794 00FF
Bills 1992300F4795 00FF
Oilers 1992300F4796 00FF
Steelers 1995300F4797 00FF
Colts 1995300F4798 00FF
Away Team Modifier80071CD4 00??
Home Team Modifier80071CD6 00??
Home Team Stats Modifier Codes
Off Pass30071061 00??
Off Rush30071063 00??
Turnovers30071066 00??
Third Downs30071067 00??
Third Down Conv30071068 00??
Fourth Downs3007106A 00??
Fourth Downs Conv3007106C 00??
Penalties3007106E 00??
Penalty Yds.3007106F 00??
Total Yrds30071071 00??
Time Of Possesion30071073 00??
First Downs30071075 00??
2pt Attempts30071076 00??
2pts Conv Made30071077 00??
Off Redzone #30071079 00??
Off Redzone TDS3007107A 00??
Off Redzone FGS3007107B 00??
Def Redzone #3007107D 00??
Def Redzone TDS3007107E 00??
Def Redzone FGS30071080 00??
Away Team Stats Modifier Codes
Off Pass3006EF83 00??
Off Rush3006EF84 00??
Turnovers3006EF87 00??
Third Downs3006EF88 00??
Third Down Conv3006EF89 00??
Fourth Downs3006EF8B 00??
Fourth Downs Conv3006EF8D 00??
Penalties3006EF8E 00??
Penalty Yds.3006EF90 00??
Total Yrds3006EF92 00??
Time Of Possesion3006EF94 00??
First Downs3006EF96 00??
2pt Attempts3006EF97 00??
2pts Conv Made3006EF98 00??
Off Redzone #3006EF9A 00??
Off Redzone TDS3006EF9B 00??
Off Redzone FGS3006EF9C 00??
Def Redzone #3006EF9D 00??
Def Redzone TDS3006EF9F 00??
Def Redzone FGS3006EFA0 00??